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  1. Hi all, We're conducting a quick survey about contemporary radio/audio soap operas & if they have a place our present. It's a quick survey (less than 3 minutes) and all responses are welcome! Here's the link: https://us2.list-manage.com/survey?u=ad35be68a92196af895ac53df&id=dbf3e73f4d&attribution=false Thanks!!
  2. http://awfanfic.blogspot.com/2016/06/another-world-228-lovehudsons-celebrate.html ANOTHER WORLD 228 The Love/Hudsons celebrate a new birth ANOTHER WORLD 228 The Love/Hudsons celebrate a new birth Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson Consultants: Alex Beeby, ML Cooks, Nick Monarco, DRW50 AT THE HOSPITAL John and Brianna go into the staff locker room. John: You’re a real pro in there. Brianna: I’ve delivered babies before. It’s always a joy to see the families happy. The mother having a baby; the father right there with her. Must be nice. John: I wasn’t there when Gregory was born. Sharlene gave birth to our son in a shed. Brianna: Wow. John: Taylor Benson delivered him actually after she...never mind. Brianna: No tell me. What did Taylor Benson do? John: I...don’t really wanna get into that. Brianna: Oh um. Ok. Brianna starts feeling around in her pockets. John: Looks like you lost something. Brianna: Yeah I...can’t find my badge. Maybe I dropped it somewhere. John: Well go to a computer and log in. If someone tries to use it, it will tell you where it was scanned. Hopefully someone will return it. ------------------------------------------------------------ Tyrone wheels Marley in a wheelchair to the nursery. They look through the glass at their baby in a bassinet labeled “Roman Montgomery” on the outside. Donna, Michael and Vicky join them. Marley: Look at him Tyrone. He’s so tiny. So innocent. Tyrone: Our son. Donna looks at Michael. Donna: And our grandson. Marley: Have you called your mother? Tyrone: She and Etta Mae are on their way. Marley: He’s a miracle. I thought I was never gonna be able to have children. I’m gonna shower all the love I have on him. Tyrone: He looks like a sports enthusiast. Marley: We will love our son whatever he wants to be. Michael: He’s got a large family behind him. Donna: Where’s everyone else? Where are the twins? Where’s Kirkland and Victoria? I’m gonna go see where they are. ------------------------------------- Bridget and Michele are in the waiting area...quiet. Each girl has her arms folded. Bridget is sitting in a chair while Michele is sitting on the right arm of the couch closest to the glass door. Michele looks at Bridget, rolls her eyes and gets up. Michele: I’m gonna go see how Aunt Marley’s doing. Bridget: No you’re not. You’re gonna look for something to cut yourself with and blame it on me. Michele: You can’t stop being a bitch for two seconds can you? Bridget: Maybe after what you did tonight everyone will see that I was right about you. You need help. Michele turns around and walks slowly toward Bridget. Bridget gets up as if to prepare for another fight. Michele: If you want a replay of what happened at the Corys I’m game, because I should have done it a long time ago. I’ll be more than happy to beat the bitchiness out of you. Bridget: You think some fisticuffs is gonna change anything? I still have Cory, and dad and grandpa think you’re crazy, too. Michele: Really? After everything you’ve done, mom still supports me. I’ve always been mom’s favorite daughter. You’ve always been the black sheep; the outsider; the screw-up. Bridget: Shut your mouth! Michele: Deep down, dad knows it, too. Mom knows what you’ve done, and sees you for the conniving little skank that you are, and that you’ll always be. Bridget: You crazy bitch! Before they can start another physical fight, Kirkland races in and manages to get between them. Kirkland: No! Not here! You two can’t stay in a room alone without wanting to kill each other? Michele: Your bitch sister provoked me again! Kirkland: Bridget why don’t you go the nursery and see our little cousin. Bridget: But… Kirkland: Go! Bridget looks at the both of them and walks out in disgust. Kirkland: When are you two gonna stop? Michele: It’s all her fault! Wait til mom hears about what Bridget said. Kirkland: You’re not gonna tell mom anything about this. Michele: What do you mean? Kirkland: Both of you need counseling. You gotta let this go. You gotta stop being so angry. ------------------------------------------------------- Vicky walks up to Steven. Vicky: How’s Rachel? Steven: I left a message on her voicemail. Vicky: I know the rest of her family’s there. Did you call your dad? Steven: Not yet. It’s still pretty late there. Vicky: Listen I’m...I’m sorry about the way I’ve behaved… Steven: But? Vicky: But what? Steven: You still don’t approve of Joy being in my life. Vicky: No I can’t. Steven: That’s too bad isn’t it? Vicky: That girl is a homewrecker! I cannot just sit here and watch this happen. She is going to destroy you. Steven: She was only eighteen years old when she had the affair with Tyrone. You are still holding her past against her. What if somebody held your past against you? What she did before doesn’t stop me from… Steven stops as he, and Vicky, realize something. Vicky: Oh my God. You’ve fallen for her haven’t you? You’re in love with her. Steven gets a text. He looks on his phone. The text is from Joy. Joy(text): I’m home. Steven (return text): Good. Thank you for being with me tonight. I love you. ----------------------------------- MEANWHILE, Joy walks around the corner on the same floor. She looks around to see if anyone sees her, and slips into a room. She then gets a text from Steven. She looks at her phone a bit jolted. Steven’s declaration has taken her aback. She takes a deep breath and texts back. Joy: I love you, too. Joy looks around and sees scrubs. Joy is not home. She is in a hospital supply closet as she has a flashback: (EPISODE 174) Reginald: Joy Joy Joy. Joy: Did you do it? Reginald: The antidote? Joy: Thomasina said she’s feeling better. Reginald: Yes I called and they gave her the antidote. Joy: Then we’re even. Reginald: No we’re not. I can get to her whenever I want. Joy: So what does that mean? What else do you want me to do? Reginald: I don’t have to tell you. I want to raise the next patriarch of my family, and you’re going to get him. Joy: Where the hell am I supposed to get...no. You can’t make me do that. Reginald: You don’t want Thomasina to get sick again do you? Get me my great grandson. Joy flashes back to the present and she notices Brianna’s hospital badge on the floor, and she picks it up. Joy: I’m so sorry Steven but I have to do this. CAMERA PAN ON JOY...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG. ---------------------------------------------------- PART 2 MARLEY’S ROOM Marley lies in the bed. Michael is sitting at her bedside. Marley: I don’t think I can get any happier than I am now. Michael: You’re very lucky. Marley: I am...very lucky. Lucky to have a husband who loves me; lucky to still have my parents; Vicky, Allen, all of you. Michael: Your grandfather didn’t allow us to have this type of moment when you and Victoria were born. Marley: Don’t bring him up. Happy thoughts. Happy memories. Michael: Of course. The birth of your child is something you’re always gonna remember. Marley: And that you came back. We all thought you were dead, but you fought your way back to us. I’m so glad you’re here dad. Michael clenches Marley’s right hand. Michael: There’s nowhere else I’d rather be. ---------------------------------------------- OUTSIDE MARLEY’S ROOM Allen is talking to Tyrone. Allen: Look at you man. Tyrone: Yeah. I got a son. My boy Roman. I mean this is just the icing on the cake. All this time we thought Marley couldn’t get pregnant. Just miraculous. Allen: I know. I’m just...glad I can be here to share this with you bro. Tyrone: Thank you. Allen: For what? Tyrone: You helped me to realize that my anger was misplaced. Our father is the one I was really mad at. Allen: You can’t be too mad. He raised you. What was he like? Tyrone: Typical dad I guess. Be a man. Don’t show any emotions. Allen: I didn’t get to spend hardly any time with him. You did. That’s why I’m so insistent on being in KC’s life. Our dad wasn’t there for me. Tyrone: I ain’t sending my boy off to no boarding school. I’m gonna be there for him. I’m taking him to all his games; to all his practices. Whatever he wants to do. I’m gonna support him. I will never give up on my son. Allen: I know, cuz I ain’t gonna let you. He’s my nephew you know? Tyrone: You know what’s so great about this, too? Allen: What’s that? Tyrone: I got my brother with me. Allen: I got you. They hug and Donna and KC walk up to them. KC: Look at this. My dad and my uncle Tyrone….bonding. Donna: I called my sister. She told me the good news. Allen: I’ve had a good night. Donna: I can’t find Victoria or the girls. Have you seen them? Tyrone: No. I heard about what happened between Michele and Bridget. Donna: Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again. ----------------------------------------------- Michele: So what’s the matter? You think I’m crazy, too? Kirkland: Getting help doesn’t mean you’re ill. It means you need to get rid of this anger you’ve got. Michele: I’m sure you’ve heard what she did. Kirkland: I know what happened. She was devastated, hurt, and could hardly forgive herself when we thought you were dead. She felt really down about losing you. Michele: She’s got me, and the only she can act toward me is bitchy. Kirkland: You both are doing it to each other. Serve and volley. Michele: You’re comparing us to tennis. Kirkland: Come on. I can’t stand to see my little sisters fighting all the time. Can you at least consider it? Michele: Getting help? I don’t need any help. She’s the one who needs it. Mom’s on my side. ------------------------------------------------- Vicky: Who was that? Joy? Steven: I told her to text me when she got home. Vicky: I’m gonna see about Marley. Steven: Mom. Vicky: What is it? Steven: I love you. Vicky smiles as her eyes well up. Vicky: I love you, too my firstborn child. Steven: Let’s go see about Aunt Marley. Vicky: Good idea. --------------------------------------------- The Love/Hudsons surround Marley who is lying in her bed. Marley: Would you look at this? It means so much to have all of you here. Vicky: We got a little one to look after now. Donna: He’s gonna have a hell of a time being a part of this family. ---------------------------------------------- MEANWHILE, Bridget stands at the glass of the nursery, and watches her cousin Roman in his bassinet. Bridget: Are you sure you wanna be part of this family Roman? Your cousin Michele is crazy. As Bridget walks away, Joy, dressed in blue hospital scrubs, with a mask over her nose and mouth, scans Brianna’s stolen badge into the nursery, walks over to and stands over Roman Montgomery’s bassinet. Marley (V.O.): Roman’s gonna love all of you. Let’s go see him. FREEZE FRAME ON JOY...SLOW FADE OUT...END OF 228
  3. http://awfanfic.blogspot.com/ Here is the link to new episodes of my fanfic.. I left off on the SON blog at Episode 227, where Tyrone and Marley's baby, Roman Michael Montgomery, was born.
