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ANOTHER WORLD 203 Devin Lucas Hutchins debuts




Devin Lucas Hutchins

blogentry-14971-0-70315400-1435711873_th debuts...and

Matt and Amanda get the grim news

Alicia Coppola appears as Lorna Devon



Cass is holding Frankie as they both stare at the fireplace.

Cass: It’s crazy how that turned out.

Frankie: Then Kathleen came back from the dead.

Cass: Go ahead and say it.

Frankie: Say what?

Cass: I waffled.

Frankie: See I wasn’t even thinking that.

Cass: Surrrre you weren’t.

Frankie: You chose us, and I’m grateful.

Cass: Aww how sappy of you. You must want something.

Frankie turns around to face Cass, and smiles.

Frankie: Hmm and what do you think that might be?

Cass: You’ve seen it before.

Frankie: It? Sounds like a repeat of a TV show.

Cass: It’s way more entertaining than that. In fact, it’s a must see.

Frankie: Is that right?

Cass: It’s a modern 2015 show, so it’s very interactive.

Frankie: Hmmm.

Cass: Requires your full participation.

They kiss while each of their cell phones vibrate.



Matt is in the living room talking on his cell phone.

Matt: What is it now? I’m gonna talk to Lila first before I buy that for you. Jasmine we’ve been over this.

Carl walks in and smiles, unseen by Matt as Matt continues...

You forgot that your mother told me that you wrecked her car, and don’t try to call mom or Mitch. I’ve already told them that you’d try to ask them to buy you a car. Jasmine?

Matt looks at the phone and realizes that Jasmine hung up on him.

Carl: Ahh the joys of being a parent.

Matt: Especially when they’re eighteen.

Carl: Just like your brother and sister.

Matt: How’s it going?

Carl: I’m at peace. I’m home with my family.

Matt: Well I’m gonna head to the office.

Carl: Wait, Matthew, before you go. May I talk to you?

Matt: I haven’t got a lot of time Carl. I really gotta get back.

Carl: I want to apologize.

Matt: For what?

Carl: The things I did to your father...and your mother.



Rachel sits at a table seemingly staring into space and she flashes back.


Rachel: Carl please...please tell me what’s going on? Tell me that I’m wrong about what I’m thinking.

Carl: About the tumor returning? No darling, unfortunately you’re correct. It’s back.

Rachel flashes back to the present, looks up and sees Amanda.

Amanda: Mom are you okay?

Rachel: I’m glad you’re here. Please sit.

Amanda puts her purse on the chair, and sits looking straight at Rachel.

Amanda: Mom what’s going on?

Rachel: There’s something I...need to tell you.


Matt: Carl you don’t have to apologize for that anymore. It happened over twenty five years ago.

Carl: I’m grateful to have been part of your lives. I never tried to take Mackenzie’s place in your life, but I’m glad I was able to be here when I was.

Matt (chuckling nervously): Carl you’re talking in past tense what’s going on?

Carl: I wanted to tell...all of the children before the party.

Matt: Tell us what?

Carl: I’m dying.

Matt: You’re what?

Carl: The tumor’s returned.


Amanda: Oh my God mom. I don’t know what to say. I’m so sorry.

Rachel: Thank you honey. We wanted to tell all the children before the party.

Amanda: A party.

Rachel: Carl is throwing a party at the house to announce it to everyone.

Amanda: Mom is there anything I can do for you?

Rachel: Just look out for your little brother and sister.

Amanda: Oh...Cory and Elizabeth. Did you…?

Rachel: We told them.

Amanda: They must be so devastated.


Matt: I’ll do everything I can to help Cory and Elizabeth. I know what it’s like to lose a father.

Carl: I know. You’re very strong young man. I want you to instill some of that in Cory. I can at least take comfort in the fact that Cory and Elizabeth will have their family, especially their brother and sisters. I hate having to leave my children. You, Matthew, are so great with Jasmine. Tell her how much you love her, as often as you can. You really don’t know how long you have left on this earth.


Amanda: Mom you’re going through this again.

Rachel: You know at least this time I...can prepare for it. With your father it was unexpected.

Amanda: The plane crash.

Rachel: This time it’s a bit different, but no less painful. Guess you can never really be prepared for something like this. Carl’s going to die, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Amanda looks at Rachel not knowing what to say, and suddenly Iris approaches them.

Iris: Did I hear you right? Carl’s dying?

Rachel and Amanda both roll their eyes as if they didn’t want Iris to know this soon.




Cass and Frankie lie in bed.

Cass: Hmm how did you like that program?

Frankie: It’s one of those shows that I enjoy seeing over and over again, and interacting with.

Cass: Sounds like you’re ready for another showing.

Frankie: So it’s a two parter?

Cass: You’re such a smart...viewer.

Frankie: I’m gonna be doing more than watching.

Their cell phones continue to vibrate and they stop.

Cass: Ugh let’s check our phones.

Frankie: You’re right. It’s getting on my nerves.

They check their text messages and Frankie becomes concerned while Cass smiles.

Cass: Mine is from Maggie.

Frankie: Oh...um how is she?

Cass: She’s coming to Bay City. She got a job at the hospital.

Frankie: That’s...that’s wonderful.

Cass: Frankie what’s wrong?

Frankie: Carl wants to see me as soon as possible. Cass I got a bad feeling about this.


Matt: I know we’ve had our differences, but I can’t deny the fact that you made my mother very happy, and you allowed her to love again after dad died.

Carl: I love your mother with all of my being.

Matt: It took me a while to see that.

Carl: I understand.

Matt: My mom’s gonna be a mess, or at least inside she is.

Carl: You know your mother well don’t you?

Matt: She’s gonna act like she’s dealing. She’s gonna try to be the strong one for Cory and Elizabeth.

