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ANOTHER WORLD 202 Kirkland confronts Christy




Kirkland confronts Christy


Lindsay Hartley’s first episode as Maggie Winthrop.


John Hudson is in his office on his computer, and he’s video chatting/interviewing with a candidate...Maggie Winthrop.

John: You’ve come a long way. I have to say, it will be strange calling you Dr. Maggie Winthrop.

Maggie: It’s strange myself. I didn’t know I had it in me. After things with Rafael and I didn’t work out, I decided to go to school. This has been so fulfilling.

John: I read your resume. Johns Hopkins huh?

Maggie: Yep. I made it through.

John: What made you change your name?

Maggie: Cecile.

John: I’ve heard the stories.

Maggie: Yeah either I’m Sandy Cory or Cass Winthrop. It usually depends on how she’s feeling and what she’s after.

John: And what day of the week it is.

They both laugh.

John: I don’t see a reason why we can’t have you on board. As far as I’m concerned you’re hired.

Maggie: Means a lot coming from the Chief of Staff.

John: Acting Chief of Staff.

Maggie: Oh.

John: I had to apply for the position just like anybody else. Well I will email you the paperwork and just email it back and I’ll forward it to H.R. Welcome aboard.

Maggie: Great thank you. I will need a couple of weeks to get my things to Bay City.

John: Fair enough. I’ll be sure to let H.R. know that.

Maggie: Thanks Dr. Hudson.

John: You’re very welcome Dr. Winthrop.

John ends the video chat and Sharlene gently. Her knock opens the door and she peeks in.

Sharlene: Oh I’m sorry if I’m interrupting.

John: No...no you’re never an interruption. I’m happy to see you, but I am surprised.

Sharlene: Did you talk to Gregory? He left the house kind of quick earlier.

John: No, but it’s a safe bet that he went to see Lindsay.



Stacey, fully dressed, walks into the living room, and sees Lindsay curled up wearing her pink pajamas and a pillow watching television.

Stacey: I’m headed to the office for a short while. I was wondering if you wanted to...meet me afterwards.

Lindsay doesn’t flinch, and continues to stare at the television.

Lindsay: No.

Stacey: We could get those frozen yogurt pops that you like.

Lindsay: No thanks mom. I’m just gonna stay here.

Stacey: We could have mother daughter time like we used to.

Lindsay: I really don’t feel like it.

Stacey: Ok umm...if you need me I’ll be at the office.

Lindsay: I know the number.

Stacey: I love you honey.

Stacey kisses her daughter on the forehead and straddles her hair. She sighs with worry and walks out the door. Gregory walks up to her outside the apartment.

Stacey: Gregory I...didn’t know you were coming.

Gregory: Hey uh...how’s Lindsay?

Stacey purses her lips.

Stacey: Not unexpected. Go in and see.

Stacey opens the door and Gregory sees Lindsay staring at the TV, curled up in her pink pajamas with her pillow.

Gregory: Hey.

Lindsay looks at Gregory.



Christy returns and shuts the door, then she has a flashback...


Christy: I thought we were past this.

Eric: Everybody looks at me like I got some kind of disease. Allen Love told his daughter to stay away from me because of what you decided we should do.

Christy: Honey I didn’t mean for any of that to happen. I just…

Eric: Wanted to push your own agenda. Whatever it is you’re trying to do, I don’t want any part of it.

She sighs in a bit of sadness, then she has another flashback...

Felicia: Your shenanigans have alienated your own son. You should do us all a favor and leave Bay City.

Christy: You know what Felicia you’re becoming a reeeeeal problem.

Felicia: Is that a veiled threat? I’m not afraid of you Christy. As long as I draw breath, I’m not gonna let you hurt anyone I care about.

Christy: Are you talking about Cass and Mary Frances?

Felicia: If you come after them, or anyone else I love, you will answer to me.

Felicia leaves...and Christy watches.

Christy: Time to get Felicia out of the way.

She flashes back to the present, puts her key on the dresser, and sits at her desk. Someone rings the doorbell. After she opens the door, Grant barges in.

Christy: To what do I owe this visit?

Grant: You owe me a lot more than that. I gotta talk to you.

Christy sighs in slight exasperation.

Christy: You’ve gotta talk to me. Let me guess...it’s about Paulina.

Grant: You won’t believe what I saw.

Christy: And what exactly did you see?

Grant: I went to her house with the jump drive.

Christy: You showed her what was on it?

Grant: I didn’t get a chance to.

Christy: Why not?

Grant: Because I saw her with Jack Snyder, and they weren’t playing solitaire.

Christy: Aww little miss muffet was making love to the detective?

Grant: This isn’t funny.

