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ANOTHER WORLD 205 Carl comes face to face with Devin Lucas




Carl comes face to face with Devin Lucas

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, beebs, and DRW50

AT KBAY...Iris, Amanda, and Allen are in Allen’s office...and Amanda has just made a proposal to Iris.

Iris: Are you suggesting…?

Amanda: A merger? Absolutely.

Iris: Allen...we are gonna need some privacy.

Allen: I’ll be right outside.

Allen leaves and Iris turns her attentions to Amanda.

Iris: Are you serious?

Amanda: Very.

Iris: You forget...the last time we worked together you betrayed me. Then you got Matthew and Michael to take Cory Productions away from me when I had control.

Amanda: It wasn’t yours. It was rightfully Michael’s company.

Iris: When you thought he was Mac Cory’s son, but he isn’t. His twin is...was.

Amanda: Martin wasn’t married, so when he died, it went to Michael, and Michael divvied it up amongst us.

Iris: And I got control of Brava Magazine.

Amanda: Print and digital.

Iris: Now you want to merge companies.

Amanda: And you know it would create a great situation for all of us.

Iris: Because you’ve got those connections. I’ve got Spaulding money.

Amanda: What are you gonna do? Use all your capital to bankrupt daddy’s company?

Iris: I should be running Cory Productions.

Amanda: This merger is a great opportunity for you.

Iris: Seriously Amanda? I can see the strings attached all the way down to Bay City Center.

Amanda: We would be co-CEOs of the new company.

Iris: Not a...

Iris gets a text message and after she reads it….

Iris: Um...uh can I think about this?

Amanda: Sure, but don’t keep me waiting too long.



Mitch and Felicia sit at their table near the terrace, and Alison the server brings their drinks. First she grabs Mitch’s glass….

Alison: Pinot Grigio for you Mr. Blake.

Mitch: Thank you.

Alison: And...club soda for you Mrs. Blake.

Alison gently places the club soda on the right of Felicia’s plate of salad.

Felicia: Thank you Alison.

Alison: Jennifer went to the storage closet to get some more. We ran out. Have you seen her?

Felicia: No. Maybe it was time for her break.

Alison: I’ll go check on her.

Meanwhile, Christy emerges unseen from behind the counter, watching Mitch and Felicia, waiting for Felicia to drink her spiked club soda. Felicia and Mitch continue their conversation.

Mitch: I video chatted with my granddaughter today.

Felicia: How is Jasmine?

Mitch: She begged for a car.

Felicia: Hmm I wonder what she would need with one of those.

Mitch: Matt texted me and told me that she would ask.

Felicia: I hope you didn’t...Mitch you’re enabling her.

Mitch takes a bite of his salad.

Mitch: No I’m not.

Felicia: But from what you told me she crashed Lila’s car. She’s clearly not responsible enough to operate a motor vehicle, and here you go buying her another car.

Felicia chews her spinach lettuce and grabs her club soda.

Mitch: See you jumped the gun.

Felicia raises the glass to her mouth and then stops.

Felicia: How did I do that?

Mitch: I said I would get her another car...if she took defensive driving classes. When she completes those, I’ll consider getting her a car. Lila’s gonna tell me when she’s finished.

Felicia: You’ve got to teach her responsibility Mitch.

Felicia puts her glass of club soda back down on the table.

Mitch: I know that, but that what she’s got Matt and Lila for. Seeing her face...

Felicia: Jasmine is not a little girl anymore. She’s got to grow up.

Mitch: Felicia I can’t say no to my granddaughter. When you have a grandchild, you’ll fully understand where I’m coming from.



Lorna and Devin Lucas enter with their suitcases.

Lorna: Wow. It’s been so long since I’ve been in Bay City.

Devin Lucas is focused on his phone as he has just sent a text saying “I’m at the Center Suites downtown.” as Lorna continues, walking slowly back and forth, looking at the wall.

Lorna: So much has changed. This new ‘Bay City Center’. These two bedroom, two bathroom suites. Hello, can you put your phone down for one second? I’m talking to you.

Devin Lucas: I’m just sending a text mom. No big deal.

Lorna: To whom?

Devin Lucas: Somebody back in London.

Lorna: I’m gonna take a nice hot bubble bath. I’m pretty wiped after that flight. Then I’m gonna text my mother and tell her we’re here.

