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ANOTHER WORLD 208 Carl, Lorna, and Devin Lucas share a tender moment




blogentry-14971-0-24371400-1434503111_thblogentry-14971-0-43064500-1435711963_thblogentry-14971-0-70315400-1435711873_thCarl, Lorna and Devin Lucas share a tender moment

...and others reconnect

Consultants:  aMLCproduction and beebs




Mattblogentry-14971-0-53505500-1432774040_th is in his office when Maggieblogentry-14971-0-11465000-1435108091_th knocks on the door.  Matt doesn’t look up and he’s looking over some papers.

Matt:  Come in.

Maggie:  Take a break from work why don’t you?

Matt:  What?  Maggie.  Heeeey.

Matt gets up and they embrace.

Maggie:  It’s Dr. Maggie Winthrop to you.

Matt:  Are you serious?  Wow congratulations!  When did this all happen?  

Maggie:  After I broke up with Rafael.  I decided to go to school and become a doctor.

Matt:  And what’s up with the Winthrop.  You dropped the Cory name?

Maggie:  My mom came to town and finally told Cass the truth.

Matt:  I guess now you’re Cass’s daughter.  I wonder whose daughter you’ll be next week.

Maggie:  Ha ha ha funny.  Not out of the realm of possibility where Cecile’s concerned.  She produced a DNA test this time.  I’m definitely Cass’s biological daughter.

Matt:  Man I can’t believe you’re a doctor now.  You were always one determined gal.

Maggie:  Oh are you talking about when I was scheming.

Matt:  Yeaaah Maggie you had it bad for Nick Hudson though.  You pulled every trick in the book to get him.

Maggie:  Well I’m not that girl anymore.  I got a job at the hospital.

Matt:  Ohh so you’ll be on staff at Bay City General.

Maggie:  Yep.

Matt:  Man you’ve been real busy.  I’m proud of you.  You’ve done well for yourself.

Maggie:  That means a lot coming from you.  I had one video chat interview with Dr. John Hudson and he hired me.

Matt:  Dr. Maggie Winthrop.  I’m liking the sound of that.

Maggie smiles at Matt’s words of encouragement.



Sharlene adjusts John’s tie as he’s about to leave.

Sharlene:  Don’t tell me that the cool, calm and collected Dr. John Hudson is nervous about his interview today.

John:  Me?  Nervous?  Naaaah.

Sharlene:  It’s understandable.  This is big.  They’re interviewing you for the Chief of Staff position.

John:  Alright I’m a little nervous...just a little.  I mean I’m acting Chief of Staff already.  I should have a leg up on the competition right?

Sharlene:  Right.



Iris walks out of the coffee shop and a man bumps into her, and causes her to drop her cup of coffee and her purse.

Iris (bending down to pick up her purse):  Oh no!  I really wanted that latte.  Watch where the hell you’re going!

Man:  Alright the next latte’s on me.

Iris is surprised by who she sees.

Iris:  Russ Matthews?  What are you doing here?

Russ:  I...had an interview at the hospital.

Iris:  Interview?  Sounds like you’re trying to come back to Bay City for a while.

Russ:  It’s not just that.  I’m...consulting on a patient, too.

Iris:  Hmm who is this....mystery patient?



Mitch and Felicia are in the foyer.

Mitch:  Lorna did say she had a surprise for ya.

Felicia:  Did she ever?  I never ever knew, or had any reason to think that she and Carl had a son..my grandson.  All grown up.  In the living room.

Mitch:  I see all those grandparenty instincts kicking in.  Like I told you at Tops.

Felicia:  Words can’t describe how I feel right now.  I thought I’d never be so ecstatic to find out that I’m a grandmother.


Carl, Lorna, and Devin Lucas are alone in the living room.

Devin Lucas:  Felicia’s everything you said she is.

Lorna:  One of the best people I’ve ever known.

Carl:  Fiercely loyal to those she loves.  You’ll be lucky to have your grandmother here.

Devin Lucas:  She said I looked...like ‘him’.  Was she talking about my grandfather Lucas?

Lorna:  Yes.  She loved him with all of her heart.  

Carl:  Just like we...love you, son.

Devin Lucas:  Why now though?  Why is this the only time I’m gonna get to spend with my dad?  

Carl:  It took me that long to pay off Lucas’s creditors.

Lorna:  We had to protect you honey.  They would have come after you.  Carl called me and told me that it was safe for you to come to Bay City.

Devin Lucas:  All those years of boarding schools.  The only way I could communicate with my dad was by letters, emails, and then texts.

Lorna:  I’m sorry that it had to be that way, but we had to protect you.  

Devin Lucas:  I get it.  

Lorna:  I love you more than anything else in this world honey.  I was such a hardened, tough girl, but you made me melt.  You made me become a mother.

Carl:  We both love you….so much.




Russ and Iris are walking out of the coffee shop slowly.

Iris:  I’m surprised to see you back here.

Russ:  Bay City’s always been my home.  I’m looking forward to being back.

Iris:  I’ve been trying to get Sarah to come here, but she’s loving Paris too much.

Russ:  I coulda told ya that.  Our granddaughter isn’t coming to the states any time soon.

Iris:  D.J.’s birthday is coming soon.

Russ:  What are you planning on sending him?  I’m sure you’re gonna send him a lavish gift with your new found Spaulding money.

Iris:  You act like I’m gonna buy him a Porsche or something.  

Russ smirks.

Iris:  Don’t look at me like that.  I want our grandson to learn responsibility and the value of hard work.

Russ:  Olivia says he’s not ready for a car yet.

Iris:  So tell me about your interview.

Russ:  I think it went pretty well.  Hopefully they’ll pick me.

