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Found 2 results

  1. ANOTHER WORLD 213 Carl gets some mysterious information from Lorna Written By: C. Nathaniel Richardson Consultants: ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby HOSPITAL John Hudson is in his office and Brianna Jameson walks in. Brianna: Hi Dr. Hudson? John: Yeah come on in. Brianna: HR sent me. John: Right. I like to meet all the candidates, well, as many as I can. Brianna: Right. John: So I went over your resume, and you did your clinicals at Mass. General? Brianna: Yes. It was a great experience. I learned a great deal. John: So what brings you from Boston to Bay City? Brianna: Boston is a such a big city. I’m a small town kinda gal you know? John: Bay City General though? Brianna: Yeah I...heard a lot about this hospital. Never a dull moment. I think you were treated here for malaria. John: By a guy who shouldn’t have been practicing. Brianna: Yeah I uh...heard about Fax Newman, too. John: I see you’ve done your research. Brianna: Yes sir I did. John: And since you’ve done your homework, you know that we never have enough good nurses. Brianna: Very hard to come by in this field. John: You’re exactly right. There’s been some turnover here and we need somebody who’s gonna stick around. Brianna: Hopefully Bay City will be a place that I’d like to stay in. A good job could factor into that. John: A job I hope that you can start today. Brianna: Today? Does this mean I….? John: That’s if you want it. Brianna: I’ll take it! Thank you. I will make my presence felt here. I promise you that. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUTSIDE OF JOHN’S OFFICE...Brianna makes a phone call… Brianna: Mama. It’s me. Yeah I got the job. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CORY PRODUCTIONS Amanda and Rachel walk into Matt’s office. Matt is sitting at his desk. Matt: Hey mom. Rachel: Hi honey. Matt: Amanda how was the board meeting? Amanda walks slowly Matt’s desk and puts papers on it. Amanda: It was...interesting to say the least. Matt: What is this? Amanda: The contract. Matt: For the merger? Amanda: Yes. Matt: Are sure you can trust Iris? Rachel: I sure wouldn’t. Amanda: That’s why this contract was drawn up. She has to agree to be the co-CEO of the new company. Rachel: You’d be having to watch your back so she doesn’t stab you in it. Amanda: She said she’d think about it, but my offer has an expiration date. Rachel: You’ve done well Amanda. Amanda: She needs the connections that we have to grow her brand. Matt: What are you gonna do when Iris tries to betray you? Rachel: Carl and I have come up with a plan. Iris won’t betray you. Matt: What about Paulina and Sandy? Amanda: My sister and my other brother are okay with it. I’ve gotten their written agreements. I need yours now. Matt: Well you know you’re also going to need the board to sign off on it, too. Amanda: That’s the problem. One of the board members retired effective immediately. Matt: So we can’t execute the deal until we have all seven board members’ signatures. Amanda: First we gotta find another board member. Matt gets up and and blinks his eyes. Amanda: Matt what’s wrong? Matt: Nothing I just feel a little...hungry. Matt tries to walk and stumbles. Rachel: Something’s wrong with you. We need to get you to the hospital. Matt: Mom. Amanda: Mom’s right. You need to get checked out. ------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Carl opens the front door and Lorna walks in with an envelope. Lorna: I got it. Lorna gives him the envelope and Carl reads its contents. Carl: This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you. Lorna: Are you...ready for your party? Carl: As ready as I’ll ever be. How’s Devin Lucas adjusting? Lorna: I don’t think he’s having any problems whatsoever getting acclimated to Bay City. ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- SUITE Devin Lucas opens the door and Iris walks in. Devin Lucas: Sorry I haven’t been in touch with you. I went to see my dad. Iris: Really? About? Devin Lucas: Just...just some family stuff. Iris: I’m really really sorry about Carl. Devin Lucas: Is that right? I thought you’d be jumping for joy being that you tried to shoot him at his wedding. Iris: I’ve done my time for that. It was a learning experience. Devin Lucas: And exactly what did you take from it? How to be a better shot? Iris: I saw the pain on Rachel’s face when I heard her say he had a brain tumor, and she’s already had so much loss in her life, as have I...so yes I’m sorry that your father’s dying. My father died, too. Devin Lucas: It’s tough, but I didn’t call you over here to give your fake condolences for Carl. Iris: Well excuse me for being concerned. Devin Lucas: What did you decide about Amanda’s merger proposal? CAMERA PAN ON IRIS...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG PART 2 HOSPITAL EXAM ROOM Amanda waits with Matt. Matt: Come on Amanda I’m not three you and mom don’t have to wait here with me. Amanda: Will you let me be concerned about you? I am your sister. Matt: I’m fine okay. I don’t even know why I agreed to come here. Amanda: Because mom and I weren’t gonna give up until you did. A nurse walks in with a chart. Nurse: This is...Matthew Cory? Matt: Yep. Nurse: Is this your… Matt: Sister. Nurse: Well sister… Amanda: Name’s Amanda. Nurse: Amanda I’ll need you to wait outside. I need to examine your brother. Amanda: I’ll be right out here. Amanda leaves the room as the nurse retrieves a blood pressure strap. Matt: Before you poke and prod me, can I get your name? Brianna: Oh sorry. Brianna. ----------------------------------------- OUTSIDE THE ROOM Amanda talks to Rachel. Rachel: How’s Matthew? Amanda: Stubborn as always. Anything on Iris yet? ------------------------------------------- Iris: I haven’t decided yet. Devin Lucas: Well you need to make some type of decision because I’m sure Amanda’s offer’s not gonna stay on the table. Iris: If I accept this offer, KBAY could become a powerful company. Devin Lucas: But you and I were supposed to take over the company and make it powerful. Iris: You have to trust me on this. I have a place for you in the company. Devin Lucas: Doesn’t it make you wonder why Amanda proposed a merger to you? Out of the blue? Iris: I’m considering everything here. Devin Lucas: Sounds like you’re double crossing me. Iris: No. No that’s not it at all. You have to trust me on this. I know exactly what I intend to do. Devin Lucas: Which is? Iris: You’ll have to wait and see won’t you? Iris leaves and Devin Lucas makes a phone call. Devin Lucas: Hi it’s me. The person on the other end is Carl. Carl: So what happened? ------------ Devin Lucas: She did exactly as you said she would. ----------- Carl: You can’t trust her, especially when it comes to Cory Productions. Don’t worry son, I’ll see to it that Iris will be neutralized. ------------ Devin Lucas: Are you at home? ------------ Carl: Yes...with your mother. ------------------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Carl hangs up and walks back into the living room where Lorna awaits. Lorna: What do you plan on doing with what I gave you? Carl: Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Lorna: So you’re not gonna let me in on this plan? Carl: Not completely, but I will tell you that what’s in this envelope has been twenty years in the making. It’s time I finally stick it to Grant Harrison. FREEZE FRAME ON CARL...SLOW FADE OUT...END OF EPISODE 213 ------------------------------------
  2. ANOTHER WORLD 208 Carl, Lorna and Devin Lucas share a tender moment ...and others reconnect Consultants: aMLCproduction and beebs PART 1 CORY PRODUCTIONS Matt is in his office when Maggie knocks on the door. Matt doesn’t look up and he’s looking over some papers. Matt: Come in. Maggie: Take a break from work why don’t you? Matt: What? Maggie. Heeeey. Matt gets up and they embrace. Maggie: It’s Dr. Maggie Winthrop to you. Matt: Are you serious? Wow congratulations! When did this all happen? Maggie: After I broke up with Rafael. I decided to go to school and become a doctor. Matt: And what’s up with the Winthrop. You dropped the Cory name? Maggie: My mom came to town and finally told Cass the truth. Matt: I guess now you’re Cass’s daughter. I wonder whose daughter you’ll be next week. Maggie: Ha ha ha funny. Not out of the realm of possibility where Cecile’s concerned. She produced a DNA test