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ANOTHER WORLD 204 Christy puts her plan into motion




Christy puts her plan in motion

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, beebs, and DRW50

Wendy Moniz

blogentry-14971-0-99754400-1436400871_thdebuts as Brianna Jameson


ALLEN’S OFFICE...Allen makes a call from the landline phone…

Allen: Hey uh it’s me Allen. I was hoping to talk to you but I thought I would just leave you a message. I was hoping we could grab some lunch or something. I’d like to talk to you. Hope I hear from you soon.

Amanda knocks on the door as Allen hangs up the phone.

Amanda: Are you okay?

Allen: Yeah...uh yeah I was just leaving a message for K.C.

Amanda: It’s sweet of you to reach out to her.

Allen: She’s my daughter. I gotta try.


AT THE CENTER...Toni is walking as K.C. approaches her.

Toni: Hey what’s up?

K.C.: Did you give him my phone number?

Toni: Can you at least say hello before you ask questions? Who are you talking about?

K.C.: You know who I’m talkin’ about. Your ex-husband.

Toni (sighs): He is your father.

K.C.: And what is that supposed to mean?

Toni: You know you’re not always gonna have me and you’re not always gonna have mama.

K.C.: At least you could have asked me. I’m not ready for all that. He’s calling me leaving me messages.

Toni: He’s trying to reach out to you. Maybe you should give him a chance.

K.C.: So whatchu doin’ anyway?

Toni: Headed to the office. You?

K.C. looks over at the coffee shop doors and smiles.

K.C.: I’m going to get some coffee.


MEANWHILE, INSIDE THE COFFEE SHOP, Charlie waits and Eric brings a cup.

Eric: Caramel latte? Extra shot?

Charlie: Yep that’s mine.

Eric: Okay…

The two just look at each other.

Charlie: Eric...wait. I need to say something to you.

Eric quietly perks up but subdues himself.

Eric: What is it?

Charlie: The last time I was here, I saw you and your mother argue. It wasn’t your idea to crash my reception.

Eric: No it wasn’t.

Charlie: She put you up to it.

Eric: I don’t know what my mother’s thinking these days.

Charlie: Well I’m not mad at you about it.

Kirkland suddenly walks up to them and gets in front of Charlie.

Kirkland: You stay the hell away from my wife you understand?

Charlie: Kirkland?

Kirkland: This guy and his mother are up to no good. Stay away from them.



Christy opens the door and a woman walks in.

Christy: Brianna Jameson. Come on in. Did anyone see you?

Brianna: No.

Brianna takes a vial out of her pocket that has a powdery substance in it.

Brianna: This should accomplish what you want where Felicia Blake is concerned.

Christy: I hope for your sake it does, because you sure don’t want anyone knowing who you really are.


AT THE BLAKE’S...Mitch is dressed in a gray suit, and Felicia walks out of their bedroom with a hat that fits her head perfectly, a matching off white blouse and dress pants.

Mitch: My my don’t you look beautiful. We should do date night more often.

Felicia: I agree.

The two smile and kiss.


Christy (V.O.) She won’t be a problem for me after tonight.




Allen puts his arms around Amanda’s waist and looks into her eyes.

Allen: It sure is good to see you though.

Amanda: Can you...hold me?

Allen: Sure. Sure. Everything alright.

Amanda: I just...need to feel your arms around me.

Allen embraces Amanda and she leans into his chest.

Amanda: Just so much going on with Cory Productions.

Allen: That company’s always in peril.

Amanda: We lost a very big deal. We were really hoping to land this contract.

Allen: What was it?

Amanda: Felicia.

Allen: Really? What happened?

Amanda: We made her an offer to make movies out of three of her books.

Allen: Wow. Why did things fall through?

Amanda: Because your boss came in with a more lucrative offer.

Allen: Sorry to hear that.

Amanda: I mean Iris blew us out of the water with what she was offering Felicia. With all the maneuvering of the numbers we still couldn’t match. I can’t blame her for going with Iris’s deal. It made me wonder why Iris went to such great lengths to pull the rug out from under us.

Allen: I don’t know for sure what’s going on, but I can speculate on one big Cory Productions reason.

Amanda: I realized that. It’s kind of why I’m here. To see your strong handsome face...and to talk to Iris.

Iris walks in.

Iris: Allen I need you to...Amanda. What are you doing here?

Amanda: I need to talk to you in your office.

Iris looks at Allen, and then back at Amanda.

Iris: Well...anything you need to say to me you can say in front of Allen. So what is it?

Allen: Amanda told me about the swoop down you did of Felicia’s movie deal.

Iris: Yes I certainly did. It was a beautiful coup.

Amanda: And Cory Productions took a big hit. The board is concerned.

Iris: Oh that lovely board.

Amanda: I went to them after Felicia went with KBAY Productions.

Iris: And uh...what did they tell you?

Amanda: They suggested waving the white flag.

Iris: Sell the company?

Amanda: Yes, but I had a better idea. I’m not selling daddy’s company.

Iris: Well Chapter Eleven is an option.

Amanda smiles.

Amanda: Nope, not that either.

Allen: Well if you’re not selling, and you won’t file for bankruptcy, what did you come up with?

Amanda looks at Allen, then looks at Iris, and walks slowly up to her.