Iris:  I’m sure they’ll have a place on staff for you there.  I used to be on the board.  Do you want me to make some calls?

Russ:  No no no Iris I don’t need your help.  If I meant to be the Chief of Staff, then that’s what I’ll be.

Iris:  Chief of Staff?  Aim for the stars.  You do know that Sharlene’s husband is the acting Chief of Staff.

Russ:  I know...John Hudson.


John walks into his office and Sharlene is there and he doesn’t close the door all the way.

Sharlene:  How’d it go?

John:  As well as can be expected.  They’re gonna make a decision in the next couple of days.

Sharlene:  I really hope you get it.

John:  They take the interim tag off and make me permanent Chief of Staff.

Sharlene hugs John and kisses him.
John:  Means so much to me to have your support.

Sharlene:  I wouldn’t care what you did for a living.

John:  Legally of course.

Sharlene:  After everything we’ve been through, I realize more than ever how much I love you, and appreciate you.

They hug each other tightly.

John:  Ahhh Sharlene.  I don’t wanna ever lose you again.

Meanwhile, Brianna Jameson walks slowly toward the door, and peeks at John and Sharlene.

John:  Well if they don’t select me, I will have still made a key addition to the staff.

Sharlene:  Oh?

John:  Maggie Winthrop.


Matt:  I mean it.  It seems you’ve...gotten more mature.  You’ve become a doctor for God’s sake.

Maggie:  I’ll admit I had some growing up to do.  I was so hung up on Nick I couldn’t see straight.  Then I just left town with Rafael.

Matt:  It was a long time ago.

Maggie:  But I learned from it.  Being with Rafael taught me a lot.   He didn’t do anything wrong.  It was a wild, thrilling ride with him, but we just went our separate ways.  We left Bay City together, but we didn’t grow together, you know?   I wanted to go to medical school and...he wanted to do...what he wanted to do.

Matt:  I can only imagine what that was.  He worked for Carl before so whatever it was he was doing couldn’t have been savory.

Maggie:  I insisted he never tell me.

Matt:  Well I’m not judging you because Blair Baker, Jackie Warren, whatever her name was, she certainly wasn’t on the up and up, and I was head over heels for her...and Lila.

Maggie:  Well at least a blessing came out from you and Lila.

Matt:  Jasmine’s the apple of my eye.  You should see her.  She’s all grown up, and it happened so fast.

Maggie:  We both had to put our big girl and big boy pants on right?  Time for us to become adults.

Matt:  You’re exactly right.  I take it you’re gonna go see my mom.

Maggie:  Of course.  I still know the way to the Corys.



Mitch:  I bet you wanna buy him anything he wants now don’t you?  You wanna spoil him just like I spoil my granddaughter.

Felicia:  Oh you admit it that you spoil Jasmine.

Rachel walks downstairs.

Rachel:  Of course we do Felicia.  Why are the living room doors closed?

Mitch:  Carl and Lorna in there.

Felicia:  And Devin Lucas.

Rachel:  Carl’s son?  He’s here?


Devin Lucas:  I hate this.  You don’t have much time left dad.

Carl:  I had to make things right for you.  I can’t leave this earth knowing that you’re not safe.  

Lorna:  But you are now.  We all are.

Devin Lucas:  Did you tell Cory and Elizabeth?

Carl:  All of the children know.  
Lorna:  You’re having a party in a couple of days.

Carl:  Announcing it to everyone else.

Devin Lucas:  I wish there was...something I could do to give us more time together.

Carl:  Son, just be strong.  You’ll have plenty of support.

Lorna:  You’ll have your brother and sisters; Mitch, your grandmother, and me.

The three hug each other…as Felicia, Mitch and Rachel quietly watch.




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I'm glad you gave a lot of background on Maggie from the past to let me know a little bit about her. I wonder what she will bring to the table. 


I like the closeness with Sharlene and John and her supporting him to be the chief of staff. Russ also going for the job is a nice twist. I do know some of the history there with those 3 from youtube episodes. So this could be fun. 


Im not as clear on the history with Russ and Iris and their grandson. I do like every time someone mentions Iris Spaulding money tho lolol


I like how giddy Felicia is about this newly found grandson...her drink she had should be kicking in any moment now tho...


At least Devin and Carl got to have this moment. That should be good for Devin, right? Tho i have a feeling he will be quite rough around the edges.

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Very good episode. Loved the scene with Maggie and Matt rehashing the past. With Nick and Raphael played the handsome Les Brandt. Yes I remember Maggie's schemes but it is good she turned her life around and is about to do some good in BC being a doctor.


Russ and John are competing for the same job. Both well qualified men and choices I wonder who they will chose and what is up with Bianca? John and Sharlenes scenes were nice.


Im glad Devin has clamed down some what and is more receptive about the things that have gone down.

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This is a much quieter episode than the previous one, but still very strong. I enjoyed getting the backgrounds on everyone. Seeing where Maggie's been and catching up with Matt was a treat. Those 90s teen stories weren't all that memorable to me so I'm glad we got some background to refresh my memory. Haha. I'm really liking that Maggie will be a doctor at BCGH. Good move.


Devin Lucas, Carl and Lorna were good as well. Devin's sadness at not being able to get close to his father, and slowly understanding the reality of that. It was well done and strong choices. 


Russ and John competing for COS. John seems like a shoe-in, but I expect Russ will stick around regardless. Too big a return for him to quietly sneak back away.


Good work yet again, Cary!

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So are Olivia and Dennis married with several kids? It's great to see Olivia name-checked in this. Loved her.


I wonder if Maggie and Matt will be hooking up.


Very emotional scenes at the Cory mansion.

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