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Family Matters



Ashley with Abby arrives at the hospital in the emergency waiting area. They walk over to Jack.

Ashley: Jackie what happened?

Jack: It seems Victoria went home from the gala and caught Billy and Chloe in bed.

Abby:thCAVF6RVJ.jpg What?

Jack: Yea crazy huh? Then Victoria attacked Chloe. Chloe lost a baby.

Ashley: Chloe was pregnant?

Jack: Yes. We all just found out. Apparently not even Billy and Chloe knew.

Abby: That is awful.

Jack: What was that scene with you and Roxanne and Leslie?

Ashley: Roxanne has been harassing Abby. When I threatened to press charges on Roxanne, Leslie confessed she was Roxanne’s mother.

Abby: That is insane. Who would have guessed it? I wonder how Devon is doing.

Ashley: Abby leave it alone. That is the reason all this get stirred up in the first place.

Abby: Mom you can’t be seriously blaming me for the fact Leslie is Roxanne’s mother and it came out at a big gala. Not to mention Leslie was a prostitute.

Ashley: If you would have left Devon alone, knowing he was with Roxanne. None of this would have gotten to this point.

Abby: I think maybe Roxanne should be thanking me. I did her a favor. If it wasn’t for me Roxanne would have never learned her mother is a prostitute.

Ashley: It sounds to me you take to much joy in that. I don’t like how that sounds.

Jack: Ladies, one crisis at a time. We are here for Billy.

Ashley: Your right.

Abby walks off.


Episode 113: Family Matters

Written by ML Cooks

Co Head Writer C Nate Richardson

Story Editor: Martin Saenz


Leslie opens her door after she hers a knock. It’s Spencer.

Leslie:17401366.jpg Morning.

Spencer:thumbnailCAHRHUS2.jpg I wish it was good. I cant believe Roxanne learned we were her parents the way she did. Victor Newman strikes again.

Leslie: With a damn DVD and once again Avery is behind it. I don’t get it with her. What does she have against me to keep hurting me? Where do we go from here?

Spencer: We? The last time I followed your plan, my daughter learned you were a prostitute. And that I’m’ her father. I never wanted her to learn like that. Do you see what you ‘ve done? Did you ever stop to think about our careers? We are over.”

Leslie: I thought I did what was best. I’m new at mother hood you know. I don’t know how to tell her. Don’t blame this all on me.

Spencer: Leslie grow up. It’s time to take responsibility. What the hell are we waiting for? I’m not wasting another minute.” Spencer begins to leave her apartment.

Leslie: Where are you going?

Spencer: Where do you think I’m going, to see our daughter.

Leslie grabs her coat and purse and says “ I’m coming too.”

GC Memorial

Billy walks out of Chloe’s room and over to the waiting area. Victoria approaches him

Victoria: thCAPO8O6U.jpgI think we should talk.

Billy: You do? Now you want to talk? You should have thought of that before you attacked me and Chloe.

Victoria sucker punches Billy in the jaw.

“You scum Bastard. I walked in on my husband having sex with another woman in our home. IN OUR BED! How did you want me to react?

Billy: My child is dead because of you.

Victoria: Something you put into motion. You decided to be unfaithful. I was in Japan recovering from scars and burns to my face and what were you doing? Getting it on with Chloe.

Billy: Victoria, we could have talked.

Victoria: You’re right. You called have picked up a phone, or sent me an “IM”, skyped me or something to let me know you were throwing our marriage away. But you didn’t have the balls to do that. You snuck around instead. And I caught you with your pants down. So if anyone is to blame for your child being dead blame yourself and your on the side bitch!

Jack walks over.

“Victoria, watch your tone. I lost something too you know. My niece or nephew.

Victoria: What is wrong with you two? So Billy’s adultery gets a free pass because he killed his child!?

Nikki walks over to Victoria.

Jack: Nikki, Victoria is out of line.

Nikki: Jack you really got some nerve you know. Billy cheated on my daughter. Now it seems you two are trying to make it her fault.” She turns to Victoria. “ Come on honey let’s get some coffee. I don’t want to be around these pigs right now.”

The two walks off.

Jack: Nikki wait. Let’s talk about this.

Billy: Jack I’m sorry man.

Paul walks up to Jack.

Jack: What the hell are you doing Paul? Your in my way. I need to talk to Nikki.

Paul: Can’t let you do that Jack. Nikki needs some space. Why don’t you give her that?

Jack: Is this your way of keeping me away from Nikki? What is going on Paul you want Nikki for your self?

LlsHDNXzQr2OtKzyC9GISg3777soapoprah.jpgTucker walks over to Jack and Paul with a gloating smile on his face.

Tucker: Trouble in Paradise Jackie.

Jack: Tucker you wont get away with this.

Ashley: Your right. Tucker I need to speak to you now!” She says walking up to them. She grabs him and pulls him aside.

“What the hell are you doing to my brother?

Tucker: Sorry darling your brother and I are at war. We had a difference of opinion and now he’s after what I want. I can’t allow him to win.

Ashley: Oh let me guess Newman. It’s so old and im so over it. You have no respect for me or my family at all. I just don’t matter to you. The only thing you seem to care about these days is Harmony with Neil and Newman. I’ve had it Tucker. It’s over!: Ashley takes her engagement ring off and throws it at Tucker and then storms off.

Jack walks up to Tucker. “ It seems you have more trouble in paradise then I do. “Taker” Jack says as he chuckles and walks off.


thCABGTG1S-1.jpgKay is in the Chapel. She is praying to God for Chloe and Billy. She feels a hand on her shoulder and she turns around and sees its Murphy.

“This is where you managed to hide out at?

Kay: Yes. I could not handle all the media. Then to hear young Chloe lost her baby. Billy cheated on Victoria. It’s all so terrible. I care about all of these people.

Murphy: I know you do Kay. But we need to worry about you.

Kay; What are you talking about? I’m just fine.

Murphy: You say that but look at what you are going through, running Chancellor and Newman, now worrying about Chloe, Billy and Victoria, being harassed by the media. it’s a lot for one to take. You don’t ever think you ought to slow down?

Kay: Or is this an attempt to get me to let go of Newman?

Murphy: Not at all Katherine. I love you. I care about you. No one is going to look after you like I am. I miss you. A lot. And I want you back. I love you Katherine.”

Kay smiles at him.

“I’ve missed you too.” They hug.

“And you know I am a bit tired. It’s so much going on. It’s as if some one tipped off the media. I mean how in the hell did they know about this story so damn fast?

Murphy: That’s a good and question and I have a hunch Tucker is behind it.

Kay: Tucker? Why would he do that to me? It doesn’t make any sense.

Murphy: Katherine you’re not going to like this but Tucker is trouble. He is up to something.

Kay: Jack told me the same thing.

Murphy: I don’t know what he’s got planned but he just has this sinister way about him these days.

Kay: I’ll have to talk to him.

thumbnailCAERFBK3-1.jpgRoxanne is in her apartment relaxing on her couch, looking on her ipad looking over online coverage of last nights disastrous ball. She can see her picture is posted with most of the stories she’s come across. She’s disgusted and throws her ipad down. She then gets a knock on her door. Thinking it could be Nate or Devon for some much needed TLC, she has a smile when she first opens the door. But that smile turns into a frown when she looks at her new parents, Leslie, the ex prostitute and the District Attorney Spencer Walsh.

Roxanne: Why are you here?


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OMG what a GREAT EPISODE...You captured the characters very well in the way that they talk to each other. And Victoria's reaction was how Heather Tom would play it, too....


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