this time. I’m definitely Cass’s biological daughter. Matt: Man I can’t believe you’re a doctor now. You were always one determined gal. Maggie: Oh are you talking about when I was scheming. Matt: Yeaaah Maggie you had it bad for Nick Hudson though. You pulled every trick in the book to get him. Maggie: Well I’m not that girl anymore. I got a job at the hospital. Matt: Ohh so you’ll be on staff at Bay City General. Maggie: Yep. Matt: Man you’ve been real busy. I’m proud of you. You’ve done well for yourself. Maggie: That means a lot coming from you. I had one video chat interview with Dr. John Hudson and he hired me. Matt: Dr. Maggie Winthrop. I’m liking the sound of that. Maggie smiles at Matt’s words of encouragement. -------------------------------------------------------------- AT THE HUDSONS Sharlene adjusts John’s tie as he’s about to leave. Sharlene: Don’t tell me that the cool, calm and collected Dr. John Hudson is nervous about his interview today. John: Me? Nervous? Naaaah. Sharlene: It’s understandable. This is big. They’re interviewing you for the Chief of Staff position. John: Alright I’m a little nervous...just a little. I mean I’m acting Chief of Staff already. I should have a leg up on the competition right? Sharlene: Right. ----------------------------------------------------------- BAY CITY CENTER Iris walks out of the coffee shop and a man bumps into her, and causes her to drop her cup of coffee and her purse. Iris (bending down to pick up her purse): Oh no! I really wanted that latte. Watch where the hell you’re going! Man: Alright the next latte’s on me. Iris is surprised by who she sees. Iris: Russ Matthews? What are you doing here? Russ: I...had an interview at the hospital. Iris: Interview? Sounds like you’re trying to come back to Bay City for a while. Russ: It’s not just that. I’m...consulting on a patient, too. Iris: Hmm who is this....mystery patient? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Mitch and Felicia are in the foyer. Mitch: Lorna did say she had a surprise for ya. Felicia: Did she ever? I never ever knew, or had any reason to think that she and Carl had a son..my grandson. All grown up. In the living room. Mitch: I see all those grandparenty instincts kicking in. Like I told you at Tops. Felicia: Words can’t describe how I feel right now. I thought I’d never be so ecstatic to find out that I’m a grandmother. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carl, Lorna, and Devin Lucas are alone in the living room. Devin Lucas: Felicia’s everything you said she is. Lorna: One of the best people I’ve ever known. Carl: Fiercely loyal to those she loves. You’ll be lucky to have your grandmother here. Devin Lucas: She said I looked...like ‘him’. Was she talking about my grandfather Lucas? Lorna: Yes. She loved him with all of her heart. Carl: Just like we...love you, son. Devin Lucas: Why now though? Why is this the only time I’m gonna get to spend with my dad? Carl: It took me that long to pay off Lucas’s creditors. Lorna: We had to protect you honey. They would have come after you. Carl called me and told me that it was safe for you to come to Bay City. Devin Lucas: All those years of boarding schools. The only way I could communicate with my dad was by letters, emails, and then texts. Lorna: I’m sorry that it had to be that way, but we had to protect you. Devin Lucas: I get it. Lorna: I love you more than anything else in this world honey. I was such a hardened, tough girl, but you made me melt. You made me become a mother. Carl: We both love you….so much. CAMERA PAN ON CARL...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG. -------------------------------------------------------- PART 2 Russ and Iris are walking out of the coffee shop slowly. Iris: I’m surprised to see you back here. Russ: Bay City’s always been my home. I’m looking forward to being back. Iris: I’ve been trying to get Sarah to come here, but she’s loving Paris too much. Russ: I coulda told ya that. Our granddaughter isn’t coming to the states any time soon. Iris: D.J.’s birthday is coming soon. Russ: What are you planning on sending him? I’m sure you’re gonna send him a lavish gift with your new found Spaulding money. Iris: You