  4. ANOTHER WORLD 216 Consultants: ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby Kirkland gets closer to uncovering Christy’s plan PART 1 CORY MANSION Carl walks slowly into the living room, and he looks around, as if to take in as much ambiance of the place as he can, because he doesn’t have much time left. Rachel walks in and observes her husband with his back turned, but Carl feels her presence. Carl: This living room...this place. So much has happened in here. I’ve had the privilege to live in it. Rachel: It was meant. You were destined to be here. Everything has come to this. Carl: Tomorrow night, I’ll announce to all of our family and friends, that I have a brain tumor. Rachel massages his shoulders. Rachel: I know you do meditation, but I’ve never seen you this nervous. Carl: I’m not trepidatious about me. I’m just thinking about the children. Rachel: The children are going to be okay. They’re gonna lean on each other. Carl: They’re all going to need you. Rachel: And you can rest assured I’ll be here for them...all of them. Carl: They’re all on my mind, but Devin Lucas is the one I need you to...love up on. You know? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AT THE CENTER… Cory and Elizabeth are sitting at a table sipping coffees. Cory: One more day. Elizabeth: Don’t remind me. Cory: At least they told us first. Elizabeth: It doesn’t hurt any less. I can’t bear the thought of losing daddy again. Cory: Neither can I. We gotta get through it somehow. Elizabeth: Daddy came back to us last time but this seems like it’s final. Cory: Why did this have to happen again? Elizabeth: If you can answer why the sky’s blue then you can answer that. Cory: We gotta...stick together. Devin Lucas walks up to them. Devin Lucas: I agree. Cory: And who are you? Elizabeth: Dad didn’t tell you huh? Cory: Tell me what? Elizabeth: This is our big brother Devin Lucas Hutchins. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHRISTY’S SUITE Grant walks in. Christy: Grant what do you want? And don’t forget to invite yourself in. Grant: You are really one piece of work aren’t you? Christy: I’ve been called worse I’m sure. Grant: You forget who’s paying for this suite. I should be able to walk in anytime I want. Christy: And I can go to the police anytime I want with the dossier that proves you bankrolled Evan Frame’s reign of terror. Grant: You are really spoiling my mood. Christy: Oh here we go again. Let me guess, Paulina left the dashing, handsome detective Jack Snyder...for you. Grant smiles. Grant: That day is closer than you could ever imagine. ----------------------------------------------------------------- PAULINA’S HOUSE Paulina opens the door and sees someone holding a bouquet of flowers in front of his face. Paulina: Hmmm who could that be? Jack moves the roses and smiles at Paulina. Jack: Is the lady of the house in? Paulina: It depends on who those beautiful roses are for. Jack: Alright you got me. They’re for you. Paulina: Thank yoouuu. Jack gives them to Paulina, and he follows her inside as she places the roses in a vase with water. Jack: There’s something I came here for. Paulina: Hmmm for what? Jack: I was wondering if you wanted to have breakfast with me tomorrow morning. Paulina: I think that could be arranged, but who says breakfast has to be in the morning? Jack: What other part of the day did you have in mind? Paulina wraps her arms around Jack and looks up into his eyes. Paulina: Eating is good in all parts of the day. Jack: Eating out you mean? Paulina: Well...since you mentioned breakfast and all that, I was hoping for a nice, juicy piece of sausage. Jack: Is it the kind that...plumps when it cooks. Paulina: I used to co-own a restaurant. I learned a thing or two about prepping meals. Jack: Any place you’re at is a nice place to...eat out. They kiss passionately. ------------------------------------------------------ GRANT’S HOUSE Kirkland walks in and calls out for Grant. “Daaad ya here?” He walks to the back and doesn’t see his father. He turns to leave but notices something on Grant’s desk. Kirkland: What’s this? There is something on the ledger that catches his eye. Company Route Amount GO LIMO Dr. Weston $427 CENTER SUITES Suite $1,256 PREPAID PHONE Phone $80 Kirkland: The day after my wedding reception. Kirkland takes a picture of it with his cell phone and refocuses. Kirkland: Center Suites? This is Christy. Who’s Dr. Weston? CAMERA PAN ON KIRKLAND...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG.. ------------------------------------------ PART 2 Jack and Paulina lie in bed. Paulina: This gets better and better. Jack: I’ll never get tired of it. Paulina: Reminds me of… Jack: That was a long time ago. This feels different. More mature. Paulina: More than we were back then. You know I hate that...that you are going through a separation with Carly. I feel like I might be responsible. Jack: Look, don’t start that. Carly and I were having problems long before we… Paulina: Before we what? Jack: Fell in love again. Truth is, Paulina, I always loved you. Funny how we found each other again. Paulina: You found me fighting with my sister in the Bay City Center fountain. Jack: It seems like everything came back. Everything I felt back then. -------------------------------------------- Christy: You’ve been saying for the last fifty years it seems. Do you still have all of your teeth? Grant: Not even your snarky little jokes are gonna hamper my mood. Grant picks up the jump drive and looks at it with confidence. Grant: Jack and Paulina better enjoy every little moment they have together, because I’m about to blow them to bits, and claim the woman I’ve always loved. ---------------------------------------------- Paulina: Me, too. It was like time fast forwarded. Don’t get me wrong. I have two wonderful children and I had a great husband, but I’m here...now....with you. Jack: I don’t regret anything that happened between now and then, and I don’t regret anything that’s happening now. Paulina: What about Carly? Jack: Carly gave me two beautiful children and a great ride for the time that she did, but it seems that it’s over. Paulina: A great ride huh? Jack smiles. Paulina: How about this rollercoaster? They kiss passionately. ----------------------------------------------- Christy: I’ll believe it when I see it. Grant: Oh you’re going to see it alright. You’re gonna see Paulina on my arm. She and Jack will be history after I show him what’s on this drive. Grant gets a text from Kirkland that reads: “Can I see you tomorrow? We need to talk.”, and his mood changes a bit. Christy: Who was that? Grant: That was my son. He says he needs to talk to me. I hope everything is okay with him. --------------------------------------------------------------- KIRKLAND’S SUITE Kirkland puts his cell phone in his pocket, walks up the door of his suite, and flashes back… (EPISODE 215) Ryan: One lie is gonna turn into another and another, and it’s the lies that are gonna break up you up. The longer you keep lying, the more you destroy the trust. The best chance for you to save your marriage...is to tell Charlie the truth. Kirkland nods his head. Kirkland: I’m gonna tell her. I’m gonna go tell Charlie everything....right now. Kirkland flashes back to the present, takes a deep breath, and inserts his key into the slot. He enters and faces Charlie. Kirkland: Hey babe. Charlie: Hi. The two stay quiet waiting for the other to talk, and Charlie breaks the silence. Charlie: Look I’m sorry. I’ve been thinking all day and...you were right. Kirkland: About Eric? Charlie: You are just trying to...be a good husband to me, and I’m grateful and I appreciate it. Kirkland: Yeah...I love you so much Charlie. Charlie: I know...more so now than ever. Kirkland: Babe it’s....something I need to… Charlie: No...there’s nothing you need to do. All I want you to do is let me make it up to you. Charlie kneels down, unbuckles his pants and… Kirkland: There’s something I...I… Charlie stops Kirkland by starting fellatio, then she rises up. Charlie: Make love to me. ------------------------------------------------------- Cory and Devin Lucas meet. Cory: So you’re the famous Devin Lucas? Devin Lucas: The one and only. Elizabeth: Well I kinda always wanted a big brother. I didn’t know Ryan or Evan. Devin Lucas: I didn’t know any of you.