Christy: You act like you’ve lost.

Grant: I probably have.

Christy: You have enough evidence on that jump drive to break them up for good.

Grant: Oh believe me, I’m going to use it.

Grant suddenly gets a text on his cell phone, and subsequently.

Grant: A party? At the Corys?

Christy: You’re invited to a party at the Corys? The universe must be spinning off of its axis.


MEANWHILE, at Kirkland’s suite, Kirkland looks at his phone, then Charlie looks at hers.

Kirkland: That’s weird. We got a text at the same time.

Charlie: It’s an invite to the Corys.

Kirkland: That’s what I got. Wonder what the occasion is.

Charlie: I guess we won’t know until we get there. Hey do you wanna meet up later?

Kirkland: I’m gonna stop at my dad’s for a quick second.

Charlie: Oh okay...well I’m gonna head out.

She kisses Kirkland on his lips.

Charlie: See ya later.

After Charlie leaves. Kirkland has a flashback…


Kirkland: Dad what is she doing here?

Grant: Can’t I be charitable?

Kirkland: Charity? So you just gave this woman, who tormented Charlie’s parents, a place to live?

Grant: Are you saying that I am not giving? I’ll have you know that I give to a lot of organizations.

Kirkland: Yeah, especially to the ones that you can get a big tax write off for.

Grant: Did you learn comedy on your honeymoon?

Kirkland: Dad you never answered my question? What is Christy Carson doing here? I noticed you two made eye contact when she showed up uninvited at Tops.

Grant: Son I can’t get into that right now.

Kirkland: Come on dad. Are we gonna go down this road again? I read that her parole was denied. After that she gets out, and now she’s living here. What’s going on?

Grant: She’s....helping me to get Paulina back.

Kirkland: Are you on that again? Why would Christy help you to do that?

Kirkland flashes back to the present.

Kirkland: I’m gonna find out why.




Grant: You won’t be joking so much when I have Paulina.

Christy: Ha!

Grant: And how’s your quest for Cass going?

Christy: Who says I’m trying to get Cass?

Grant: Christy come on. This is me you’re talking to. The only reason you stayed in Bay City is to get Cass...or get something from Cass.

Christy: Wow it’s amazing how often you’re wrong. Maybe you should use one of your lifelines to get the correct answer.

Grant: You stayed in Bay City because you want something from Cass. Hmmm I wonder what that is.

Christy: You stick to your plan, and I’ll stick to mine okay.

Grant: It’s got something to do with where you went right after I got the governor to pardon you.

Christy: Don’t you have some place else to be? Like getting Miss Muffet in your arms?

Grant: Oooh I’m getting warm aren’t I? Just where did you go Mrs. Carson?

Christy gets a reminder on her phone...and it has a date highlighted.

Christy: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Grant: You know my secrets.

Christy: No I don’t.

Grant: You think I’m going to blackmail you don’t you?

Christy: Grant I’m not afraid of your blackmail. My poker game is flawless, and I will play my trump card if I have to. Don’t take me there Harrison.

Grant: Well I need to go.

Christy: Thank God, although I can imagine what you’re going to do.

Grant: Work, that’s what I have to do.

Christy purses her lips as if she doesn’t believe him as Grant leaves. Christy doesn’t shut the door, and makes a phone call.

Christy: Did you find her? The day is getting close...and I’m gonna get what I want.

Christy turns around and there is Kirkland...standing at the door.

Christy: Kirkland...what are you doing here?

Kirkland: I’m gonna get to the point. What’s going on between you and my dad?

Christy: And that’s your point?

Kirkland: Something’s not right. Why did my dad call in a favor to pardon you?

Christy: Didn’t you ask me this before?

Kirkland: You and your son showed up uninvited to my wedding reception after my dad helped you get out of prison.

Christy: And I apologized for that. What do you want me to do? Write it in blood?

Kirkland: It still wouldn’t be sincere.

Christy: Listen. It was in poor taste what I did, and again, I am sorry. I’m not sure what you want me to tell you.

Kirkland: My dad is paying for this suite isn’t he? You can’t afford this.

Christy: Now you know how much money I have?

Kirkland: Is my dad helping you to get back and Cass and Frankie? I’m not gonna let you do anything to hurt Charlie’s parents.

Christy: Ohhh aren’t you the dutiful son-in-law. I have no intention of hurting Cass or Mary-Frances.

Kirkland: You’re up to something, and I’m gonna find out what it is.

Kirkland leaves.

Christy: Time to play my trump card...Kirkland.


Sharlene: I really feel for her.

John: Yeah she’s so young, and she can’t have children, but we saved her life.

Sharlene: That’s the most important thing.

