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Episode #7 - Tuesday, December 20th:



Tuesday, December 20th:

- Lexie, Frankie, and Jack see what has happened on the news! Lexie and Frankie rush to the scene! Jack stays and prays that Abby, Jack Jr., and Jennifer were not at the Pub.

- Abe is stunned when he begins to realize that his eyesight is coming back!

- Tony whispers something to Billie before losing consciousness again.

- The E.M.T.'s perform C.P.R. on Sami as Caroline, Lucas, Carrie, and Austin watch in tears. The E.M.T.'s apologize and tell them that Sami has passed away and call her time of death.

- Mimi, Belle, and Phillip accompany Shawn to the hospital for his injured arm. Once there, Phillip confronts Belle about loving Shawn once and for all.

- Billie is appalled by what Tony has told her!

- Bo finds Julie and Grandpa Shawn, but they are lifeless.

- Patrick and Nicole continue to fight off the flames as they become trapped in the corner with no way out.

- As Lucas, Carrie, Austin, and Caroline mourn Sami, they are stunned when Sami begins coughing and comes to.

- Lexie and Frankie finally arrive to help, as does Tek. Abe is shocked and confused when he sees Tek and Lexie share a personal caress.

- Frankie finds Jennifer and Abby and comforts Abby over Josh. He supports Jennifer and Abby through their devastation as they bond.

- Abe realizes that Nicole is still inside. He fears for Brandon's sister. With his sight fully restored, Abe joins the other police and firefighters and runs back into the Pub to save Nicole!

- Sami, Tony, Julie, and Grandpa Shawn are rushed to the hospital.

- Austin tells her that in spite of not seeing her in years, he doesn't know what he would have done if he lost her. Later, they rush to the hospital to be with Sami.

- Belle continues to deny her love for Shawn, but Phillip pushes and pushes until Belle finally admits that she is still in love with Shawn!

- Celeste predicts that many more lives will be lost. Celeste tells Bo that someone close to him is going to die!

- With Patrick, Nicole, Chelsea, Glen, Barb, and Doug still inside, the Pub undergoes a second explosion as the Brady's and the Horton's look on with horror.


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Wow this is great KR. So happy Sami didn't die.

I am actually preparing my own fan fic. I am

gonna spot some previews tonight and start

regualr episodes Monday. They will pick up

right where Friday's show left off. I figure

since I love Days so much and its history

and I have seen how much fun you and

the other fan fic writers have had so I want

to join in, Hope you all comment on mine and

read regularly since I know I will be reading all

of yours. Great work-hope I can do the same or

close to it LOL.

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I am actually going to take a day tomorrow and read your post on DTS and read CSW's fan fic! I just need a day to set aside and catch up on SON-ness!

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