  5. ANOTHER WORLD 214 Are John and Sharlene in danger? Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson Consultants: ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby Christine Andreas makes an appearance as Taylor Benson. PART 1 CENTER… John and Sharlene are sitting at a table gazing at each other. John: What are you wearing? Sharlene: Clothes. John: So it’s your clothes that I smell? Sharlene: It’s must be Gain. You’ve seen the commercials right? John: Oh the guy who is smelling the dog’s blanket. Sharlene: Mi towel su towel. John: I think it has something to do with the perfume. It’s driving me crazy. Sharlene: Is it now? John: If it was legal to do it outside, I would. Sharlene smiles. Sharlene: If you didn’t have to get back to work… John: This day is just getting better and better. Sharlene: What happened at the hospital? John: I hired a new RN. Sharlene: You are on a roll aren’t you John: Yep. Brianna Jameson. ---------------------------------------------------------------- HOSPITAL EXAM ROOM Matt is having his vitals taken by Brianna Jameson. Brianna: 128 over 74. Matt: Is that good? Brianna: Yeah. Matt: So can I go now? I got work to do at the office. Brianna: Are you one of those all work no play guys? Matt: Haven’t had much time for leisure. Why? Brianna: I...I just...never mind. Matt: No what is it? Brianna: I recently moved to Bay City. Matt: Really? From where? Brianna: Philadelphia. Matt: Philly huh? Big city life got to ya? Brianna: Any good places to go for single gals like me? Matt: I would tell you but then you would probably miss out. Brianna: How? Matt: You know there are...places in town that I couldn’t tell where to go and how to get there, but I definitely know the way. Brianna smiles. Brianna: That means you’d have to take me. Matt: That means you’d have to let me. Brianna: I think...that could be arranged. Provided you take care yourself. Matt: So what’s my prognosis? Brianna: You’re dehydrated. You need to drink more fluids and eat something. Matt: You have better beside manner than a lot of doctors. Brianna: Flattery will get you...somewhere. I’ll get the doctor. Brianna jots down Matt’s vitals on his chart, places it in the bin that holds the charts, and leaves the room. ----------------------------------------------- OUTSIDE THE EXAM ROOM. Brianna gets a phone call on her cell phone and she answers. Brianna: Hello?....Oh…Are you sure? She takes a deep breath. Brianna: Okay I’m coming up there. ---------------------------------------------- AT THE MONTGOMERYS With Marley lying on the couch. Tyrone opens the door to Vicky. Tyrone: Hey Vicky. Come in. Marley: Hey sis. Glad you stopped by. Vicky: Yeah uh...guess my little nephew’s enjoying the warmth of your belly. Marley: I’m not technically due yet. Tyrone: The actual date is in a couple days. Vicky: If you don’t deliver they’re gonna have to induce labor right? Marley: Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Vicky: I remember when I was pregnant with the twins. Jake waited me hand and foot, and I wasn’t even on bed rest. Those were the days...when we were happy. Marley: Vicky is everything okay? Vicky: Well, if the girls stop fighting each other, Jake decides to rethink the divorce, and Steven decides not to date Joy, everything would be perfect. Tyrone: Steven’s dating who? Vicky: Joy Kramer. The one and only. Marley: Is he crazy? He needs to get away from her before she hurts him. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALSO AT THE CENTER… Steven sits across the table from Joy… Steven: I think it was over there where you dropped your cell phone. Joy: No your cousin caused me to drop it. Steven: Oh did I hit a nerve? Joy: Yeah because I loved that phone. Steven: So you don’t like the phone I picked out? Joy: That’s not what I said. Stop putting words in my mouth. Steven: So what can I put in your mouth? Joy: That smooth tongue will do for now. Steven gets up, leans over and plants a kiss on Joy, who reciprocates. Steven: Wait. Joy: What is it? You’re not finished kissing me are you? Steven: No, but I didn’t get an answer. Joy: To what? Steven: Being my date to Carl Hutchins’ party. ----------------------------------------------- BACK AT THE HOSPITAL…Maggie, wearing a white lab coat, walks into the exam room with a chart, where Matt is buttoning his shirt. Maggie: Oh it’s you. Matt: I’m happy to see you, too Dr. Winthrop. Maggie: So you had a dizzy spell at the office. Matt: It was nothing. Maggie: You need to rest and stay hydrated. Matt: There’s been a lot going on at Cory Productions. Maggie: And you need to let someone else handle things for now. You need to be away from work for a few days. Doctor’s orders. Maggie looks at Matt’s chart. Matt: Can you send that nurse back in? Maggie (looking at the chart): Brianna Jameson? Matt: She was really nice. Maggie: You need to concentrate on taking it easy and getting some rest. You can focus on Brianna Jameson some other time. ---------------------------------------------------- DOOR Brianna walks up to a doctor who is standing at this door. Doctor: You’re the next of kin, so we called. Brianna: What’s going on? Is it? Doctor: Yeah it’s time. I think it would be comforting for her last moments to be spent with you. I’ll leave you two alone. Brianna pushes the door open, and walks slowly toward the person in the bed. She pulls up a chair, sits at the bedside, and clenches the person’s right hand. Brianna: Mama? Mama it’s Ellen. The person lying in the bed is Taylor Benson. Taylor has tubes hooked up to her nose, as her monitor beeps. She opens her eyes and smiles. Taylor: My sweet girl. I’m so glad to see you. CAMERA PAN ON TAYLOR…SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG PART 2 Tyrone: That girl’s gonna ruin his life. Marley: Call him. I’ll talk to him. I’ll happily fill him in on everything that Joy did to us. Vicky: No...no that won’t be necessary. Marley: Why not? We have to tell him what she’s capable of. Vicky: I’ve tried that. Tyrone: I take it didn’t work huh. Vicky: No. Unfortunately it didn’t. Steven is hung up on her ------------------------------------------------------- Joy: Carl Hutchins? Steven: You’ve never heard of him huh? Joy: No not much actually. Just bits and pieces, but I have heard of the Cory Mansion. Thomasina told me about it. Steven: How is she? Joy: I talked to her on the phone. She’s in great spirits. She’s doing so much better. Steven: Glad to hear that. Joy smiles and gazes into Steven’s eyes. Joy: You know I didn’t think I’d stay in Bay City when I came. I thought it was going a bit of a pit stop for me. Steven: I’d like to think I had something to do with changing your mind about it. Joy: Well, I certainly didn’t expect this. Steven: Expect what? Joy: Liking you this much. Steven: You make it sound like it’s a bad thing. Joy: Noooo that’s not what I mean. It’s actually a great thing. Things are...finally gonna go my way. Steven: I don’t care what my mother says about you. Joy: So I’m sure Vicky’s told you about what happened between Tyrone and me. Steven: And I don’t care. That occurred in the past. This is now, and all I know...right now...is that I feel so lucky to have met you. Joy: Me, too. Steven leans over and kisses her. ----------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile, John and Sharlene observe Steven and Joy… Sharlene: Look at them. John: Is that my nephew? Sharlene: Sure looks like it. My goodness he’s all grown up. It just amazes me how all the kids are grown now. Our own child. Charlie, Kirkland. Time sure has flown. John: And I wanna spend all the rest of my time with you. Sharlene: You know Gregory is such a blessing to us. He probably saved my life. John: How? Sharlene: The day I gave birth to him in the shed. John: How could I forget? How could I forget anything that…? Sharlene: Mood killer aren’t I? I guess Taylor Benson is gonna be etched in our memories forever.
