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ANOTHER WORLD 207 Vicky confronts Jake




Vicky confronts Jake

...and Felicia meets her grandson

consultants:  aMLCproduction and beebs


Someone rings the doorbell, and Michele opens the door…

Michele:  Oh...Elizabeth?  What are you doing here?

Elizabeth walks in.

Elizabeth:  I’m glad you’re here.

Michele:  When did you get back to Bay City?

Elizabeth:  I can’t tell you why I’m back yet…

Michele:  So why did you come here?

Elizabeth:  To talk about your sister and my brother and their joke of a relationship.



Cory and Bridget are walking slowly hand in hand.

Bridget:  Hey stop let’s take a selfie.

Bridget holds her smartphone up, snaps their picture, and they continue walking.

Bridget:  That movie was scary.

Cory:  How would you know?  You kept covering your eyes every five seconds so you couldn’t have seen anything.

Bridget:  I was watching it through the openings between my fingers.

Cory:  Yeah whatever.  You wanna smoothie?

Bridget:  Yeah.

Cory:  Be right back.

They kiss and as Cory leaves, Bridget pulls up her FacePage account, posts the selfie, and writes a message, and she goes to a part where it says “post to all except Cory Hutchins.”  She clicks his name so he cannot see the post.  She notices Cory coming with their smoothies and quickly puts her phone away.

Cory:  Strawberry for my girl.

Bridget:  Thank you.

Bridget smiles about her FacePage post.

Cory:  Whatchu smilin about?

Bridget:  It’s you.  You make me smile.  I just wish my mom and dad could be as happy as I am right now.



Jake is about to leave but when he opens the door, it’s Vicky who slams the envelope into his chest.  Jake grabs it to keep it from dropping.

Vicky:  Is this what you really want Jake?  A divorce?  That’s what punks do.  Run!

They both enter the office again.

Jake:  Is that what we’re doing now?  Name calling?

Vicky:  You’re giving up.  You’re running away.

Jake:  Do I have to run down the reasons why I sent you these papers Vicky?

Vicky:  Try it.

Jake:  Let’s start with the way you treated Bridget after we thought we lost Michele.  You disowned her in front of everyone.  Our own daughter.


Cory:  I’m sorry that your parents are going through that.

Bridget:  It hurts you know.  I can’t help but thinking this really might be the end for them.  So much has happened.

Cory looks away for a second, thinking about Carl, then back at Bridget.

Cory:  Yeah we grow up thinking that our parents are gonna be together forever.  Then we learn...that’s just not the case.



Devin Lucas confronts Carl.

Carl:  Son, some things are better left unsaid.

Devin Lucas:  No it’s not dad, because you have a brain tumor.  You’re not gonna be here much longer, and before you go, you’re gonna tell me what happened between you and mom.

Carl:  You wanna know the truth son?  You really wanna know about me and Lorna?  I’ll tell you, but I need to know if you’re prepared to hear it.

Devin Lucas:  Well there’s no time like the present huh dad?

Carl:  You might know most of this already.  I wonder what your mother told you.

Devin Lucas:  This about mom.  This is about you telling me the truth.  

Carl:  I made her pose nude, then I used the pictures I took to blackmail her when I needed something done.

Devin Lucas:  How old was she?

Carl:  That doesn’t matter…

Devin Lucas:  How old was she?

Carl:  She wasn’t even twenty yet.

Devin Lucas is shaking his head in disbelief and trying to hold back disgust.

Devin Lucas:  How could you do that?

Carl:  You don’t get to ask me any more questions!  If you want to know the truth, you shut up...and hear it all.

Devin Lucas:  May I ask you one more question?

Carl:  What is it son?

Devin Lucas:  How did I come about?

Felicia, Mitch and Lorna come in.

Devin Lucas:  Did you rape her?





Michele:  Well if their relationship is supposed to be funny, I’m totally not laughing.

Elizabeth:  You can’t possibly approve of them being together.

Michele:  Well...things have changed somewhat.

