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ANOTHER WORLD 206 Vicky gets bad news





blogentry-14971-0-29982100-1437608722_th gets bad news

Consultants: ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby



blogentry-14971-0-46020400-1437608744_th is on her cell phone.

Joy: Thomasina it’s so good to hear from you. Everything’s good. Bay City’s okay so far. Yeah I know it’s a small town. Have I met anyone?

Joy flashes back....


Steven: There’s still...so much I don’t know about you. Who is Joy? What makes her tick? You’re so beautiful....and mysterious.

Steven begins to kiss Joy.

Joy: I...I can’t do...this.

Joy tries to resist Steven, but she can no longer. She kisses him back.

She flashes back to the present.

Yeah...I guess you can say that.

Joy smiles, then she looks over at her laptop and sees inside Tyrone and Marley’s living room through the camera she planted, and her mood changes.

Joy: I’m...really hoping things can work out here for me.



Steven walks up and meets Vicky.

Vicky: Hi honey.

Steven: Thanks for coming mom.

Steven innocently pecks Vicky on her left cheek.

Vicky: Of course honey, anything for my kids.

Steven: Hey let’s find somewhere to sit.

Vicky: What’s up?

Steven: I...I need some advice.

Vicky: You’re the psychiatrist aren’t you?

Steven: This has nothing to do with my work.

Vicky: Oh you got that look in your eyyyyyyye. You met someone haven’t you?

Steven smiles.

Vicky: With everything going on in our family we could use some good news. Who’s the person lucky enough to catch my son’s attention?

Steven: I’m the lucky one. Her name’s Joy.

Vicky: Joy? Joy who?

Steven: Joy Kramer.

Vicky: Any relation to Dana?

Steven: That’s her cousin.

Vicky: Oh okay. Sounds good...so far. What else do you know about this girl?

Steven: She’s sweet, funny, and mysterious.

Vicky: Easy there tiger. You say she’s sweet, funny, and mysterious huh? Sounds like an interesting combination. You want some advice? Don’t be so quick to fall for this girl. Take things slow and get to know her. You never know what she’s hiding her closet, not to mention she almost destroyed your Aunt Marley’s marriage years ago.


Meanwhile, Joy opens up her closet door and grabs a blue dress. She also looks at her scuba equipment, which she used to dive into the river and retrieve the gun that Donna used to shoot Reginald, and a gas can, which she used to pour gas around the Harbor Club before she set it on fire.

Joy: Steven must never find out about this.


Steven: I’m aware of all that mom. It doesn’t take away how I feel about her. People make mistakes. I mean haven’t you made your share?

Vicky: Touche son.

Steven: Sorry mom, well I gotta go meet her.

Vicky: Well honey you have a great time.

Steven: Who knows? I might even bring her to Carl’s party.

Vicky: I dunno about that. Wait a minute. Carl’s party? You got a text for that, too?

Steven: Yeah. I assume you’re coming.

Vicky: Of course I am, but I wonder what would make Carl throw a party?



Carl is in the living room with Frankie when Devin Lucas walks in.

Carl: Look where it brought you. I never really had the opportunity to bond with Ryan. You, and my twins, were my second chance.

Devin Lucas: What about me? What chance do I give you?

Carl slowly rises up from his chair, and his eyes widened, shocked to see Devin Lucas. Carl walks up to him, and hugs him, but Devin Lucas does not return the gesture, and Frankie notices it.

Carl: Son.

Frankie: Son?

Carl: Frankie this is your brother...my son...Devin Lucas Hutchins.

Frankie notices some tension between them.

Frankie: I think I...need to leave you two alone.

Devin Lucas: Nice to meet you...sis.

Frankie: Same here. I’m gonna go.

Frankie closes the double living room doors leaving Carl and Devin Lucas together.

Carl: Son, it’s so good to see you.

Devin Lucas slowly walks through the living room, looking up and around.

Devin Lucas: This place looks great dad. You’ve done well for yourself haven’t you? Quite the charmer you are. You managed to marry Rachel Cory. You really fooled her didn’t you?

Carl remains silent, as if he knows where Devin Lucas is going with what he is saying.



Mitch, Felicia, and Lorna have just finished their drinks. Felicia’s club soda was spiked with a powdery substance by Christy Carson.

Lorna: Well mom what do you think?

Felicia: Well you’re definitely not pregnant or you wouldn’t have downed that martini. So what is it? Tell me.

Lorna: It’s more like who is it, and I’m looking for him.

Mitch: Do you need us to help you?

Felicia: Honey who are you looking for?

Lorna: I don’t need any help to find him. I know exactly where he went.


Devin Lucas: Does she really know you? Does Rachel know everything you did to my mother?