Amanda: Daddy made a lot of connections in the industry. Matt and I managed to keep the ones that you almost alienated after the whole Chief thing.

Iris: They vowed never to do business with me.

Amanda: There are about four very rich, very connected people that KBAY needs and could use.

Iris sighs in agreement.

Iris: You’re right. They could really take KBAY to the...wait a minute...

Amanda: Felicia’s movies could make all of us a lot of money...if we were all one company.

Iris: Are you suggesting…?

Amanda: A merger? Absolutely.


Charlie: Kirkland what are you doing?

Kirkland: What do you mean? I can’t believe you’re standing here talking to this guy.

Charlie: He said he had nothing to do with what happened at our wedding reception.

Kirkland: You believe that?

Charlie: Yes I do.

Eric: Charlie I’m sorry.

Charlie: Kirkland can I talk to you in private please?

Eric: I have a date soon.

K.C. walks up to them.

K.C.: What’s goin’ on here?

Kirkland: You’re kidding me right?

K.C. looks at Eric.

K.C.: Do you want me to wait here?

Eric: Yeah I’ll be off in about ten minutes.

Kirkland: My cousin is your date? What is with you and my family? You better watch out for him cuz. He comes from a lineage of sociopaths.

Charlie: Let’s go Kirkland.

Kirkland: Oh and one more thing, you stay the hell away from my wife you freak.

Charlie and Kirkland leave while Eric looks at them.

K.C.: What happened?

Eric: Oh...nothing serious. Hey you can sit at that table by the painting. I’ll be ready in a few.

K.C.: Okay. Looking forward to it.

K.C. smiles and goes to the spot where Eric suggested to wait for him. Eric smirks with pleasure.

Eric: Looks like Kirkland’s got a jealous streak. Mom you’d be proud.



The elevator doors open, and Mitch escorts Felicia to their table by the terrace and they are greeted by a young female server.

Female server: Hi Mr. and Mrs. Blake. Am I getting your usual?

Mitch: Yes. Pinot Grigio.

Felicia: Club soda for me. Thank you Alison. Who’s working tonight?

Alison: Jennifer and Tammy.

Felicia: It’s Jenn’s second day right?

Alison: Yep. I’ll be right back with your drinks.

Alison goes to the counter and talks to a person who has a uniform and name tag that says Jennifer on it.

Alison: Hey I gotta go to the bathroom. Can you prepare the drinks for Mr. and Mrs. Blake? Pinot Grigio for Mr. Blake and club soda for the misses.

Jennifer: Cool. I think we’re out of club soda here.

Alison: There’s more in the back in the storage room.

Jennifer: Okay I’ll go get it.



Jennifer is reaching for the box of club soda. As she searches for the two club soda bottles, she does not see Christy behind her.


Mitch: Is Jennifer working out for you?

Felicia: Time will tell.

Mitch: I think it’s a great thing that you hire the college kids.

Felicia: Anything I can do to help.

Mitch: That’s why I fell in love with you.


Meanwhile, at the counter, Christy, wearing Jennifer’s uniform, quickly prepares Mitch and Felicia’s drinks, and Christy empties the powdery substance from the vial that Brianna Jameson gave her into Felicia’s drink, and mixes it. Christy smiles with self admiration.

Christy: This should do the trick. As the kids say...bye Felicia.



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Really lovin where these stories are going.

Great seeing KC again! And she is gonna have a little date with the youngest Stenbeck son. Love it. I really like these two characters so this is gonna be fun.

I like how charlie was the soft one with Eric while Kirkland nice and fiery. A joy to see Kirkland and Charlie too. Nice interacting of stories.

I dont know how I feel about this merger idea. I think it would be stupid of her to take up on it and she already has the upper hand tho im sure of course she wants her hand in her father company. I just hope she keeps all the power.

Then we get Christy coming for Felicia. I liked the voice over before the opening. And a great hilarious line to end the show on!

Awesome episode with so many of my faves!!!

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YES! Christy is making moves! Dastardly plan there in motion. Sneaking something into Felcia's drink to send her over the edge. JUICY! The lead up was so well done, cutting between all the action in pieces. Very dramatic. Just perfect.

KC and Eric's date is already looking to be a mess. Kirkland and Charlie already having heated conflict so soon after their wedding. Not a good sign! Wonder where that's gonna go!

The merger seems interesting, though unless Amanda can get Iris ousted from KBAY, I'm not sure how good an idea it'll be. Definitely dramatic though, and I love that Amanda is making Iris sweat. Anything to make Iris sweat is good in my books!

ALL SO much good going on, very exciting!

GREAT work, Cary!

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YES LOVED THIS EPISODE> Refreshing to see KC and ERIC and a few others.

I love Christy. I wonder what the hell she is up to. Nice lead up to that twist.

Krikland i thought over reacted a bit. He didnt really give Eric a chance to explain but then I can see why as Christ y is her mother.

It was nice seeing Allen and Amanda I almost forgot they were a couple. SO now they may merger. I dk how i feel about this it would be interesting to say the least. Iris has showed she is now sweating Amanda's new fire power.

And Felicia. Just love her.


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Kirkland's insecurities dominating him. 


Love the thought of Amanda and Iris working together, and Amanda's head being in the business, instead of acting irrationally. 


I wonder if Christy is trying to kill Felicia or make her fall off the wagon.


Great casting of Wendy Moniz.

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