  6. ANOTHER WORLD 213 Carl gets some mysterious information from Lorna Written By: C. Nathaniel Richardson Consultants: ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby HOSPITAL John Hudson is in his office and Brianna Jameson walks in. Brianna: Hi Dr. Hudson? John: Yeah come on in. Brianna: HR sent me. John: Right. I like to meet all the candidates, well, as many as I can. Brianna: Right. John: So I went over your resume, and you did your clinicals at Mass. General? Brianna: Yes. It was a great experience. I learned a great deal. John: So what brings you from Boston to Bay City? Brianna: Boston is a such a big city. I’m a small town kinda gal you know? John: Bay City General though? Brianna: Yeah I...heard a lot about this hospital. Never a dull moment. I think you were treated here for malaria. John: By a guy who shouldn’t have been practicing. Brianna: Yeah I uh...heard about Fax Newman, too. John: I see you’ve done your research. Brianna: Yes sir I did. John: And since you’ve done your homework, you know that we never have enough good nurses. Brianna: Very hard to come by in this field. John: You’re exactly right. There’s been some turnover here and we need somebody who’s gonna stick around. Brianna: Hopefully Bay City will be a place that I’d like to stay in. A good job could factor into that. John: A job I hope that you can start today. Brianna: Today? Does this mean I….? John: That’s if you want it. Brianna: I’ll take it! Thank you. I will make my presence felt here. I promise you that. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUTSIDE OF JOHN’S OFFICE...Brianna makes a phone call… Brianna: Mama. It’s me. Yeah I got the job. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CORY PRODUCTIONS Amanda and Rachel walk into Matt’s office. Matt is sitting at his desk. Matt: Hey mom. Rachel: Hi honey. Matt: Amanda how was the board meeting? Amanda walks slowly Matt’s desk and puts papers on it. Amanda: It was...interesting to say the least. Matt: What is this? Amanda: The contract. Matt: For the merger? Amanda: Yes. Matt: Are sure you can trust Iris? Rachel: I sure wouldn’t. Amanda: That’s why this contract was drawn up. She has to agree to be the co-CEO of the new company. Rachel: You’d be having to watch your back so she doesn’t stab you in it. Amanda: She said she’d think about it, but my offer has an expiration date. Rachel: You’ve done well Amanda. Amanda: She needs the connections that we have to grow her brand. Matt: What are you gonna do when Iris tries to betray you? Rachel: Carl and I have come up with a plan. Iris won’t betray you. Matt: What about Paulina and Sandy? Amanda: My sister and my other brother are okay with it. I’ve gotten their written agreements. I need yours now. Matt: Well you know you’re also going to need the board to sign off on it, too. Amanda: That’s the problem. One of the board members retired effective immediately. Matt: So we can’t execute the deal until we have all seven board members’ signatures. Amanda: First we gotta find another board member. Matt gets up and and blinks his eyes. Amanda: Matt what’s wrong? Matt: Nothing I just feel a little...hungry. Matt tries to walk and stumbles. Rachel: Something’s wrong with you. We need to get you to the hospital. Matt: Mom. Amanda: Mom’s right. You need to get checked out. ------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Carl opens the front door and Lorna walks in with an envelope. Lorna: I got it. Lorna gives him the envelope and Carl reads its contents. Carl: This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you. Lorna: Are you...ready for your party? Carl: As ready as I’ll ever be. How’s Devin Lucas adjusting? Lorna: I don’t think he’s having any problems whatsoever getting acclimated to Bay City. ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- SUITE Devin Lucas opens the door and Iris walks in. Devin Lucas: Sorry I haven’t been in touch with you. I went to see my dad. Iris: Really? About? Devin Lucas: Just...just some family stuff. Iris: I’m really really sorry about Carl. Devin Lucas: Is that right? I thought you’d be jumping for joy being that you tried to shoot him at his wedding. Iris: I’ve done my time for that. It was a learning experience. Devin Lucas: And exactly what did you take from it? How to be a better shot? Iris: I saw the pain on Rachel’s face when I heard her say he had a brain tumor, and she’s already had so much loss in her life, as have I...so yes I’m sorry that your father’s dying. My father died, too. Devin Lucas: It’s tough, but I didn’t call you over here to give your fake condolences for Carl. Iris: Well excuse me for being concerned. Devin Lucas: What did you decide about Amanda’s merger proposal? CAMERA PAN ON IRIS...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG PART 2 HOSPITAL EXAM ROOM Amanda waits with Matt. Matt: Come on Amanda I’m not three you and mom don’t have to wait here with me. Amanda: Will you let me be concerned about you? I am your sister. Matt: I’m fine okay. I don’t even know why I agreed to come here. Amanda: Because mom and I weren’t gonna give up until you did. A nurse walks in with a chart. Nurse: This is...Matthew Cory? Matt: Yep. Nurse: Is this your… Matt: Sister. Nurse: Well sister… Amanda: Name’s Amanda. Nurse: Amanda I’ll need you to wait outside. I need to examine your brother. Amanda: I’ll be right out here. Amanda leaves the room as the nurse retrieves a blood pressure strap. Matt: Before you poke and prod me, can I get your name? Brianna: Oh sorry. Brianna. ----------------------------------------- OUTSIDE THE ROOM Amanda talks to Rachel. Rachel: How’s Matthew? Amanda: Stubborn as always. Anything on Iris yet? ------------------------------------------- Iris: I haven’t decided yet. Devin Lucas: Well you need to make some type of decision because I’m sure Amanda’s offer’s not gonna stay on the table. Iris: If I accept this offer, KBAY could become a powerful company. Devin Lucas: But you and I were supposed to take over the company and make it powerful. Iris: You have to trust me on this. I have a place for you in the company. Devin Lucas: Doesn’t it make you wonder why Amanda proposed a merger to you? Out of the blue? Iris: I’m considering everything here. Devin Lucas: Sounds like you’re double crossing me. Iris: No. No that’s not it at all. You have to trust me on this. I know exactly what I intend to do. Devin Lucas: Which is? Iris: You’ll have to wait and see won’t you? Iris leaves and Devin Lucas makes a phone call. Devin Lucas: Hi it’s me. The person on the other end is Carl. Carl: So what happened? ------------ Devin Lucas: She did exactly as you said she would. ----------- Carl: You can’t trust her, especially when it comes to Cory Productions. Don’t worry son, I’ll see to it that Iris will be neutralized. ------------ Devin Lucas: Are you at home? ------------ Carl: Yes...with your mother. ------------------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Carl hangs up and walks back into the living room where Lorna awaits. Lorna: What do you plan on doing with what I gave you? Carl: Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Lorna: So you’re not gonna let me in on this plan? Carl: Not completely, but I will tell you that what’s in this envelope has been twenty years in the making. It’s time I finally stick it to Grant Harrison. FREEZE FRAME ON CARL...SLOW FADE OUT...END OF EPISODE 213 ------------------------------------
