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Episode #9, Thursday, December 22nd:



Episode #9, Thursday, December 22nd:

- Marlena awakens. She is horrified to realize that she wasn't dreaming, and she really is being held prisoner by Stefano!

- Billie and Max await news on Chelsea. Bo, Hope, and Kate eagerly await the news, as well.

- Billie remains devastated over Chelsea and the secret Tony has told her. She struggles with when to tell Bo.

- The Lockharts continue to reel from the news that Patrick has died.

- Belle provides comfort to Mimi as they put the current state of their relationship aside in the wake of the tragedy. Shawn returns to comfort Mimi. Belle goes to Claire's room to face Phillip.

- Bo and Hope get the DNA tets results on the two bodies in the fire which confirm the gruesome news that the identified bodies are Glen and Barb!

- Carrie realizes Nicole is eavesdropping on her conversation with Austin and also realizes how Nicole is eyeing and manipulating Austin. Nicole lies to him about why she was listening to their conversation, and Carrie sees right through it. She confronts Nicole who makes a crack that she wouldn't mind if Sami perished in the fire. Carrie punches Nicole out!

- In Claire's room, Phillip and Belle are relieved when they are informed that Claire will definitely be making a full recovery. Later, Phillip asks Belle if her confession of love for Shawn meant that she loves Shawn more than she loves him!

- Bo, Roman, and Abe add Glen and Barb to the list of Tony's victims that now includes Sophie, Josh, and Patrick. Bo and Roman fear for their father's health and comfort each other.

- Lexie tells Caroline and the Brady's that Shawn Sr. is out of danger for the immediate future, but will remain unconscious for some time.

- Bo and Hope struggle with what to tell J.T. about his parents.

- Alex/Stefano enters Marlena's chamber and reveals to her that he is headed back to Salem to take care of some business. He pulls her into a kiss and informs her that by the time he gets back he expects her to be more welcoming of his advances.

- Cassie drives in from Chicago, where she as been living, to be with her families. She provides great comfort to Roman.

- Julie is told that Doug will be good as new after a few minor surgeries.

- With Bonnie out of commission due to Patrick, Kate makes plans (without her partner-in-crime) to ensure that no one will learn about Claire's paternity.

- Kate and John discuss Marlena and Alex and Celeste's prediction of Marlena being in danger. Kate and John agree that their love has hurt many people - Sami, Marlena, and Roman to name a few. They agree that it would be best to leave their relationship in the past and not get involved on the rebound again. They agree to remain best friends and business associates, but to keep things purely platonic between them.

- Chelsea remains in horrible condition. Celeste gets a horrifying vision of Chelsea flatlining and dying! She declares that it is only minutes away from happening, but she refuses to tell any Brady's and hurt them anymore than they have been.

- Carrie informs Nicole that she's justified in having issues with her sister, but when someone else takes shots at her family, she WILL defend them! She tells Nicole that she hasn't forgotten about how Nicole hurt Eric, Lucas, Victor, and Brady either. Carrie tells Nicole that she's not about to let Nicole add Sami and Austin to the list of her victims. Nicole declares war on Carrie, who says she's fried bigger fish than Nicole Walker! Sami interupts and is pleasantly surprised to see Carrie defending her honor.

- Celeste tells Lexie to go to Chelsea's room because she is about to die.

- Lucas asks to speak with Sami on the balcony where he plans to declare his love for her.

- Belle admits to Phillip that she loves Shawn more than she loves him!

- Once alone, Stefano reveals that his business has to do with Jennifer and Jack!

- Alice and Maggie make plans with Fr. Jansen to turn Midnight Mass into a special memorial service for those that have passed away in this tragedy.

- Lexie arrives in Chelsea's room and begins examining her. Everything appears fine so Lexie prepares to leave the room - brushing off Celeste's prediction as rubbish. As she turns to leave, Chelsea flatlines!


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