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ANOTHER WORLD 209 Bridget and Cory have sex




Bridgetblogentry-14971-0-69056400-1432773821_th and Coryblogentry-14971-0-98764900-1434503287_th have sex

Consultants:  ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby



Allenblogentry-14971-0-41256600-1419202424_th visits with Marleyblogentry-14971-0-92102900-1432773949_th

Allen:  Come on when’s my nephew gonna drop?

Marley:  My due date is in a week.

Allen:  Wow I can’t believe it’s so close.  I thought you’d never have the baby.

Marley:  Very funny cuz.  Thanks for keepin me company during this bed rest I’ve been on.

Allen:  We’re family right?

Tyroneblogentry-14971-0-74023400-1432773983_th walks in.

Marley:  There’s my loving husband.

Tyrone:  Hey baby.

Tyrone walks over and kisses Marley.

Tyrone:  Allen what are you doing here?

Allen:  I...came to talk to you.

Tyrone:  Me?  Why?

Allen:  Cuz I want us to be brothers.



Vicky is curled up on the couch as she flashes back..


Vicky:  All I see is someone who is looking for an excuse to get out of this marriage.

Jake:  You think that’s it?  You think this doesn’t hurt?

Vicky:  I can’t tell Jake.  Maybe you’re just itching to leave me.

Jake:  You were the one who gave me an ultimatum.  

Vicky:  Oh Jake so suddenly holier than thou.  Con artist, blackmailer, sleazy newspaper reporter.  Is that the life you want?  Are you bored?  Is that why you want out?

Jake:  Dammit Vicky!  You just don’t get it!

Vicky:  Oh I get it.  Oh do I ever...get it.  You’ve given up on our marriage.  How could you?

Vicky walks out.

Vicky flashes back to the present and a tear rolls down her cheek.  Michele comes downstairs and Vicky wipes the tear, and quickly pulls herself together.

Vicky:  Hi honey.  How are you?

Michele:  I’m good.  

Vicky:  It’s a nice day out.  Any plans?

Michele:  I’m gonna head over to the Love Mansion.

Vicky:  Oh?  Gonna go visit your grandparents?  I’m sure they’d be thrilled to see you.

Michele:  Yeah.  I’m gonna see them...and Bridget.  Mom I haven’t been completely honest with you.

Vicky:  About what honey?

Michele:  About everything...especially about Bridget.


LOVE MANSION...Donna is sitting with Michael on the living room couch.

Donna:  You know I’ve been thinking a lot about the girls.

Michael:  You’re always thinking about the girls.

Donna:  Victoria and her marriage and...Marley’s due any day now.

Michael:  What about Bridget and Michele?

Donna:  Of course I worry about them the most.  I wonder what we’re gonna do to get those two on solid ground again.

Michael:  We don’t do anything Donna.

Donna:  So you’re saying you want a repeat of what happened between Marley and Victoria?

Michael:  Of course I don’t want that, but I think you’re overreacting just a little.

Donna:  It’s better for me to overreact than to brush it aside and have something happen that could hurt one of them.

Michael:  Well you haven’t heard anything lately right?  Bridget’s living here, and Michele’s living at home.

Donna:  But they shouldn’t be separated.  They’re twins for God’s sake.  

Michael:  Maybe things have died down between them.  Who knows?   Maybe they’ll even...kiss and make up.



In Bridget’s bedroom, Cory and Bridget are lying in the bed kissing.  Bridget is taking breaths as if she’s losing herself in Cory’s kisses.

Bridget:  I love when you touch me.

Cory:  Is that it?

Bridget:  No.

Cory starts rubbing her left thigh gently.

Cory:  You like that?

Bridget:  Yeah, I love it.

Bridget moves Cory’s hand closer between her legs.

Bridget:  It’s time Cory.  We’ve waited long enough.

They kiss passionately and start to remove each other’s clothes.

Cory:  Wait a minute.

Cory quickly goes to his book bag, grabs a condom, and opens the wrapper to slip it on.




Tyrone:  Why now?  Did you have some type of epiphany or something?

Allen:  Guess you could say that.

Marley:  I think this is great.

Tyrone:  Forgive me if I’m a little skeptical after everything you’ve pulled since you came to Bay City.

Allen:  I just found my daughter man.

Tyrone:  K.C.?   Yeah Marley told me.  You must be…happy.

Allen:  I didn’t know anything about til the night my grandfather kidnapped her.

Tyrone:  Reginald Love.  He’s the best isn’t he?

Allen:  I guess what I wanna say is...ever since I found out Nicole Love was my mother, family’s become very important to me.  I’ve connected with my Aunt Donna, Vicky, Marley, but it’s one thing missing...my own brother.

Tyrone:  You wanna be brothers now?

Allen:  I guess that’s...that’s on you.  I wanna bury the hatchet.

Marley:  This is really sweet.  You’re gonna make me cry and I’m already hormonal.

Tyrone nods his head in agreement.

Tyrone:  I think so, too.  Roman’s gonna need his uncle Allen when he comes into the world.  Besides, what kind of example am I gonna set for him if I got a grudge against my own brother.

Marley:  So this means you guys are going to make up.

Tyrone:  Yeah...it does.

Tyrone and Allen hug.

Marley:  Now we gotta get Bridget and Michele to do what you guys are doing.


Vicky:  What do you mean?

Michele:  Elizabeth Hutchins was here earlier and we were talking about Bridget.

Vicky:  And what did you come up with?