  7. ANOTHER WORLD 212 Devin Lucas meets Lindsay Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson Consultants: ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby The role of Gregory Hudson is now being played by Robert Scott Wilson ------------------------------ PART 1 AT STACEY’S OFFICE Stacey is sitting at her desk as someone walks in.. Stacey: Thanks for coming. Have a seat. It’s Jake. Jake: Is everything okay? Stacey: No. Not at all. Jake: It’s about Lindsay right? Stacey: Yes. She’s sinking deeper and deeper into this hole and I can’t get her out. She needs your help...I need your help. ------------------------------------------- AT THE CENTER… Devin Lucas is walking with Lorna. Lorna is looking up and around. Lorna: Wow. This place is amazing. Devin Lucas: Must be new. Lorna: It is. This place wasn’t here when I lived in Bay City. It looks great. Devin Lucas is despondent. Lorna: Thinkin about your dad aren’t you? Devin Lucas: You’re a mindreader. They stop walking and Lorna faces him. Lorna: Honey, we can’t change the past. Devin Lucas: I feel so cheated mom. Years I missed with my father. Lorna: And we explained why. I was the only one who was able to come and see you. Devin Lucas: I know. I’m not blaming anybody. It’s just that now that I can come out of hiding, we learn that he’s dying of a brain tumor. It’s not fair. You know? Lorna: I know baby. We’re gonna get through this okay. Lorna hugs Devin Lucas. Meanwhile, Charlie and Lindsay are walking from around the corner with department store shopping bags. Lindsay: Oh my God this felt so good. I just had to get those shoes. Charlie: I had no idea what to get for Carl’s party. I loved that dress you picked out. Lindsay: It will look great on you. Kirkland’s gonna love it, too. Charlie: Thank you. Lindsay: No...you’re the one I should be thanking. You got me out of the house. You got my mind off my situation. Charlie: It’s good to see you smiling. Lindsay: I haven’t had much to smile about lately. Charlie: Linds don’t let this set you back. You can come back from this. Lindsay: I’m so happy you came. You’re the only one who doesn’t tiptoe around me. Worried they’re gonna say the wrong thing. Charlie: I take it you’re talking about your mom and Gregory. Devin Lucas and Lorna release each other from their embrace and someone catches his eye. Devin Lucas: Mom? Lorna: Yep. Devin Lucas: That’s my niece isn’t she? Lorna: Charlie Winthrop Harrison. Yep that’s Frankie’s daughter. Devin Lucas isn’t focused on Charlie. Devin Lucas: Who’s that with her? Lorna: That’s her cousin Lindsay Winthrop. Devin Lucas: I think it’s time we’re formally introduced. Devin Lucas gently passes his mother and heads toward Charlie and Lindsay. Meanwhile, Gregory, drinking a bottle of water, walks up to Lorna, who is watching Devin Lucas. Gregory: Lorna? Lorna: Hi? Gregory: It’s Gregory. Lorna: Gregory Hudson. John and Sharlene’s son? My God you’re all grown up now. You were yay big the last time I saw you. Gregory: What are you looking at? Lorna: My son. Gregory: Why is he going over toward my girlfriend? Gregory tosses his empty bottle of water in the garbage, and Lorna puts a glove on, retrieves the bottle, and puts it in her purse. Meanwhile, Devin Lucas approaches Charlie and Lindsay. Devin Lucas: Shopping? Charlie: Yeah. Devin Lucas: Hey aren’t you my niece? Charlie: Huh? Devin Lucas: Oh I’m sorry. I’m Devin Lucas Hutchins. Charlie: Hutchins? That’s my grandfather’s last name. Devin Lucas: Your grandfather is my father. He turns to Lindsay. Devin Lucas: And you are? Lindsay: I’m Lindsay. Devin Lucas: Good to meet you. Devin Lucas extends his right hand, and Lindsay extends her right hand through the handles of the shopping bag, and they shake. Devin Lucas: You must be shopping for my dad’s party tomorrow night. -------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Carl answers the door and sees Russ Matthews. Carl: Dr. Matthews. Come on in. Please. Russ: This place hasn’t changed at all. They walk into the living room. Carl: Ohh this place holds a lot of history. I’m going to miss it. Russ: I came to give you some painkillers. Carl: No...Dr. Matthews. I’m going to go out with grace and dignity. Rachel walks toward the living room doors, leans on the archway, and smiles as she sees Russ and Carl. Russ: Carl these will ease the pain. I know the tumor is growing quickly. Carl: Somehow I feel I...deserve it. Especially after all the pain I’ve caused everyone else over the years. Rachel: Don’t talk like that. You’ve atoned for all of that. Russ: Rachel’s right. Your party is tomorrow. Let’s focus on that. Rachel: I agree. Carl: I can’t help but to think how things could have been different for everyone if I weren’t so evil. Especially Cass and Frankie. ----------------------------------------------------- AT THE WINTHROPS Christy has just made an unexpected visit. Cass: What the hell are you doing here? How dare you show your face at my house? Christy: I know this is...this is unexpected. Cass: And unwelcome. Christy: But I’ve made a decision and I thought that Mary Frances would be the first person I told. Cass: Why don’t you go back to hell where you came from and send a letter? Frankie: Let her in. Please. Cass: Frankie--- Frankie: Let her in. What is it that you have to tell us Christy? Christy (walking in): Thank you so much Mary Frances. You’ve always been so good to me. Cass: Say what you have to say and get the hell out! Christy: I’m gonna do that Cass, all the way out of town. I’m leaving Bay City. CAMERA PAN ON CHRISTY...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG ----------------------------------- PART 2 Jake: How has she been? Stacey: She’s been depressed. Jake: Well that was to be expected right? Especially after what she found out. Stacey: Yeah but she hasn’t left the house in three days. She hasn’t even showered or put on regular clothes. Jake: Stacey you’re overreacting. She’s not gonna stay like that forever. Stacey: I hate seeing her like that Jake. That’s not her. That’s not the Lindsay I raised. That’s not the Lindsay that came to Bay City determined to find you. Jake: Sounds like she’s gonna need professional help. Stacey: It sounds like she needs her father. Jake she needs you. Jake: Of course I will do whatever to help our daughter get through this, but I can’t help with any depression, and honestly I think Lindsay’s gonna snap out of it on her own. She’s a very strong willed girl. Stacey: I hope so. I truly hope so. Jake: Come here. Jake hugs Stacey. Jake: We’re gonna get through this. Where’s Lindsay now? Stacey: She’s home. Jake: I’ll go see her...okay? Stacey nods her head. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Lorna: Lindsay Winthrop’s your girlfriend? Gregory: Yeah. Lorna: Well I’m sure when Devin Lucas finds out he’ll back off. Gregory: She looks very comfortable with him. Lorna: Is that a bad thing? Gregory: She’s been pushing me away. Meanwhile, Devin Lucas talks to Lindsay and Charlie. Charlie: Uncle Devin as a matter of fact we were. Lindsay: Yep, the shopping was soooo therapeutic. You know this girl, my cuz, it’s like she’s my sister. She knew exactly what I needed. Devin Lucas: Well, does she know that you need an escort, too? Lindsay notices Gregory out of the corner of her right eye and it gets her attention. Gregory: I hope my girl let’s me bring her to Carl’s party. Charlie: Hey Gregory. Gregory immediately turns to Devin Lucas. Gregory: I’m Gregory Hudson...and you are? Devin Lucas: Devin Lucas Hutchins. The two exchange a firm handshake. Lindsay: Gregory, we were shopping for the party at the Cory’s tomorrow. Gregory: You don’t have to explain. Looks like you’re feeling better. Lindsay: I...I just went shopping with Charlie--- Gregory: Hit me up later okay. ------------------------------------------------------------ Cass: You’re leaving town? That’s great, but why now? Christy: I had to make sure that my child was okay. Frankie: Eric seems like a strong guy. Christy: I missed a lot of time with my son because of Douglas, and I just wanted to stick around and make sure that he was going to be fine. I’m not certain that he’s gonna wanna come with me when I leave. Frankie: Well I’m glad you made this decision. I’m sure wherever you go you’ll be able to start fresh without anyone judging you. Christy: I wonder how that even feels. Here I’m the killer who got a governor’s pardon. Cass: That shoe fits you well. Christy: I completely understand why you feel the way you do Cass. Cass: Don’t patronize me. Frankie: Cass. Listen, Christy whatever you decide I’ll support you. Christy: Thank you Mary Frances that means so much to me.