Carl: I can see her now trying to comfort everyone else.

Matt: When she’s the one who’s gonna need the most comforting.

Carl: You’ve always been a dutiful son to her.

Matt: And that’s not gonna change now. She’s had so much loss. Dad, grandma and now you. How is she ever gonna deal with this?


Amanda: I’m gonna go call Alli. I’ll be right back mom.

Rachel: Yes Iris. Carl is dying.

Iris: Rachel I’m so sorry.

Rachel: I’m sure that you are.

Iris: I’m being serious. You’ve had a lot of loss in your life.

Rachel: Thanks for reminding me.

Iris: Listen I know that we’ve been on opposite sides of the spectrum, and I have never been Carl’s biggest fan, but I never would wish that on you, or Cory. Poor Cory, he’s gonna be so hurt, and what about Elizabeth?

Rachel: Don’t worry about my children. I will take care of them.

Iris: I know given our history you have a hard time believing me, but you forgot that I lost Dennis’s father.

Rachel: Alex Wheeler.

Iris: He’s really the only man I’ve ever loved; so much that I gave him a child. That was such a painful time for me, and then daddy. Especially after what I was trying to do.

Rachel: Yes I remember.

Iris’s eyes start to well up.

Iris: You made me tell daddy the truth, and when I did, he was so angry with me.

Rachel: Understandably.

Iris: I betrayed him. I hurt him badly. I was The Chief. I was the one trying to take over Cory Publishing.

Rachel begins to soften up.

Rachel: But you...and Mac patched things up.

Iris: Yes we did, and it was the last conversation I had with him before he died. So you see Rachel, if it weren’t for you; if you hadn’t made me tell daddy that I was The Chief, we never would have worked things out. Losing Alex and daddy were the most painful experiences in my life, and I don’t wish that pain; that hurt; that loss...on anybody. Not you...not anyone. Iris wipes tears from her face and gets up.

Rachel: Iris…thank you. I’d appreciate it if you don’t tell anyone about Carl yet.

As Iris is walking away, she answers a call on her cell phone.

Iris: Hi. I’m fine. Sounds like you’re on a plane, are you on your way to Bay City? I’ll see you when you get here. There’s something I need to tell you.



A guy hangs up the phone and looks out the window. Meanwhile, Lorna Devon comes out from behind the curtain and sits across from him.

Lorna: What are you thinking about?

Guy: I haven’t seen dad in years.

Lorna: Well, Devin Lucas, you’ll also get to meet my mother.

Devin Lucas: Hope she’s not like my grandfather.

Lorna: You’re gonna love Felicia, just like she’s gonna love you.

Devin Lucas: Well in that case, it seems like there’s a lot for me to look forward to in Bay City.



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Incredible episode. Idk if I can express exactly what I thought but Ill try. You just really do a fantastic job of these families. You can just feel the connections. Its really wonderful. Whether its happiness or sadness it all comes through and each of your families feel like home.

I loved that whole back and forth first half. Carl with Matt and Rachel with amanda. A cool way for you to do that and them both find out what is going on simultaneously. Nice touch

Cute scenes with Cass and Frankie. Happiness coming through here. They both seem natural together. Two different text messages though at the end. Wonder what each will lead to.

I really liked seeing the softer side of Iris and all of the history there brought up. Im glad Iris and Rachel got to share a moment.

And here we are. The big arrival of Devin. It seems like a big one and I am quite looking forward to what you do with this character...

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I'm all about this episode. Again, you handled it tenderly and it flowed SO well. You can just picture it all in your mind how it would play out on TV. Masterful!

Carl and Matt was sublime. Discussing their times, good and bad together. It was wonderful and an important little scene, even tying characters in that are off canvas like Jasmine and Lila. Great bit.

Cass and Frankie was cute, romantic, and sexy. Great scenes for them. Oh, and it looks like Frankie's premonition was right. Uh oh. Bad news on the Carl front.

OHHH the scene with Iris, Rachel and Amanda was BRILLIANT. I could just see Rachel's eyes rolling into the back of her head as Iris went on and on about herself. It's funny, because you can tell the love she has for Mac and how she's trying to relate and connect with Rachel to empathize about Rachel's imminent loss, but it all still comes off so painfully self-absorbed in a way that only Iris can do. Fantastic work there.

LOVED LOVED LOVED this episode!!

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Very good show. The scenes with Matt and Carl were perfect. ALl that history and pretty much the whole show.

Iris and Rachel had a moment. Wow. I do think Iris was being truly sincere but damn she can't wait to ttell some one right after Rachel asked her not too.

And The arrival of Devin. ANd Lorna of course.

Just a great episode..

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Nice episode. I did enjoy it!


Cass/Frankie: I love how you continue to write them. It remains very true to their TV versions that were establsihed. I liked the shoutout to Kathleen. I remember watching that on YouTube when she was revealed on the talkshow.


Rachel/Amanda/Iris: These were probably my FAVE scenes of the whole episode. I LOVED the way you had Rachel tell Amanda. It was very sincere. I also love how well written Iris and Rachel were. You had history drama and emotion in every line. You captured soooo much. GOOD JOB!


Matt/Carl: You had some good set up on these scenes. I enjoyed this heart to heart.


Lorna/Devin Lucas: FINALLY!!!! Devin has arrived! Cannot wait to see what u have in store for him!!! And I love that you have sent Lorna right along with him. Lorna is one of the best AW characters EVER in my opinion. This is getting good!


KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Great cliffhanger. And great to see Lorna again.


I love the time you spent letting us see these individual conversations and reactions to Carl's impending death, rather than just having everyone find out off-panel. This is what  soaps USED to excel at. 

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