Carl: Rachel knows everything about me, and I’m not sure where you’re going with this, but you’re going to stop now.





Steven gently escorts Joy to a spot while she’s blindfolded.

Joy: Where are we going? It smells like grass.

Steven: Hold up...we’re almost there.

Steven gently removes the blindfold from Joy’s eyes.

Joy: Wow.

Joy sees a blanket, complete with a basket of food and a bucket of champagne.

Steven: I’m not sure what you prefer but…

Joy: Oh Steven, nobody’s ever...done this for me. Why? I don’t...deserve this at all.

Steven: Of course you do. You have no idea how special you are….how special you’ve become to me. I was drawn to you the first day I met you in the coffee shop.

Joy: I...I....

Steven (whispering): Don’t think so much. Just bask in the moment; just let yourself feel. You feel me, don’t you?

Joy nods her head, then Steven gently pulls Joy into a kiss, and Joy returns it.


Vicky is sitting at a table at the Center talking on her cell phone to Marley.

Vicky: You should have seen him. He is head over heels for her.


Marley: Joy Kramer. That name just...is one I’d soon forget…


Vicky: I know what she almost did to your marriage.


Marley: I’d like to leave it in the past. Everybody has taken their responsibility in that affair.


Vicky: Now my son wants to date her.


Marley: Victoria, Steven’s a grown man. You gotta let him live his life.


Vicky: When Roman grows up you’re gonna be just as protective.


Marley: Besides what happened between Tyrone and Joy didn’t destroy our marriage.


Vicky: I wish my marriage was just as strong as yours.


Marley: You and Jake will get through this.


Vicky: From your lips.


Marley: You will. I love you.


Vicky: Love you, too.

As Vicky hangs up her cell phone, a man walks up to her.

Man: Vicky McKinnon?

Vicky: That’s me.

Man: This is for you.

He gives her an envelope and walks away while Vicky reads the envelope contents.

Vicky: Oh no.


Devin Lucas: Why do you want me to stop dad? Truth too painful?

Carl: This is about Lorna isn’t it?

Devin Lucas: What would make you think that this is about mom?

Carl: I can see the anger in your eyes. It’s oozing from your pores. What did she tell you?

Devin Lucas: She didn’t tell me anything. I did internet searches on you. I found so many...horrific things. Then when I’d ask mom about it, she’d avoid the subject. Her whole demeanor and look would change. Like she would clam up. Other times she would snap at me saying she didn’t wanna talk about it. So something definitely happened. I’m here to ask you. What really went down between you and my mother?

Carl: Son, some things are better left unsaid.

Devin Lucas: No it’s not dad, because you have a brain tumor. You’re not gonna be here much longer, and before you go, you’re gonna tell me what happened between you and mom.

Carl: You wanna know the truth son? You really wanna know about me and Lorna? I’ll tell you.



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I'm digging these quick interconnected scene cuts you did in the last episode and in this one. Joy thinking about Steven but trying to hide her shadiness. Meanwhile Steven telling Vicky about him falling for Joy...Vicky then calling her sister to talk about her concerns about Steven falling for the likes of Joy. Im glad you touched upon the past with Joy again. Im not sure how I feel about this Joy and Steven pairing yet but I do want to see where it goes.

Devin confronting Carl is building well. Some history here expounded upon. I wonder what Carl can say to make Devin feel better about the whole situation. Their scenes in the next episode should be really good.

A tightly focused episode really focusing heavily on 2 stories. Looking forward to more of this confrontation and definitely looking forward to this big party too.

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Great episode again, Cary.

Devin confronting Carl is gonna be great. I can definitely see the scenes playing out, and you're doing them justice. Can't wait to read that.

Joy and Steven are gonna be great too. Lots of dark secrets from the past in your show, and I'm enjoying you filling in those blanks for us. Loving the scuba gear hanging out in Joy's closet. Haha.

Vicky's reservations about Joy seem pretty well-founded, especially considering her surveillance of Marley's house. I guess there's more to the story than simply her working for Reginald. Great stuff there.

Lorna and Felicia's interaction is also good. Wonder what will happen when Christy's drugs take effect on Felicia.

Very tight episode. Simple and great impact. GOOD stuff! :D

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another good one!!

Devin should really back off his old man but at the same time this show down needed to be had. Devn takes charge and I like that.

I like Joys scenes. We got to know her a bit more. Steven is taken by her but she has a dirty secret.

Felicia still messing around with that drink, I wonder if ts room temperture yet.

Vicky is proably right to be hesitant on this Joy and Steven union.

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It's good to see the Joy story back again. I love the conversation Steven has with Vicky - it sounds just like her.

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