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Episode #5 - Friday December 16th:



Episode #5 - Friday December 16th:

- Lucas tells Sami and Austin that his surprise for them is waiting outside - they turn and are shocked to see Carrie walk through the door! Austin and Carrie lock eyes. Sami tries to get her bearings, but she later faints.

- Carrie expresses her disappointment in Lucas for using her as a means to hurt Austin and Sami.

- Abe and Jennifer manage to calm Celeste down, but she has the Pub in a state of panic.

- Lexie and Frankie search every room in the Lodge, but to no avail - Jack is missing!

- Nicole vows to take Carrie down and eliminate her as an obstacle in getting Austin.

- Austin tells Kate that he has made a decision about who to bring with him to work at Basic Black!

- Sami and Carrie come face to face. Sami tells Carrie that she won’t give her another chance to hurt Austin again!

- Alex recounts how Marlena and John all played into his hands and how he is NOT Marlena’s husband. He recounts that his plans started in July when he had someone at the hospital drug Marlena into a drug-induced amnesia.

- Glen and Barb tell Bo and Hope that they want the Brady’s to take J.T. if anything ever happened to them.

- Phillip confronts Belle about still loving Shawn! She refutes it.

- Austin and Carrie exchange looks, but continue to avoid each other.

- Later, they come face to face and exchange Hello’s, but are interrupted when Tony and Billie burst through the door.

- Once Alex and Marlena land, he has her transferred to a mansion where he has her put in a prison cell.

- Tony arrives at the party holding Billie at gunpoint. Everyone panics and mayhem breaks out!

- Tony orders Caroline to remove the drape from the mysterious present in the room, and everyone is shocked to see a Phoenix statue!

- Chelsea lashes out at Tony for everything he has put her and her family through. She begs for him to save her mother’s life!

- Billie tells Chelsea that she loves her and tells Bo the only reason she helped Tony escape was because he threatened to have a secret about Bo and Hope!

- Tony reveals how he is going to make the ultimate sacrifice - he is going to kill them all and give his life for all of the Bradys’ lives!

- Each Brady and Horton lashes out at Tony one final time.

- Meanwhile, at the lodge, Frankie and Lexie are both shocked when Jack stumbles upon them at the Green Mountain Lodge and collapses in their arms.

- Bo and Hope, Maggie and Mickey, Doug and Julie, Shawn and Mimi, Belle and Phillip all say emotional goodbyes to each other as they prepare to meet their ends.

- Sami and Lucas share a genuine goodbye, as well, as Carrie and Austin say all they need to with a single look.

- Meanwhile, at the mansion in an undisclosed location, Alex watches Marlena sleep in her cell. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a chess piece - the Queen! He declares how he has finally won his Queen of the Night as it is revealed that Alex North is Stefano Dimera!

- Tony declares that the Phoenix has risen! He presses a switch and smirks and cackles as the statue explodes, and the Brady Pub is blown to smithereens.


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Tlak about suspense...I can't wait to find out what happened Monday. Who dies? Who lives?

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Looks like things are shaping up.

Things have moved very fast in your version but it is fun to see how you waste no time getting right back into the over-the-top element that has worked on Days so many times. And I think in this set up it works again.

I'm interested to see how you deal with the fallout. That has been the real DAYS major flaw - it doesn't do fallout.

I personally expect you to cut the cast down considerably with the explosion and doubt that we'll see the likes of: Patrick, Shawn Sr., Bonnie, Chelsea, Phillip or maybe Roman and the other "dead weight" but that's good. I'm interested to see how it is developed. Keep it coming.

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