act like I’m gonna buy him a Porsche or something. Russ smirks. Iris: Don’t look at me like that. I want our grandson to learn responsibility and the value of hard work. Russ: Olivia says he’s not ready for a car yet. Iris: So tell me about your interview. Russ: I think it went pretty well. Hopefully they’ll pick me. Iris: I’m sure they’ll have a place on staff for you there. I used to be on the board. Do you want me to make some calls? Russ: No no no Iris I don’t need your help. If I meant to be the Chief of Staff, then that’s what I’ll be. Iris: Chief of Staff? Aim for the stars. You do know that Sharlene’s husband is the acting Chief of Staff. Russ: I know...John Hudson. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- John walks into his office and Sharlene is there and he doesn’t close the door all the way. Sharlene: How’d it go? John: As well as can be expected. They’re gonna make a decision in the next couple of days. Sharlene: I really hope you get it. John: They take the interim tag off and make me permanent Chief of Staff. Sharlene hugs John and kisses him.John: Means so much to me to have your support. Sharlene: I wouldn’t care what you did for a living. John: Legally of course. Sharlene: After everything we’ve been through, I realize more than ever how much I love you, and appreciate you. They hug each other tightly. John: Ahhh Sharlene. I don’t wanna ever lose you again. Meanwhile, Brianna Jameson walks slowly toward the door, and peeks at John and Sharlene. John: Well if they don’t select me, I will have still made a key addition to the staff. Sharlene: Oh? John: Maggie Winthrop. ------------------------------------------------ Matt: I mean it. It seems you’ve...gotten more mature. You’ve become a doctor for God’s sake. Maggie: I’ll admit I had some growing up to do. I was so hung up on Nick I couldn’t see straight. Then I just left town with Rafael. Matt: It was a long time ago. Maggie: But I learned from it. Being with Rafael taught me a lot. He didn’t do anything wrong. It was a wild, thrilling ride with him, but we just went our separate ways. We left Bay City together, but we didn’t grow together, you know? I wanted to go to medical school and...he wanted to do...what he wanted to do. Matt: I can only imagine what that was. He worked for Carl before so whatever it was he was doing couldn’t have been savory. Maggie: I insisted he never tell me. Matt: Well I’m not judging you because Blair Baker, Jackie Warren, whatever her name was, she certainly wasn’t on the up and up, and I was head over heels for her...and Lila. Maggie: Well at least a blessing came out from you and Lila. Matt: Jasmine’s the apple of my eye. You should see her. She’s all grown up, and it happened so fast. Maggie: We both had to put our big girl and big boy pants on right? Time for us to become adults. Matt: You’re exactly right. I take it you’re gonna go see my mom. Maggie: Of course. I still know the way to the Corys. ----------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Mitch: I bet you wanna buy him anything he wants now don’t you? You wanna spoil him just like I spoil my granddaughter. Felicia: Oh you admit it that you spoil Jasmine. Rachel walks downstairs. Rachel: Of course we do Felicia. Why are the living room doors closed? Mitch: Carl and Lorna in there. Felicia: And Devin Lucas. Rachel: Carl’s son? He’s here? ------------------------------------------------------------------ Devin Lucas: I hate this. You don’t have much time left dad. Carl: I had to make things right for you. I can’t leave this earth knowing that you’re not safe. Lorna: But you are now. We all are. Devin Lucas: Did you tell Cory and Elizabeth? Carl: All of the children know. Lorna: You’re having a party in a couple of days. Carl: Announcing it to everyone else. Devin Lucas: I wish there was...something I could do to give us more time together. Carl: Son, just be strong. You’ll have plenty of support. Lorna: You’ll have your brother and sisters; Mitch, your grandmother, and me. The three hug each other…as Felicia, Mitch and Rachel quietly watch. FREEZE FRAME ON FELICIA, MITCH, AND RACHEL…SLOW FADE OUT….END OF EPISODE 208
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