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Episode #6: Monday, December 19, 2005



Monday, December 19th

- Everyone lays unconscious and lifeless in a fiery haze that is the now-unrecognizable Brady Pub!

- Bo comes to and struggles to find Hope! Once he does, they begin searching for their loved ones.

- Bo and Hope manage to rescue Maggie, Mickey, Alice, and Caroline.

- Austin comes to and sees that Carrie, Nicole, and Sami are all unconscious and lifeless and is horrified when he realizes he only has time to save one woman. Seconds later, Austin emerges from the flames with Carrie and takes her outside to the others who have been rescued.

- Frankie and Lexie manage to get Jack back to his room at the Lodge and try to nurse him back to health.

- Max panics when he can't find Chelsea in the flames!

- Abe and Jennifer manage to make it outside to the others, as do Roman and Kate.

- Abby begs Bo, Roman, and John to find Jennifer and Josh!

- Celeste is found by John. She tells everyone that she predicted this would happen! In the midst of the chaos, she tells John that Marlena's life is in danger.

- Stefano/Alex continues to watch Marlena sleep as he recounts that his plan has worked! He has his Queen of the Night, and no one will be looking for her since she left on her own accord.

- Bo finds Tony's lifeless body and removes him from the rubble.

- Roman finds an unconscious Josh and a lifeless Sophie and manages to evacuate them to the ambulances that have arrived on the scene.

- Carrie wakes up outside. She and Austin worry about Lucas, Sami, and the others.

- Shawn and Mimi and Philip and Belle get out of the fire, but when Shawn is injured, both Mimi and Belle run to his side. Philip realizes without a doubt in his mind that Belle loves Shawn more than she loves him!

- Hope saves Billie just in time as the ceiling almost caves in on her.

- Billie panics when Patrick is no where to be found.

- Patrick and Nicole realize they are trapped in the corner of the pub with no where to go while the fire rages closer and closer towards them.

- Sophie and Josh are pronounced dead on the scene.

- Devastated over Sophie, Lucas re-enters the pub, promising to rescue Sami!

- John rescues Kate from the fire.

- Glen emerges from the Pub, but he rushes back in for Barb - against Bo and Hope's wishes.

- Outside, Billie grabs Tony who is on the ground, lifeless. She demands he tell her what the secret about Hope is!

- Tony comes to for a few seconds and whispers something in Billie's ear.

- Jennifer approaches Abby, who can tell from Jennifer's face that Josh did not survive the fire. She breaks down in Jennifer's arms.

- Chelsea is alone in the pub and trapped, unconcious.

- Marlena comes to and comes face to face with Alex, who is outside her cell. He smirks and laughs an evil laugh. He gives her Queen chess piece and tells her checkmate. Marlena puts the pieces together and is shocked to realize that Alex is Stefano! She begins screaming through tears as Stefano laughs, wickedly.

- Lucas finds Sami, brings her outside, and is devastated to find that Sami is not alive.


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Hahaha, jk, KR. I am loving your stories. So much suspense.

Please tell me that you are not killing Sami off, but leaving annoying Chelsea to stay on board. I will be so mad lol.

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Well, when all is said and done (within the next few weeks - 9 people will be gone from the canvas.) Seven will die, two will just be written out. Sophie and Josh had to go! LOL. I just had to get them off....they bother me. It was more therapeutic than anything. :lol:

As for who else dies, well....

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