Lorna goes into the master bedroom and shuts the door, and Devin Lucas goes to the door and makes sure that he hears the water running.

Devin Lucas: Sorry mom. There’s someplace else I gotta go.



Carl answers the door and it’s Frankie.

Carl: Frankie. Come on in.

Frankie: I got your text. I came as soon as I could.

Carl follows Frankie into the living room. Frankie puts her purse on the sofa as she sits. Carl sits across from her on the chair.

Frankie: I have to tell you. I don’t have a good feeling about it.

Carl: You’ve always had that sixth sense haven’t you?

Frankie: So something is wrong.

Carl: Do you remember that evening at Tops? Cass and Felicia were telling you to stay away from me, and I had you look into my eyes. You believed in me. You believed that I had changed. One of the only people who believed in me.

Frankie: Yeah. I remember that.

Carl: None of us at that time would ever have imagined that we were father and daughter; that Ryan was your brother. It made so much sense why you two had become so close. I see so much of him in you.

Frankie: The last time I was here, it seemed like you...were saying good-bye. What’s going on Carl?

Carl: I wanted to tell all of my children first before the party.

Frankie: Party?

Carl: I’m throwing a party...here...at the house...to tell everyone.

Frankie: I’m lost.

Carl: I have glioblastoma.

Frankie: What is that?

Carl: The brain tumor I had before, has returned, and is more aggressive, and inoperable.

Frankie: Oh my God Carl. You’re dying.





Lorna walks out into her bedroom from the master bathroom wearing a white terrycloth robe and her hair wrapped up in a towel.

Lorna: Oh that bubble bath was everything.

Lorna gets her cell phone and makes a phone call.


Felicia: Oh so you think I’m going to spoil my grandchildren like you spoil yours?

Mitch: I don’t spoil Jasmine.

Felicia: Yeah sure you don’t.

Mitch: I don’t.

Felicia: Umm hmm. She knows she can give you those little puppy dog eyes of hers, whine like a little bear cub, and get anything she wants from you.

Mitch: That’s what grandparents are for.

Felicia once again grabs her glass of spiked club soda.

Felicia: I wonder if Rachel feels the same way.

Mitch: I think she would.

Felicia: I beg to differ.


Meanwhile, Christy is hiding behind a plant, in her regular clothes, next to the elevator.

Christy (whispering): For God’s sake Felicia drink the damned drink!


Felicia is about to drink her club soda when she’s interrupted by her cell phone ringing, so she puts the glass down again.

Felicia: Lorna?


Lorna: Mom hi.


Felicia: What a nice surprise! How are you doing honey?


Lorna: I’m great, and I’m also in Bay City.


Felicia: Oh you are! Why don’t you join Mitch and me at Tops? We’re having dinner.


Lorna: Okay. Umm I’ll be there. I have a surprise for you both.


Felicia: Oh...sounds mysterious.


Lorna: It’s a pleasant surprise. There’s someone I’d like you to meet.

Lorna hangs up and walks to the common area but she notices that Devin Lucas is gone.

Lorna: Oh no. Where did he go?



Matt walks into Amanda’s office.

Matt: Hey.

Amanda: Matt.

Matt: Did you talk to mom or Carl yet?

Amanda: Yeah. So shocking.

Matt: Poor mom. I mean she’s gotta go through this again.

Amanda: Well, with all of that bad news, I’ve got some good.

Matt: And what could that possibly be?

Amanda: I saw Iris earlier.

Matt: Annnd?

Amanda: Let’s just say I made her an offer she’d be stupid to refuse.


Iris walks up to a black car with tinted windows, opens the passenger’s side front door, and gets in.

Iris: You finally made it.

Devin Lucas is sitting in the driver’s side

Devin Lucas: Let’s make this quick. I have someplace else I need to be.

Iris: There’s a crimp in our plan.

Devin Lucas: I thought everything was going smoothly.

Iris: It was. I got your grandmother to sign with KBAY Productions, which was essentially going to sink my father’s company, and then Amanda comes to me with this ridiculous idea of a merger.

Devin Lucas: Well of course you refused it right?

Iris just looks at Devin Lucas.

Devin Lucas: Come on Iris you’re not considering this.