  8. ANOTHER WORLD 209 Bridget and Cory have sex Consultants: ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby THE MONTGOMERYS Allen visits with Marley… Allen: Come on when’s my nephew gonna drop? Marley: My due date is in a week. Allen: Wow I can’t believe it’s so close. I thought you’d never have the baby. Marley: Very funny cuz. Thanks for keepin me company during this bed rest I’ve been on. Allen: We’re family right? Tyrone walks in. Marley: There’s my loving husband. Tyrone: Hey baby. Tyrone walks over and kisses Marley. Tyrone: Allen what are you doing here? Allen: I...came to talk to you. Tyrone: Me? Why? Allen: Cuz I want us to be brothers. -------------------------------------------------------------- AT THE MCKINNONS Vicky is curled up on the couch as she flashes back.. (EPISODE 207) Vicky: All I see is someone who is looking for an excuse to get out of this marriage. Jake: You think that’s it? You think this doesn’t hurt? Vicky: I can’t tell Jake. Maybe you’re just itching to leave me. Jake: You were the one who gave me an ultimatum. Vicky: Oh Jake so suddenly holier than thou. Con artist, blackmailer, sleazy newspaper reporter. Is that the life you want? Are you bored? Is that why you want out? Jake: Dammit Vicky! You just don’t get it! Vicky: Oh I get it. Oh do I ever...get it. You’ve given up on our marriage. How could you? Vicky walks out. Vicky flashes back to the present and a tear rolls down her cheek. Michele comes downstairs and Vicky wipes the tear, and quickly pulls herself together. Vicky: Hi honey. How are you? Michele: I’m good. Vicky: It’s a nice day out. Any plans? Michele: I’m gonna head over to the Love Mansion. Vicky: Oh? Gonna go visit your grandparents? I’m sure they’d be thrilled to see you. Michele: Yeah. I’m gonna see them...and Bridget. Mom I haven’t been completely honest with you. Vicky: About what honey? Michele: About everything...especially about Bridget. ----------------------------------------------- LOVE MANSION...Donna is sitting with Michael on the living room couch. Donna: You know I’ve been thinking a lot about the girls. Michael: You’re always thinking about the girls. Donna: Victoria and her marriage and...Marley’s due any day now. Michael: What about Bridget and Michele? Donna: Of course I worry about them the most. I wonder what we’re gonna do to get those two on solid ground again. Michael: We don’t do anything Donna. Donna: So you’re saying you want a repeat of what happened between Marley and Victoria? Michael: Of course I don’t want that, but I think you’re overreacting just a little. Donna: It’s better for me to overreact than to brush it aside and have something happen that could hurt one of them. Michael: Well you haven’t heard anything lately right? Bridget’s living here, and Michele’s living at home. Donna: But they shouldn’t be separated. They’re twins for God’s sake. Michael: Maybe things have died down between them. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even...kiss and make up. ------------------------------------------------------ LOVE MANSION In Bridget’s bedroom, Cory and Bridget are lying in the bed kissing. Bridget is taking breaths as if she’s losing herself in Cory’s kisses. Bridget: I love when you touch me. Cory: Is that it? Bridget: No. Cory starts rubbing her left thigh gently. Cory: You like that? Bridget: Yeah, I love it. Bridget moves Cory’s hand closer between her legs. Bridget: It’s time Cory. We’ve waited long enough. They kiss passionately and start to remove each other’s clothes. Cory: Wait a minute. Cory quickly goes to his book bag, grabs a condom, and opens the wrapper to slip it on. CAMERA PAN ON BRIDGET...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4N1NS3jytY --------------------------------------------------------- Tyrone: Why now? Did you have some type of epiphany or something? Allen: Guess you could say that. Marley: I think this is great. Tyrone: Forgive me if I’m a little skeptical after everything you’ve pulled since you came to Bay City. Allen: I just found my daughter man. Tyrone: K.C.? Yeah Marley told me. You must be…happy. Allen: I didn’t know anything about til the night my grandfather kidnapped her. Tyrone: Reginald Love. He’s the best isn’t he? Allen: I guess what I wanna say is...ever since I found out Nicole Love was my mother, family’s become very important to me. I’ve connected with my Aunt Donna, Vicky, Marley, but it’s one thing missing...my own brother. Tyrone: You wanna be brothers now? Allen: I guess that’s...that’s on you. I wanna bury the hatchet. Marley: This is really sweet. You’re gonna make me cry and I’m already hormonal. Tyrone nods his head in agreement. Tyrone: I think so, too. Roman’s gonna need his uncle Allen when he comes into the world. Besides, what kind of example am I gonna set for him if I got a grudge against my own brother. Marley: So this means you guys are going to make up. Tyrone: Yeah...it does. Tyrone and Allen hug. Marley: Now we gotta get Bridget and Michele to do what you guys are doing. -------------------------------------------- Vicky: What do you mean? Michele: Elizabeth Hutchins was here earlier and we were talking about Bridget. Vicky: And what did you come up with? Michele: I’ve been very angry with her. Vicky: And that’s understandable with all the stunts she pulled. Michele: When I got back to Bay City, I wanted Bridget to pay for everything she had done. Vicky: Did you...want to hurt your sister? Michele: I never wanted to hurt her. Vicky: Of course you didn’t. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell everyone. Michele: Aunt Marley and Grandma Donna have been pleading with me to stop being so angry. They think I’m gonna do to Bridget what… Vicky (taking a deep breath): Marley did to me. Michele: And I’ve been thinking a lot about it and...it’s time for me to go tell Bridget that I forgive her, and for us to be sisters again. Vicky: Honey, that is the best news I’ve heard all day. So proud of you. Vicky hugs Michele. --------------------------------------------------- Cory and Bridget plop themselves next to each other lying on the bed as they look up at the ceiling. Bridget: Wow that was...that was. Cory: The bomb? Bridget: People still say that? Cory: You’ve been doing some reading haven’t you? Bridget: Reading what? Cory: About sex. Bridget: Mmmmm maybe I have. Cory: The way you did things, it didn’t seem like it was your first time. Bridget: But it was, and it was...everything I hoped it would be. Bridget leans on Cory and starts to kiss him again. Cory takes off the used condom and tosses it in the wastebasket next to the bed. Cory: Gonna need another one. Bridget: I’m...kinda sore. Cory: We can stop if you want. Bridget: There are...other things I’ve been reading about. Bridget crawls under the covers… ------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile, downstairs in the living room… Donna: I sure hope so. The last thing is to relive what happened between Marley and Victoria all those years ago. Michael: It’s not gonna happen Donna. I wish you’d stop thinking like that. Donna: I can’t help it. You weren’t there. Michael: Thank your father for that. Donna: Marley was so angry. The sweet Marley we all knew was a different person. When I fell and hit my head, I couldn’t even say anything. I had to watch as she plotted against Victoria, and she locked her in the basement of this house. I’ll be damned if I let that happen with Michele and Bridget. Michael: I’m not taking anything away from Marley and Vicky, but you gotta have faith in the girls. The girls are fighting, but they’ll resolve their differences. I mean, didn’t Marley and Vicky do that? Look how close they’ve gotten. Donna: You don’t understand. I don’t want our granddaughters to have to go through that to get close again. Michael: Well Donna there’s not much we can do about it. Donna: So you think we should just stand by and watch those two kill each other? Michael: That’s not what’s happening, and it’s not going to happen. Donna: You don’t know that now do you? Michael: I have faith in Michele and Bridget. They will work things out Donna...you’ll see. FREEZE FRAME ON MICHAEL...SLOW FADE OUT...END OF EPISODE 209 ----------------------------------------------------------------
