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ANOTHER WORLD 129 Rachel's slippery slope continues




Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction and CarlD2


Rachel’s slippery slope continues


Charlieblogentry-14971-0-67805100-1366037920_th is at the mirror putting on her earrings as Kirklandblogentry-14971-0-83110000-1366037940_th watches from the bed.

Charlie: I thought I heard you talking to someone while I was in the shower.

Kirkland: No babe. I was on the phone.

Charlie: Who were you talking to?

Kirkland: My mom.

Charlie: Is she asking you to move back home still?

Kirkland: You know she’s not gonna stop.

Charlie: She’s just being a mom. Well I’m off to work.

They kiss.

Charlie: Talk to ya later.

After Charlie leaves, Kirkland makes a phone call.

Kirkland: I’m on my way.



Gregoryblogentry-14971-0-69382100-1366037964_th opens the door and sees Lindsayblogentry-14971-0-46609800-1366038109_th.

Gregory: Hey. When did you get back?

They hug.

Lindsay: About an hour ago. I came here as soon as I could.

Gregory: How’s Derek?

Lindsay: He’s fine. It’s my mom who’s the problem. She keeps lying to me.



Rachel’sblogentry-14971-0-60298000-1366037910_th night is about to get worse…

Toniblogentry-14971-0-25618600-1366038139_th: We got an anonymous tip to come here.

Amandablogentry-14971-0-33040300-1366038158_th: Well I can tell you that nobody here had anything to do with Reginald’s murder.

Jackblogentry-14971-0-83158900-1366038174_th looks at Rachel…

Jack: Are you sure about that?

Carl: Why the hell are you looking at my wife like that?

Jack: We have a dark haired woman matching Rachel’s description on hotel surveillance, pushing a cart.

Amanda: There are a lot of room service attendants at that hotel.

Jack: It was about an hour before Reginald died.

Carl: That doesn’t mean anything. Rachel was here the whole night after we returned from the Harbor Club.

As Rachel walks up to Carl, the vial that Janice planted in Rachel’s sweater falls out. Amanda picks it up, and Jack notices it.

Amanda: Mom what is this?

Rachel: I have no idea.

Toni: Can I look at it?

Toni puts rubber gloves on as she examines the vial.

Toni: We might need to have this tested down at the station.

Jack: Rachel, we’re gonna have to take you down there, too.

Carl: On what charge?

Jack: You should call a lawyer.





Kirkland knocks on a door, and Scottblogentry-14971-0-65678100-1366038287_th answers. Kirkland walks in and they hug.

Scott: I’ve missed you.

Kirkland: I’ve missed you, too.

Scott: I’m sorry to just pop into town unannounced, but I didn’t know who else I could talk to about this.

Kirkland: Bout what?

Scott: Rafe.

Kirkland: Oh…the guy you were dating?

Scott: He broke up with me.

Kirkland: Why?

Scott: I…lied to him about who I was. He told me to get lost when he found out.

Kirkland: Why did you lie?

Scott: My mom and my stepdad are prominent citizens in G.C. I didn’t want anyone knowing that I like guys.

Kirkland: How long did you think you were gonna keep up the lie? Did he make you happy?

Scott: I had a good time with him. I wish he would take me back.

Kirkland: But you played games with him. When are you gonna learn? You can’t toy with people’s emotions.

Scott: Are we talking about Rafe’s, or yours?

Kirkland: Both.

Scott: Well Kirk I’m sorry but, isn’t that what you’re doing to Charlie right now?

Kirkland: I’m in love with Charlie. In fact, I just called the jeweler. I’m on my way down there.

Scott: Oh, so you’re about to ask her to marry you huh? And on your way to pick up your engagement ring, you decided to stop at your ex-lover’s hotel room.

Kirkland: Because that’s what I wanted to tell you.

Scott: That you’re gonna marry Charlie. I guess it’s gonna make you forget about what we had.

Kirkland: I’ll…never forget what we had.

Scott: You’re going through all of this because you can’t forgive me. When are you going to stop holding it against me that I slept with Van? I don’t even LOVE her. I love you. It’s always been you, and I know you feel the same way.

Kirkland: You don’t understand. That part of my life is over. I’ve moved on.

Scott walks slowly up to Kirkland…

Scott: You know you can marry Charlie, have a bunch of children, a dog and a white picket fence, but you can’t escape…

Scott is now face to face with Kirkland…

Scott (whispering): Your desires, your feelings…they’re NEVER over.

Scott kisses Kirkland and Kirkland kisses back, but Kirkland pulls away.

Kirkland: NO! I can’t do this Scotty. I’m done with this! I’m marrying Charlie.

Scott: Who are you trying to convince?

Kirkland: Charlie has changed me for the better. I never wanna go back.

Scott: You can’t hide from yourself. When you’re ready to stop running; when you’re ready to face who you are, you know where to find me.


Lindsay: My mom sent me on a wild goose chase. She made me think that something was wrong with my dad.

Gregory walks up and puts his hands on Lindsay’s shoulders.

Gregory: I don’t agree with your mother’s methods, but I can understand why she’s doing it.

Lindsay: Wait a second. Did you know about this?

Gregory: Of course I didn’t, but I think Stacey is trying to protect you.

Lindsay: From what? From whom? I don’t understand this at all.

Gregory: She doesn’t want you to get hurt, and neither do I. That’s why you shouldn’t say anything.

Lindsay: Babe, nothing is gonna happen to me.

Gregory: You don’t know that, and I can’t lose you Lindsay. I don’t see things ending well if you tell Jake that he’s your bio dad.

Lindsay: I did have a great time with Derek.

Gregory: I bet he told you the same thing.

Lindsay: Actually he didn’t tell me anything. He asked if I was prepared for what could happen if I told the truth, and I…I don’t think I am.

Gregory: You would be helping them by keeping quiet. I mean Jake already lost a daughter because of me.

Lindsay: He’d be gaining another though...

Gregory: You know what, I don’t think you should say anything, but whatever you decide, I’ll support you. I don’t want us fighting.

Lindsay: I don’t either.

They kiss and someone knocks on the door.

Gregory (walking to the door): Who could that be?

Gregory opens and Frankie walks in.

Frankie: Hey you two. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.

Gregory: It’s ok cuz. What’s up?

Frankie: Is your father here?

Gregory: No. He’s at the hospital.

Frankie: I need to talk to him. Something is very wrong.


Amanda: This is ridiculous.

Carl: Rachel was here all night. She could not have possibly gone down to Reginald’s hotel.

Rachel: I can talk for myself. I did not kill Reginald Love.

Toni: We’re going to need to continue this down at the station.

Carl: There’s no reason for you to haul my wife down to the precinct.

Jack: Rachel was at the hotel. We have proof.

Amanda: Mom you don’t have to say anything.

Rachel: It’s true, I did pay Reginald a visit at his room, but I didn’t kill him.

Carl: You don’t have to go to the station.

Rachel: It’s no problem. I have nothing to hide.

Amanda: I’m going with you mom.

Carl: I’ll call Cass.

Meanwhile, outside in the back, Janiceblogentry-14971-0-37903900-1366038676_th is watching and enjoying the goings-on in the Cory living room.





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Kirkland is playing with fire.

As always your stories are very well-paced.

I like Rachel trying to keep control instead of getting upset.

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