There’s a silence and Sharlene interjects…

Sharlene: I got a text from Carl.

John: About a party at the Corys. I did, too. Come on Sharlene, something tells me that you didn’t come all the way up here to ask me about Gregory or talk about a text message.

Sharlene: You’re right. I was hoping we could talk. John: Is everything okay?

Sharlene: Well that depends on you.

John: Me?

Sharlene: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and I...I wanna try.

John: Try what?

Sharlene: Working things out.

John smiles, gets up from his chair, and approaches his wife.

John: Do you know how long I’ve waited to hear those words? I’d absolutely love to.

They embrace warmly.


Gregory and Lindsay are awkwardly silent, as Gregory really doesn’t know what to say.

Gregory: Um...can I getcha anything?

Lindsay: What are you gonna get me?

Gregory: I dunno. Are ya hungry? Or just some company?

Lindsay: How about a uterus? Can you get me that? Because I don’t have one, and I can’t have children. So excuse me if I’m a little pissed about that.

Gregory: I understand…

Lindsay: Oh so you’ve had your uterus removed!

Gregory: They had to save your life.

Lindsay: I can’t have children Gregory! Do you wanna be with a woman who can’t have your children? Is that what you really want?

Gregory: I love you for you, not for what you can give me. I don’t care about that.

Lindsay: You say that now.

Gregory: Lindsay don’t do this. Let me be here for you.

Gregory goes to touch Lindsay, but she turns away from him.

Lindsay: Can you leave please?

Gregory: Lindsay---

Lindsay: I’ll...I’ll call you. I just need to...be alone right now.

Lindsay tries to hold it together as Gregory goes to the door. After he leaves, she leans her back against the door and slinks down to the floor, crying.



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Good episode!

Im glad to see Kirkland. His scene confronting Christy was pretty great. He is developing a deadly tongue in these confrontations.

Christy seems to have a lot of plots up her sleep. I do wonder what she plans with Felicia and how dire it may be.

Im glad Grant is frustrated with Jack and Paulinas boinking. Good to see him squirm.

Cute little scene with John and Sharlene. Also glad that they seem to be on the right track to working things out but I cant help but think the quad isnt over quite yet.

I feel bad for both Lindsay and Gregory. I dont know why she is taking this out on him though. Hopefully he will just continue to try and be there for her.

And thank you for the shout out at the end!!

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  • Members

Another great episode. I feel bad for Lindsay. Her dialog was great in her scene. I hope in time she will realize although she cant have children but shell still be ok. Greg said hell be there for her. He's loves her.

CHIRSTY I love her. SHe kept her cool through Grant and Kirk and I wonder if Grant has met his match in Christy. I wonder what woman she has up her sleeve or her plan now that it seems that Krik provoked her into doing soemthing. loved how she stood up to Kirk and didnt flinch. SHE HAS THE BEST LINES on this show. I love it!!!!

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  • Members

Christy is amazing yet again. Her repartee with Grant is giving me life. You've nailed all that set of characters beautifully. I love Christy's scheming, and you're really playing to Robin Mattson's strengths too. I wish I could see this on TV.

Lindsay and Gregory was another great scene. The anger and disappointment Lindsay feels is very well conveyed. You're doing a great job there, as I felt for both of them. You're doing a great job with that.

John and Sharlene working things out. Great move. I'm happy to see them together again. Have a strange feeling there's a lot more to come with that story, though.

Maggie is VERY well cast with Lindsay Hartley. Can't wait to see her mix it up with everyone in Bay City. You're making some great changes in this show, and it REALLY feels like a strong, centred show. If only the TV show had stayed so centred.

GREAT work, Cary!

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Agree with ML. Another great one.


Christy: Love her! She continues to be one of your best written characters. I like that Kirkland is taking on his own investigation stuff. I just want him to be very careful. Christy can be a very dangerous woman. If she can hurt Cass and Frankie, she can hurt anyone. I think Grant doesn't fully understand what he has done. I just hope he does soon. Christy has a way of not following directions and going her own way. It will be interesting to see what she does.


John/Sharlene: I love these two. I am sooooo happy that you are going to let things work out for them "HOPEFULLY!" I love that you brought Maggie back into the fold. Nice choice in casting. Also, it is nice to see her more mature these days. I watched some old episodes. I know of her shenanigans. 


Lindsay/Gregory: I liked how you haven't shoved Lindsay's story line to the back burner. You let the emotions take full throttle. I am interested to see where her life where go now. I hope she lets Gregory help her. I think he really can. Poor Lindsay, though.


KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good catchup on all the stories. Very snappy dialogue between Christy and Grant. And good intro for Maggie. Interesting character to bring back. 

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