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Episode #4: Thursday, December 15th



Episode #4: Thursday, December 15th

- A special surprise that is draped in a huge cloth arrives at the Christmas party at the pub.

- Everyone is intrigued about the mystery present, but agree to follow the card’s instructions and not open it until its owner arrives.

- Josh refuses to make love Abby in her vulnerable state and takes her back to the party.

- Kate and John refuse to allow Sami and Nicole to join Basic Black, but they continue to urge Austin to join them.

- Alex and Marlena recall their times together while on the plane for Colorado.

- Tony reminds Billie that she was once the woman that Bo loved and how Hope returned to ruin her happiness as Mrs. Brady.

- Chelsea and Max’s plans to sneak away and make love keep getting thwarted by Caroline, Grandpa Shawn, and Bo.

- Shawn and Mimi continue to bond as a couple while taking care of Zach and J.T.

- Phillip notices that Belle longs to be with Shawn.

- Alex leaves Marlena alone to make some calls. While looking through a magazine on the private jet, Marlena sees a picture of the coast of Hawaii. She begins to remember her honeymoon with John, which prompts her to remember her wedding to John.

- Glen and Barb catch Bo and Hope up on J.T.’s life.

- Bonnie and Maggie begin to argue over their rocky relationship as Bonnie states that she hasn’t given up on Mickey Horton just yet.

- Patrick begins to comfort Jennifer as they recap their relationship together and his time in Salem.

- Sami starts a food fight with Sophie which breaks out into a huge war that involves Maggie and Bonnie!

- Tony continues to taunt Billie with the secret that could change her life forever.

- Lucas lashes out at Sami, telling her he can’t wait for his surprise to show up!

- Billie agrees to help Tony, but only because she feels Bo and Hope have a right to know the secret that is going to have such a huge impact on their lives - not because she wants Bo back!

- More and more memories of John and Belle and Sami and Carrie and Roman come flooding back to Marlena!

- Kate and John begin to strategize how to land Austin at Basic Black without Sami or Nicole.

- Lexie begins to doubt Frankie’s sanity when Jack is no where to be found.

- John and Kate counter Austin with an offer - promising him that he can take either Nicole OR Sami, but not both!

- Lucas tells Sami and Austin that his surprise for them is waiting outside - they turn and are shocked to see Carrie walk through the door!

- Marlena begins to tell the pilot to turn around and go back to Salem! Alex sneaks up behind Marlena and knocks her out with chlorophorm!

- Celeste bursts through the doors of the pub screaming and shouting and telling everyone that they are all going to die!

- Once Billie and Tony escape, he turns the tables on her and takes her hostage, holding her at gunpoint, telling her that he is going to make this a Christmas no one forgets!

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