Iris: She has connections that could make KBAY a huge conglomerate.

Devin Lucas: What about you and your limitless Spaulding funds?

Iris: I can’t drain my capital to back Cory Productions into a corner.

Devin Lucas: If you merge with Amanda then our plan is blown out of the water.

Iris: For KBAY to be what I want it to be, we need the connections Amanda has. They pulled out of the company after I tried to take over as The Chief.

Devin Lucas: What about me?

Iris: I will make sure you have your place in the company.

Devin Lucas: You better not be lying to me Iris. It won’t be good for you.

Iris: I see the apple didn’t fall far did it?

Devin Lucas: Get out. You’re holding me up.

The car alerts Devin Lucas of an incoming call from Lorna, but he presses ignore.



Lorna gets off of the elevator is on her cell phone

and walks past Christy, who is hiding behind a large plant.

Lorna: Devin Lucas this is your mother. I hope you didn’t go where I thought you went. Call me asap.

Lorna hangs up, looks around, notices Felicia and Mitch, and walks over to them.

Mitch: There she is.

Felicia: Lorna!

Felicia and Lorna embrace.

Felicia: Have a seat...please.

Lorna pulls out a chair and sits.

Lorna: Look at you. You look great. You’re glowing. Both of you.

Felicia flags Alison the server.

Felicia: Alison get my daughter whatever she wants.

Lorna: A dry martini.

Alison: Comin right up.

Mitch: So when did you get in?

Lorna: Ummm bout a couple hours ago. That flight from London is a killer, but I took a bath, and I feel as good as new.

Felicia: For now.

Mitch: The jet lag is gonna catch up with you soon.

Alison comes with Lorna’s dry martini.

Felicia: Oh I’m so happy to see you. You said that you had someone for us to meet. Where are they?

Lorna: I dunno.

Mitch: I hope you’re staying a while this time.

Lorna: I’ll stay as long as I need to.

Felicia: Well this calls for a toast...to love and family.

The three raise their glasses.

Mitch: That includes grandchildren.

Lorna: Yeah...grandchildren.

Felicia: Oh my God. Lorna you’re pregnant? I’m gonna be a grandmother? Oh we must drink to that!

Mitch drinks his wine, Lorna drinks her martini and Felicia drinks her spiked club soda. Christy, who is hiding behind a large plant near the elevator, is delighted to see it all.



Frankie: My God Carl I’m so sorry. Why now? This universe is so unfair.

Carl: The universe is very fair. It’s my payback for everything I’ve done. Karma.

Frankie: But you’re not that person anymore. You’ve got children and grandchildren. You changed. I saw it when you fell in love with Rachel, and we just started to get to know each other. This just isn’t right.

Carl: I don’t have much longer Frankie.

Frankie: What about Rachel? Cory and Elizabeth?


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You are doing some great work.

Amanda and Iris had a great exchange. You are writing the hell out of these business aspects. Im still torn on if Iris should do this and veddy interestin that Devin is in some kind of cahoots with Iris. Hmmm

I loved everything with Felicia. All the almost drinking. The phone call from Lorna. Sooo soapy, but Felicia did drink at the end. What will Christys next step be?

Lorna has come back pregnant. Who the daddy

I liked the history with Frankie and Carl. And at the end Devin comes to see his father Carl.

All these stories are flowing perfect! Great characters driving great stories. Doesnt get any better.

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Nick no Lorna isnt pregnant, shes referring to Devin LOL

OMG what a great show. DEVIN LUCAS came in like a storm and is lare and in charge. I love it. Hes in cohoots with Iris. Just wow. He is going to be a force to be recokend with. He is his own man and about action. Its going to be neat to see Frankie and Devin bond. This is a very good story.

I loved Matt and Amanda's scenes. Will they or wont they merger.

The Tops scenes were brilliantly done. The convo the argument the would she is she then the come on. Then she finally did. Just great low intsinty and indirect edge of ur seat stuff. it was so natural. Outstanding.

Great work as always!!!

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I wasn't expecting that twist with Devin as Iris' partner. Wow. And I'm glad Iris is thinking logically about the business rather than just being a one-note schemer. 


That whole thing with Felicia and the drink she kept putting down - Jim Reilly would be proud. I loved it.

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