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Episode #8: Wednesday, December 21:



Episode #8: Wednesday, December 21:

- Belle continues to deny her love for Shawn, but Phillip pushes and pushes until Belle finally admits that she is still in love with Shawn!

- Celeste predicts that many more lives will be lost. Celeste tells Bo that someone close to him is going to die!

- With Patrick, Nicole, Abe, Chelsea, Glen, Barb, and Doug still inside, the Pub undergoes a second explosion as the Brady's and the Horton's look on with horror.

- Patrick and Chelsea are recovered from the Pub after the second explosion and rushed to the hospital.

- The rest of the Salemites at the Pub rush to the hospital to be with their loves ones.

- Billie grapples with Tony's shocking confession. She goes to the chapel and throws herself at the altar, praying for Chelsea and her health.

- Caroline and Lucas discuss his love for Sami and how he regrets not being understanding towards her vulnerability in the Tony/Stan situation. She urges him to confess his love for her when she comes to. Maggie joins the conversation. Lucas and Maggie comfort Caroline over Shawn.

- After an Lexie examines their test results, Julie and Sami are given clean bills of health. But Julie is given the devastating news of Doug's critical condition!

- While waiting for news on Sami, Austin and Carrie catch up as she explains that things did not work out with Mike. Austin tells her about his business that has recently gone under. She asks him about his love life.

- Bo remains shaken by Celeste's prediction that someone he loves will die!

- Everyone is relieved when Abe and Nicole make it to the hospital, revealing that they made it out in time for the second explosion.

- Phillip is rattled by Belle's confession that she still loves Shawn. He leaves Belle broken and crying to be with thier daughter.

- Lexie is ecstatic that Abe has his eyesight back while Tek is perturbed by the development, and Abe is even more disturbed as he recalls Lexie and Tek's caress at the scene of the fire.

- Bo and Hope are dealt disturbing news when they learn that two bodies were uncovered from the wreckage, but have burned too badly and are beyond recognition. They fear for Glen and Barb's lives, but they decide to wait on the DNA test results.

- Mimi and Bonnie comfort each other as they await word on Patrick. Shawn is there for Mimi, as is Mickey for Bonnie - which does not bother a compassionate Maggie.

- Shawn Sr. flat lines, but he is later brought back from the brink of death.

- Lexie reveals to everyone in the waiting room that Tony has slipped into an irreversible coma. Some rejoice while others are pained that he will never pay for this!

- Lexie tells Caroline, Bo, and the rest of the Brady's that Shawn Sr. is in very, very bad shape from the blast!

- Nicole eavesdrops on Carrie and Austin's conversation about their love lives, and Carrie catches her!

- Billie, Jennifer, Bonnie, and Mimi are dealt devastating news by Lexie when she reveals that Patrick's body could not survive the injuries that it sustained in the blast, and he has passed away. Billie and Jennifer comfort each other, as Mimi and Bonnie breakdown in each other's arms.


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