Michele:  I’ve been very angry with her.

Vicky:  And that’s understandable with all the stunts she pulled.

Michele:  When I got back to Bay City, I wanted Bridget to pay for everything she had done.

Vicky:  Did you...want to hurt your sister?

Michele:  I never wanted to hurt her.  

Vicky:  Of course you didn’t.  That’s what I’ve been trying to tell everyone.

Michele:  Aunt Marley and Grandma Donna have been pleading with me to stop being so angry.  They think I’m gonna do to Bridget what…

Vicky (taking a deep breath):  Marley did to me.

Michele:  And I’ve been thinking a lot about it and...it’s time for me to go tell Bridget that I forgive her, and for us to be sisters again.

Vicky:  Honey, that is the best news I’ve heard all day.  So proud of you.

Vicky hugs Michele.


Cory and Bridget plop themselves next to each other lying on the bed as they look up at the ceiling.

Bridget:  Wow that was...that was.

Cory:  The bomb?

Bridget:  People still say that?

Cory:  You’ve been doing some reading haven’t you?

Bridget:  Reading what?

Cory:  About sex.  

Bridget:  Mmmmm maybe I have.

Cory:  The way you did things, it didn’t seem like it was your first time.

Bridget:  But it was, and it was...everything I hoped it would be.

Bridget leans on Cory and starts to kiss him again.  Cory takes off the used condom and tosses it in the wastebasket next to the bed.

Cory:  Gonna need another one.

Bridget:  I’m...kinda sore.

Cory:  We can stop if you want.

Bridget:  There are...other things I’ve been reading about.

Bridget crawls under the covers…


Meanwhile, downstairs in the living room…

Donna:  I sure hope so.  The last thing is to relive what happened between Marley and Victoria all those years ago.

Michael:  It’s not gonna happen Donna.  I wish you’d stop thinking like that.

Donna:  I can’t help it.  You weren’t there.

Michael:  Thank your father for that.

Donna:  Marley was so angry.  The sweet Marley we all knew was a different person.  When I fell and hit my head, I couldn’t even say anything.  I had to watch as she plotted against Victoria, and she locked her in the basement of this house.  I’ll be damned if I let that happen with Michele and Bridget.

Michael:  I’m not taking anything away from Marley and Vicky, but you gotta have faith in the girls.  The girls are fighting, but they’ll resolve their differences.  I mean, didn’t Marley and Vicky do that?  Look how close they’ve gotten.  

Donna:  You don’t understand.  I don’t want our granddaughters to have to go through that to get close again.

Michael:  Well Donna there’s not much we can do about it.  

Donna:  So you think we should just stand by and watch those two kill each other?

Michael:  That’s not what’s happening, and it’s not going to happen.

Donna:  You don’t know that now do you?

Michael:  I have faith in Michele and Bridget.  They will work things out Donna...you’ll see.





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Here's the rest...this blog will not allow the edit to be published..

Cory goes to the bathroom, Bridget reaches for her phone and notices a text from Donna.  The text reads:  ‘Where are you?  Ur sister is here.’  Bridget smiles as she contemplates her next move.

Bridget:  This couldn’t have worked out any better.


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oooo did I love this one.


Good to see a little brotherly love with Allen and Tyrone.


A lot of the focus was on Bridget and Michele and this story interests me so much. I can always feel the layers and its awesome. Poor Vicky thinking about Jake before Michele walked in. I believe Michele is genuine about not wanting to hurt her sister but of course she was and maybe still is so angry and imo rightfully so. 


I really love Donna and her interest for what is best for the family. The similarities bewteen marley vs Vicky and now Michele vs Bridget continue to be awesome. LOL at Michael still learning how to text. Poor ol chap.


Niceeee sex scenes with Cory and Bridget! Condoms and all. The scenes were really well done and also go to show the vixen and Bridget and Michele showing up to the house at the end after all this sex. Im both looking forward to but afraid of what Bridgets next step is about to be..


Great ep. I love this story!

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THis was a great show. I really enjoy Micheal and Donna's dynamic. He is more laid back and hands off and honestly I kind of felt his point of view. Siblings are going to fight. But then again I can feel where Donna is coming from and now wanting bad history to repeat it self. Very good scene there.


Michele wants to apologize but Bridget got other ideas. I hope her soreness goes away Cory must be packing heat. It was a great scene too. Very idk progressive and eye catching. Getting the youth going for sure. I love it. THey are REALLY shining right now.


And yes it was good to see Allen and him wanting to mend the fences with Tyrone. Hi Marley

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OOOOO this was another great one.


Bridget still hasn't stopped scheming, and it could all backfire on her if Michele figures it all out. Loved the moment between Michele and Vicky as they discuss burying the hatchet and Vicky's own struggles with Marley. Excellent mother/daughter moment.


Great to see Allen and Tyrone bury the hatchet too. Brothers reconnecting, just in time for the baby to be born. I do love that you're having a laugh at Marley's looooong pregnancy. Good work there.


Donna and Michael are giving me life too. I love Donna quipping about texting to Michael. She totally would know how to text, and be so smug about knowing how as well. Great to see Donna worried about Michele, as we all know what Michele's state of mind is right now.


It's all building up. I can't wait to see the next one to see what goes down with the twins. EEK!

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Well that sex scene probably wouldn't air on a soap...yours is more realistic by far.


It does feel like Marley's been pregnant forever, lol. 


Love all the use of history in this chapter.

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