Elizabeth:  Cory told me what you told him...that you were cool with him dating your sister.

Michele:  And I meant it.

Elizabeth:  My God the accident must have messed up your mind.  Bridget is a total bitch and my brother deserves better.

Michele:  You and I both know that, but he doesn’t see it.  

Elizabeth:  Well then we’ve gotta do something to break them up.

Michele:  You know, when I came back I wanted revenge on Bridget for everything she had done to me in the past, but maybe that’s...that’s not the way to go.  

Elizabeth:  What do you mean?

Michele:  Everyone is telling me to forgive her.  They don’t want a repeat of what happened between my mom and Aunt Marley years ago.

Elizabeth:  I heard about that.

Michele:  Maybe they’re right.  Maybe it’s time I...let it all go and forgive Bridget.



Cory and Bridget walk in.

Cory:  It’s been a while since I’ve been here.  I’m sure you weren’t too sad when your mom told you to come live here.

Bridget:  I gotta be honest, you’re so right.  You can have a whole wing to yourself here.  I barely even see my grandparents.

Cory:  Doesn’t sound like anyone’s here.

Bridget:  Hmmm what are you suggesting?

Cory:  This.

Cory and Bridget kiss passionately.

Bridget:  Umm I don’t wanna continue this here.

Cory:  I agree.

They proceed upstairs.


Jake:  Vicky you need to face the truth.  Ever since Michele’s accident we haven’t been the same since.

Vicky:  We got past that.

Jake:  Then you knew about Lindsay being my daughter and you didn’t tell me.

Vicky:  I was trying to protect our family!

Jake:  But you didn’t did you?  I don’t trust you Vicky.  Ever since you kept the truth about Lindsay from me, I have a hard time trusting you.

Vicky:  After everything we’ve been through together, you all of a  sudden don’t trust me?  That’s so ridiculous.

Jake:  Is it?  It’s like you went back to the old Vicky, or maybe you never changed at all.

Vicky:  I did change!  I have four children.

Jake:  I don’t know.  I don’t know anything anymore.

Vicky:  All I see is someone who is looking for an excuse to get out of this marriage.

Jake:  You think that’s it?  You think this doesn’t hurt?

Vicky:  I can’t tell Jake.  Maybe you’re just itching to leave me.

Jake:  You were the one who gave me an ultimatum.  

Vicky:  Oh Jake so suddenly holier than thou.  Con artist, blackmailer, sleazy newspaper reporter.  Is that the life you want?  Are you bored?  Is that why you want out?

Jake:  Dammit Vicky!  You just don’t get it!

Vicky:  Oh I get it.  Oh do I ever...get it.  You’ve given up on our marriage.  How could you?

Vicky walks out.



Felicia, Lorna and Mitch have just walked in on a conversation between Carl and Devin Lucas.

Carl:  What?

Devin Lucas:  It’s a closed ended question.  Did you rape my mother?

Lorna walks over to Devin Lucas and gently places her left hand on his left shoulder.

Lorna:  No baby.  Carl never forced himself on me.

Devin Lucas:  Did he force you to keep me in boarding schools?  All the bodyguards; people keeping tabs on me.

Felicia:  Okay I’m completely confused.  What the hell is going on here?

Mitch:  I think Devin Lucas is the surprise that Lorna was talking about.

Lorna turns to Felicia.

Lorna:  Mom, this is my son, your grandson.

Felicia walks slowly over to Devin Lucas.

Mitch:  Wow.

Felicia:  Lorna you never said a word about this all these years.

Lorna:  Long story mom.

Devin Lucas:  So you’re Felicia.  Mom raves about you.

Felicia:  Wow.  I’m an instant grandmother.  Devin Lucas.  Named after...your grandfather Lucas.

Felicia touches Devin Lucas’s right cheek as her eyes well up.

Felicia:  You...you look so much like him.

Devin Lucas:  And don’t forget my first name….which is mom’s last name.  I just spell it differently than she does.

Lorna:  I spelled it differently.

