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Reach out and TOUCH! #114



Roxanne is looking at her new found parents Spencer and Leslie.

Roxanne:thCAYAWDSY.jpg Why are you here?

Spencer and Les look at each other. Both nervous as hell to take the next step or say any words.

Leslie: thCAKWZY6E.jpgDo you think we can talk? There is a lot we need to talk about.

Roxanne: You don’t say.

Spencer: thCANS4T73.jpgCan we please come in so we don’t have to do this in a hallway?

Roxanne motions for them to enter her apartment.

“So my apartment is better to do this in? You sure the ball last night wasn’t the time or place? Its one hell of a way to learn who my real parents are.

Leslie: I know Roxanne and I’m sorry.

Spencer: We are both sorry. We didn’t know how to tell you.

Roxanne: So how long have you known? Is that why Leslie’s been stalking me acting all kinds of weird and crazy? And you too Spencer. You began to act strange too. You must have knew for a few weeks. So why didn’t you tell me sooner? Why did I have to learn my mother was a prostitute and my dad is the DA at a damn Ball for everyone to see? Why did you make me wait?” She says with tears in her eyes. Leslie has tears in her eyes as well and she walks over and tries to embrace Roxanne. Roxanne pushes her off.

Roxanne: Don’t touch me!

Leslie: Girl your not going to talk to me like that. I’m yo momma.

Roxanne looks at Leslie.

“Your silly” Roxanne then hauls off hits Leslie in the face with a closed fist.


Episode 114: Reach out and TOUCH!

Written by ML Cooks

Co Headwriter: C Nate Richardson

Story Editor: martin Saenz


Abby enters her mothers office. She sees her packing up her office.

Abby: Mom what is going on? Why did you summon me here?

Ashley: I have news to tell you. I thought you would care to know.

Abby: Is it about Roxanne?

Ashley; No. I’m leaving.

Abby: Leaving what? Jabot?

Ashley: No I’m leaving Genoa City. I’m going to Asia to take a position there. I need to get away from here. It’s too much drama. Besides we need some one strong in Asia as our sales in China are slipping due to the downward trend in the economy.

Abby: So just like that. You’re leaving. What about Tucker?

Ashley: Tucker and I are over. I gave him back the engagement ring. Abby you were right about him all along.

Abby: That he’s a pig and an ass.

Ashley: I want you to look after your Uncle Jack. Tucker is up to something.

Abby: Mom I will. I’m going to miss you.

Ashley: I’m going to miss you to baby.” They hug.

“ Ok cant do this all day I have a plane to catch.”

Abby: Already?

Ashley: I have to or Jack will talk me into staying. In fact could you tell him for me.

Abby: He’s going to be mad.

Ashley: Tell him it wont be forever. I’ll be back. I just need time for me. Recharge my battery.

Abby: I understand.“ They hug again. Both ladies wipes tears from their eyes. Ashley grabs a suitcase and leaves her office as movers grab the rest of her things.

Ashley, looking back. “ Good bye Genoa City.” Ashley leaves Jabot for some place in Asia.

At the Hospital. Ronan arrives to interview Chloe, Victoria and Billy. All three give him a hard time for their own reasons. Chloe, a bit ashamed she was the on the side woman in Billy’s life. She feels Ronan is judging her as he questions her. Billy also feels he is being judged as Ronan questions him about the affair with Chloe and the night Victoria came home. Victoria is a bit hesitant with giving Ronan details not that she’s ashamed, she’s scared. Chloe lost her baby from a tumble with her.

Kay and Murphy are sitting in the living room of the Chancellor Mansion holding each other. They express how much they miss each other. They vow to make things work despite Kay still working at Newman. Murphy tells her the love he has for her out weighs any dislike he has about Newman. They kiss. She lays in his arms as they both watch the fire roaring in the fire place, enjoying the peace and quiet.

Tucker meets with Devon for a drink at the Club. They sit at the bar. Tucker tells his son he just wanted to see him and make sure he was alright after what happened with Roxanne. Devon responds by saying he really hasn’t spoken to her and he thinks she just needs space. Devon then asks his dad how are things going for him. Tucker says things are getting better everyday. “Good” Devon says. They both take a drink together. Tucker then says “ Son I’m so thankful everyday that you have given me a chance to get to know you. Listen I still want to invest in your label. I understand you had a new star brewing.”

Devon: I did but know that’s been blown out the water. It was Roxanne.

Tucker: Ouch.


Back at Roxanne’s

Spencer and Leslie are both caught off guard by Roxanne striking Leslie.

Spencer: Now that is uncalled for.

Roxanne then hauls off and hits Spencer in the face with a closed fist.

Leslie: Bitch you hit me!

Roxanne : I sure did. This is all phony. You two have your own agenda. I don’t need you in my life. You two waited weeks before you told me the truth. What kind of parents would do that? Not only that I had to find out in front of everyone, that you were a college slut. And you( looking to Spencer) You were her pimp! You two disgust me. An attorney and the DA. Are you kidding me?

Leslie: You will never hit me again we must understand each other about that. I’m’ your mother. I can get you are feeling some type of way but you not gone haul off and be hitting me damn it! You can yell all you want but don’t put your hands on me. I got a bad temper too. Just like you. Just like momma.

Spencer: That’s enough. This isn’t getting anywhere.

Roxanne: This isn’t going anywhere. I don’t even know why you two are here. You didn’t want me when I was born why the hell care about me now? I been doing fine all this time. In fact I’m too old to be playing house. I had a singing career bout to take off and now with the expose of Leslie the College Tramp, that is over. You two have now stolen that from me. What did I do to deserve that?

Leslie: Give us a chance to explain things. You don’t know the whole story. We made mistakes yes. Just hear us out.

Spencer: She has a point Rox. Things were different back then. We were both young.

Roxanne: Where did you get your excuse? It sounds like its from a movie. I don’t want any thing to do with you two. Never come here again! There will never be anything between us. Leslie here threw that out the window when she gave me up on me. Now get the hell on I’m busy!” Roxanne slams the door in their faces. Leslie is stunned as tears begin to form in her eyes. Spencer looks at Leslie and then holds her as they walk out the apartment building. Meanwhile Roxanne sits on her couch and grabs a stuff teddy bear and holds it tight as she lets her emotions go through tears.

Back at the Hospital

Ronan hangs up the phone and walks over to Victoria who is standing with her mother.

Nikki: What’s going on Ronan?

Ronan: Victoria Newman, I have to place you under arrest for the murder of Chloe unborn baby.

Nikki is stunned.

Nikki: This is outrageous! This was an accident. An act of passion.

Victoria: Mom its ok. I’m going to fight this.

EstherKateLinder-EstherValentine.jpg( walking out of Chloe’s room): Fight all you want. The fact is you killed my grandchild. In cold blood by throwing my Kate down the stairs. You Newman’s are crazy and this time your big money won’t stop your due justice. Just look at The Great Victor Newman. Rotting away in a cell.” Nikki walks over and slaps Esther.

Billy: That’s enough. Is this all you Newman’s do? Your not making things better for Victoria.

Nikki; Go to hell Billy!

Ronan cuffs Victoria and walks her out the hospital as the media take photos.





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Roxanne needs a therapist. SO much anger and bitterness inside of her.

Ashley broke up and broke the hell out in record time...that was QUICK!!!

Tucker being the good dad, but I wonder what Devon thinks when he finds out what Tucker is up to.

Good one..

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