  9. ANOTHER WORLD 208 Carl, Lorna and Devin Lucas share a tender moment ...and others reconnect Consultants: aMLCproduction and beebs PART 1 CORY PRODUCTIONS Matt is in his office when Maggie knocks on the door. Matt doesn’t look up and he’s looking over some papers. Matt: Come in. Maggie: Take a break from work why don’t you? Matt: What? Maggie. Heeeey. Matt gets up and they embrace. Maggie: It’s Dr. Maggie Winthrop to you. Matt: Are you serious? Wow congratulations! When did this all happen? Maggie: After I broke up with Rafael. I decided to go to school and become a doctor. Matt: And what’s up with the Winthrop. You dropped the Cory name? Maggie: My mom came to town and finally told Cass the truth. Matt: I guess now you’re Cass’s daughter. I wonder whose daughter you’ll be next week. Maggie: Ha ha ha funny. Not out of the realm of possibility where Cecile’s concerned. She produced a DNA test this time. I’m definitely Cass’s biological daughter. Matt: Man I can’t believe you’re a doctor now. You were always one determined gal. Maggie: Oh are you talking about when I was scheming. Matt: Yeaaah Maggie you had it bad for Nick Hudson though. You pulled every trick in the book to get him. Maggie: Well I’m not that girl anymore. I got a job at the hospital. Matt: Ohh so you’ll be on staff at Bay City General. Maggie: Yep. Matt: Man you’ve been real busy. I’m proud of you. You’ve done well for yourself. Maggie: That means a lot coming from you. I had one video chat interview with Dr. John Hudson and he hired me. Matt: Dr. Maggie Winthrop. I’m liking the sound of that. Maggie smiles at Matt’s words of encouragement. -------------------------------------------------------------- AT THE HUDSONS Sharlene adjusts John’s tie as he’s about to leave. Sharlene: Don’t tell me that the cool, calm and collected Dr. John Hudson is nervous about his interview today. John: Me? Nervous? Naaaah. Sharlene: It’s understandable. This is big. They’re interviewing you for the Chief of Staff position. John: Alright I’m a little nervous...just a little. I mean I’m acting Chief of Staff already. I should have a leg up on the competition right? Sharlene: Right. ----------------------------------------------------------- BAY CITY CENTER Iris walks out of the coffee shop and a man bumps into her, and causes her to drop her cup of coffee and her purse. Iris (bending down to pick up her purse): Oh no! I really wanted that latte. Watch where the hell you’re going! Man: Alright the next latte’s on me. Iris is surprised by who she sees. Iris: Russ Matthews? What are you doing here? Russ: I...had an interview at the hospital. Iris: Interview? Sounds like you’re trying to come back to Bay City for a while. Russ: It’s not just that. I’m...consulting on a patient, too. Iris: Hmm who is this....mystery patient? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Mitch and Felicia are in the foyer. Mitch: Lorna did say she had a surprise for ya. Felicia: Did she ever? I never ever knew, or had any reason to think that she and Carl had a son..my grandson. All grown up. In the living room. Mitch: I see all those grandparenty instincts kicking in. Like I told you at Tops. Felicia: Words can’t describe how I feel right now. I thought I’d never be so ecstatic to find out that I’m a grandmother. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carl, Lorna, and Devin Lucas are alone in the living room. Devin Lucas: Felicia’s everything you said she is. Lorna: One of the best people I’ve ever known. Carl: Fiercely loyal to those she loves. You’ll be lucky to have your grandmother here. Devin Lucas: She said I looked...like ‘him’. Was she talking about my grandfather Lucas? Lorna: Yes. She loved him with all of her heart. Carl: Just like we...love you, son. Devin Lucas: Why now though? Why is this the only time I’m gonna get to spend with my dad? Carl: It took me that long to pay off Lucas’s creditors. Lorna: We had to protect you honey. They would have come after you. Carl called me and told me that it was safe for you to come to Bay City. Devin Lucas: All those years of boarding schools. The only way I could communicate with my dad was by letters, emails, and then texts. Lorna: I’m sorry that it had to be that way, but we had to protect you. Devin Lucas: I get it. Lorna: I love you more than anything else in this world honey. I was such a hardened, tough girl, but you made me melt. You made me become a mother. Carl: We both love you….so much. CAMERA PAN ON CARL...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG. -------------------------------------------------------- PART 2 Russ and Iris are walking out of the coffee shop slowly. Iris: I’m surprised to see you back here. Russ: Bay City’s always been my home. I’m looking forward to being back. Iris: I’ve been trying to get Sarah to come here, but she’s loving Paris too much. Russ: I coulda told ya that. Our granddaughter isn’t coming to the states any time soon. Iris: D.J.’s birthday is coming soon. Russ: What are you planning on sending him? I’m sure you’re gonna send him a lavish gift with your new found Spaulding money. Iris: You act like I’m gonna buy him a Porsche or something. Russ smirks. Iris: Don’t look at me like that. I want our grandson to learn responsibility and the value of hard work. Russ: Olivia says he’s not ready for a car yet. Iris: So tell me about your interview. Russ: I think it went pretty well. Hopefully they’ll pick me. Iris: I’m sure they’ll have a place on staff for you there. I used to be on the board. Do you want me to make some calls? Russ: No no no Iris I don’t need your help. If I meant to be the Chief of Staff, then that’s what I’ll be. Iris: Chief of Staff? Aim for the stars. You do know that Sharlene’s husband is the acting Chief of Staff. Russ: I know...John Hudson. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- John walks into his office and Sharlene is there and he doesn’t close the door all the way. Sharlene: How’d it go? John: As well as can be expected. They’re gonna make a decision in the next couple of days. Sharlene: I really hope you get it. John: They take the interim tag off and make me permanent Chief of Staff. Sharlene hugs John and kisses him.John: Means so much to me to have your support. Sharlene: I wouldn’t care what you did for a living. John: Legally of course. Sharlene: After everything we’ve been through, I realize more than ever how much I love you, and appreciate you. They hug each other tightly. John: Ahhh Sharlene. I don’t wanna ever lose you again. Meanwhile, Brianna Jameson walks slowly toward the door, and peeks at John and Sharlene. John: Well if they don’t select me, I will have still made a key addition to the staff. Sharlene: Oh? John: Maggie Winthrop. ------------------------------------------------ Matt: I mean it. It seems you’ve...gotten more mature. You’ve become a doctor for God’s sake. Maggie: I’ll admit I had some growing up to do. I was so hung up on Nick I couldn’t see straight. Then I just left town with Rafael. Matt: It was a long time ago. Maggie: But I learned from it. Being with Rafael taught me a lot. He didn’t do anything wrong. It was a wild, thrilling ride with him, but we just went our separate ways. We left Bay City together, but we didn’t grow together, you know? I wanted to go to medical school and...he wanted to do...what he wanted to do. Matt: I can only imagine what that was. He worked for Carl before so whatever it was he was doing couldn’t have been savory. Maggie: I insisted he never tell me. Matt: Well I’m not judging you because Blair Baker, Jackie Warren, whatever her name was, she certainly wasn’t on the up and up, and I was head over heels for her...and Lila. Maggie: Well at least a blessing came out from you and Lila. Matt: Jasmine’s the apple of my eye. You should see her. She’s all grown up, and it happened so fast. Maggie: We both had to put our big girl and big boy pants on right? Time for us to become adults. Matt: You’re exactly right. I take it you’re gonna go see my mom. Maggie: Of course. I still know the way to the Corys. ----------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Mitch: I bet you wanna buy him anything he wants now don’t you? You wanna spoil him just like I spoil my granddaughter. Felicia: Oh you admit it that you spoil Jasmine. Rachel walks downstairs. Rachel: Of course we do Felicia. Why are the living room doors closed? Mitch: Carl and Lorna in there. Felicia: And Devin Lucas. Rachel: Carl’s son? He’s here? ------------------------------------------------------------------ Devin Lucas: I hate this. You don’t have much time left dad. Carl: I had to make things right for you. I can’t leave this earth knowing that you’re not safe. Lorna: But you are now. We all are. Devin Lucas: Did you tell Cory and Elizabeth? Carl: All of the children know. Lorna: You’re having a party in a couple of days. Carl: Announcing it to everyone else. Devin Lucas: I wish there was...something I could do to give us more time together. Carl: Son, just be strong. You’ll have plenty of support. Lorna: You’ll have your brother and sisters; Mitch, your grandmother, and me. The three hug each other…as Felicia, Mitch and Rachel quietly watch. FREEZE FRAME ON FELICIA, MITCH, AND RACHEL…SLOW FADE OUT….END OF EPISODE 208