Carl:  We can do the introductions later, but I think Devin Lucas, Lorna and I should have time alone.

Felicia:  I just met my grandson.

Lorna turns to Felicia.

Lorna:  Mother, please...can you and Mitch leave us alone for a minute.

She turns back to Devin Lucas and Carl.

Lorna:  This talk is long overdue.




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YES what a fukking episode and its my honor to be the FIRST to comment. WOW Cary. OUTSTANDING


THe youth took the lead and they delivered. Liz going to see Michele and trying to get her to help liz break up  Brit and Cory. Michele telling her not really. Great scene. It was good to see liz get a lil air time. She seems to be getting involved in this story.

Then Cory and Brits scene was very cute and youthful with the selfie. I wonder what will come out of that pic from her posting it on her BCFP. Both of those youth scene recapped history and that was the greatest thing. The vets were never from from the minds and it so worked.


Vicky and Jake continue to destruct. She called him a punk amoungst other things. I was shocked. It was funny. Their scenes was great as they disect their issues even if they are arguing and he served her with divorce papers lol. Wow. Electric.


And even more electricity came from DL going in on his dad.  The truth coming out about the nekked ass pics and then DL asking flat the fukk out did you rape my big momma then my girl FeFe walked in. i wanted to wail up with her. Oh man. Just so very powerful and a knock out episode, Real talk Cary, U went it. 


The dialog was crisp and sharp , the scenes were great all of them and everything moved, nd became more layred. YOu really went in on this ep. I had no idea where anything was going and I loved it. ou are also breaking away from your standard of the six scenes pre ep which works for me as a long time reader from day one, it keeps me on my toes and I never know where your going. Its working. We joke and kid around in the chat but bro its all love and I see you take my words to the brain in your writing. Man oh man.



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Always good to see parts of the Michele and Bridget story. It is still probably my favorite. Awesome use of the selfie and Facepage. I am so excited to see what comes out of this. Bridget is certainly up to something devious. I hope Michele is prepared for it. I;m glad she has someone on her side in Elizabeth. 


Vicky and Jake had a tense confrontation. Jake always mad about his children which is commendable. He really seems to want a divorce and I have to say I am glad Vicky is hot about it. I still find myself more on her side.


Devin was straight up with Carl and it made for some amazing scenes. They were really great, man. Just plain Raw. I love how you are dealing with this issue. Felicia also coming in and finding out about Devin too. I wonder when her druggedupness will hit..


Like I have been saying I like these interconnected scene cuts. Makes for a good read like ML said. 


Great ep!


Edited by Days22
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This was a great little episode. So rich, the dialogue, the stories moved and the situations were powerful.


I love seeing Devin Lucas and Carl going head-to-head. You could feel that energy and his hurt and confusion surrounding every aspect of his life. And the impatience he's feeling towards Carl, who has a whole story he needs to tell him, but Devin can't wait.


I'm not big on the mid-scene cuts, only because it cuts the rising energy of the scene off just as it builds. BUT, that's just me being old school. The scenes were still fantastic, so don't even worry about my whiny ass. ;) This keeps your show different, and that's a GOOD thing. I enjoyed Elizabeth trying to nudge Michele into going after Bridget. They are gonna make a GREAT team if Michele decides to go back to her schemes, which, judging by Bridget's newest trick, may be very likely.


Vicky and Jake were AMAZING. You saw where each of them were coming from and it was a real struggle. Very honest and rich and real. Love love love this, and I wish I had a situation like this on my show. The tension between their love for each other and their anger at each other is so palpable. Brilliant work there.


ALL great stuff, and I could picture it all playing out in my head, like it was on TV. BRILLIANT episode, Cary. You're doing Grade A work here!




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It's nice to see Michele having some doubts about all her scheming. Elizabeth doesn't really know how disturbed Michele is...


Such a real, honest, believable, and totally in-character argument between Jake and Vicky. 


And everything with Lorna, Felicia and Mitch walking in on Carl and Devin was perfect. I love when Lorna says "I spelled it different." So her.

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