  10. ANOTHER WORLD 207 Vicky confronts Jake ...and Felicia meets her grandson consultants: aMLCproduction and beebs AT THE MCKINNONS... Someone rings the doorbell, and Michele opens the door… Michele: Oh...Elizabeth? What are you doing here? Elizabeth walks in. Elizabeth: I’m glad you’re here. Michele: When did you get back to Bay City? Elizabeth: I can’t tell you why I’m back yet… Michele: So why did you come here? Elizabeth: To talk about your sister and my brother and their joke of a relationship. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- BAY CITY CENTER Cory and Bridget are walking slowly hand in hand. Bridget: Hey stop let’s take a selfie. Bridget holds her smartphone up, snaps their picture, and they continue walking. Bridget: That movie was scary. Cory: How would you know? You kept covering your eyes every five seconds so you couldn’t have seen anything. Bridget: I was watching it through the openings between my fingers. Cory: Yeah whatever. You wanna smoothie? Bridget: Yeah. Cory: Be right back. They kiss and as Cory leaves, Bridget pulls up her FacePage account, posts the selfie, and writes a message, and she goes to a part where it says “post to all except Cory Hutchins.” She clicks his name so he cannot see the post. She notices Cory coming with their smoothies and quickly puts her phone away. Cory: Strawberry for my girl. Bridget: Thank you. Bridget smiles about her FacePage post. Cory: Whatchu smilin about? Bridget: It’s you. You make me smile. I just wish my mom and dad could be as happy as I am right now. ---------------------------------------------- P.I. FIRM Jake is about to leave but when he opens the door, it’s Vicky who slams the envelope into his chest. Jake grabs it to keep it from dropping. Vicky: Is this what you really want Jake? A divorce? That’s what punks do. Run! They both enter the office again. Jake: Is that what we’re doing now? Name calling? Vicky: You’re giving up. You’re running away. Jake: Do I have to run down the reasons why I sent you these papers Vicky? Vicky: Try it. Jake: Let’s start with the way you treated Bridget after we thought we lost Michele. You disowned her in front of everyone. Our own daughter. -------------------------------------------------------- Cory: I’m sorry that your parents are going through that. Bridget: It hurts you know. I can’t help but thinking this really might be the end for them. So much has happened. Cory looks away for a second, thinking about Carl, then back at Bridget. Cory: Yeah we grow up thinking that our parents are gonna be together forever. Then we learn...that’s just not the case. ----------------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Devin Lucas confronts Carl. Carl: Son, some things are better left unsaid. Devin Lucas: No it’s not dad, because you have a brain tumor. You’re not gonna be here much longer, and before you go, you’re gonna tell me what happened between you and mom. Carl: You wanna know the truth son? You really wanna know about me and Lorna? I’ll tell you, but I need to know if you’re prepared to hear it. Devin Lucas: Well there’s no time like the present huh dad? Carl: You might know most of this already. I wonder what your mother told you. Devin Lucas: This about mom. This is about you telling me the truth. Carl: I made her pose nude, then I used the pictures I took to blackmail her when I needed something done. Devin Lucas: How old was she? Carl: That doesn’t matter… Devin Lucas: How old was she? Carl: She wasn’t even twenty yet. Devin Lucas is shaking his head in disbelief and trying to hold back disgust. Devin Lucas: How could you do that? Carl: You don’t get to ask me any more questions! If you want to know the truth, you shut up...and hear it all. Devin Lucas: May I ask you one more question? Carl: What is it son? Devin Lucas: How did I come about? Felicia, Mitch and Lorna come in. Devin Lucas: Did you rape her? CAMERA PAN ON FELICIA, MITCH and LORNA...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQBoNZj3HU4 ----------------------------------------------------------- PART 2 Michele: Well if their relationship is supposed to be funny, I’m totally not laughing. Elizabeth: You can’t possibly approve of them being together. Michele: Well...things have changed somewhat. Elizabeth: Cory told me what you told him...that you were cool with him dating your sister. Michele: And I meant it. Elizabeth: My God the accident must have messed up your mind. Bridget is a total bitch and my brother deserves better. Michele: You and I both know that, but he doesn’t see it. Elizabeth: Well then we’ve gotta do something to break them up. Michele: You know, when I came back I wanted revenge on Bridget for everything she had done to me in the past, but maybe that’s...that’s not the way to go. Elizabeth: What do you mean? Michele: Everyone is telling me to forgive her. They don’t want a repeat of what happened between my mom and Aunt Marley years ago. Elizabeth: I heard about that. Michele: Maybe they’re right. Maybe it’s time I...let it all go and forgive Bridget. --------------------------------------------- LOVE MANSION Cory and Bridget walk in. Cory: It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I’m sure you weren’t too sad when your mom told you to come live here. Bridget: I gotta be honest, you’re so right. You can have a whole wing to yourself here. I barely even see my grandparents. Cory: Doesn’t sound like anyone’s here. Bridget: Hmmm what are you suggesting? Cory: This. Cory and Bridget kiss passionately. Bridget: Umm I don’t wanna continue this here. Cory: I agree. They proceed upstairs. ------------------------------------------------ Jake: Vicky you need to face the truth. Ever since Michele’s accident we haven’t been the same since. Vicky: We got past that. Jake: Then you knew about Lindsay being my daughter and you didn’t tell me. Vicky: I was trying to protect our family! Jake: But you didn’t did you? I don’t trust you Vicky. Ever since you kept the truth about Lindsay from me, I have a hard time trusting you. Vicky: After everything we’ve been through together, you all of a sudden don’t trust me? That’s so ridiculous. Jake: Is it? It’s like you went back to the old Vicky, or maybe you never changed at all. Vicky: I did change! I have four children. Jake: I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore. Vicky: All I see is someone who is looking for an excuse to get out of this marriage. Jake: You think that’s it? You think this doesn’t hurt? Vicky: I can’t tell Jake. Maybe you’re just itching to leave me. Jake: You were the one who gave me an ultimatum. Vicky: Oh Jake so suddenly holier than thou. Con artist, blackmailer, sleazy newspaper reporter. Is that the life you want? Are you bored? Is that why you want out? Jake: Dammit Vicky! You just don’t get it! Vicky: Oh I get it. Oh do I ever...get it. You’ve given up on our marriage. How could you? Vicky walks out. ------------------------------------------------ CORY MANSION Felicia, Lorna and Mitch have just walked in on a conversation between Carl and Devin Lucas. Carl: What? Devin Lucas: It’s a closed ended question. Did you rape my mother? Lorna walks over to Devin Lucas and gently places her left hand on his left shoulder. Lorna: No baby. Carl never forced himself on me. Devin Lucas: Did he force you to keep me in boarding schools? All the bodyguards; people keeping tabs on me. Felicia: Okay I’m completely confused. What the hell is going on here? Mitch: I think Devin Lucas is the surprise that Lorna was talking about. Lorna turns to Felicia. Lorna: Mom, this is my son, your grandson. Felicia walks slowly over to Devin Lucas. Mitch: Wow. Felicia: Lorna you never said a word about this all these years. Lorna: Long story mom. Devin Lucas: So you’re Felicia. Mom raves about you. Felicia: Wow. I’m an instant grandmother. Devin Lucas. Named after...your grandfather Lucas. Felicia touches Devin Lucas’s right cheek as her eyes well up. Felicia: You...you look so much like him. Devin Lucas: And don’t forget my first name….which is mom’s last name. I just spell it differently than she does. Lorna: I spelled it differently. Carl: We can do the introductions later, but I think Devin Lucas, Lorna and I should have time alone. Felicia: I just met my grandson. Lorna turns to Felicia. Lorna: Mother, please...can you and Mitch leave us alone for a minute. She turns back to Devin Lucas and Carl. Lorna: This talk is long overdue. FREEZE FRAME ON LORNA...SLOW FADE OUT...END OF EPISODE 207
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