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Episode#436: Baby Switch Exposed!

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Episode#436: Baby Switch Exposed!

-Mike smiles and tells April that she has a place in his heart, as well...but it still surprises her that she came back to represent his mother in court...especially after how they ended! April chuckles and says it was nineteen years ago, she's over it now. She says that she was heartbroken when he stayed in Israel, but his son was there and she understood. Mike says yes, he just wishes that it had helped get him and his son close!

-Abe is with Maggie at Chez Rouge...Maggie asks him why he wanted to have dinner here tonight...Abe tells her its a chance to get out, and actually visit her restaraunt for once...and he has something very important to ask her, and what better place to do it than in one of Maggie's favorite places in Salem!

-Travis and Nicole are passionately making love on their wedding night in their hotel room...Nicole tells Travis she loves himn so much...Travis nods as they continue to make love...but unknown to them...Greta watches from the window!

-Jan looks up at Eugenia and asks her what the hell she's doing here! Eugenia says she figured out what she did...she knows EVERYTHING, and she means EVERYTHING! She looks at Lucas and asks if he's alright...Lucas is still a bit drugged up, and he looks at her and asks if its Eugenia, and Eugenia deduces that he's drugged and sits him down! Afterwards, she looks at Jan, and asks how she could do all this...how could she pass off HER baby as her and Lucas's!!!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan looks at Eugenia in complete shock, and her face pales slightly...she lies and says she doesn't know what she's talking about...she asks where she got that crazy idea from, Josh is the baby that her and Lucas had together! Eugenia tells her to give it up...she has the security tape of when Greta and Lea drugged her into giving birth and switched Josh with baby Bradley, the boy she thought was Blake! She says that Lea returned and told her every little detail! Jan's eyes go wide!

-April raises an eyebrow and asks if he and Jeremy aren't close...Mike shakes his head and says sometimes there's a moment, but DEFINITELY not! April tells him she didn't know that...Mike says he was distant even during those four years in Israel...he went back again after he married Carrie Brady and tried to get close to him again, but he and Carrie divorced and it all just didn't work out, and Jeremy's always resented him for it. April says she's so sorry. Mike nods and thanks her, and says the kicker was last year when he slept with Alexis Kefer...Jeremy's girlfriend, at the time!

-Jan wonders how this can be happening, but she lies again and says she doesn't even know a Lea! Eugenia tells her to STOP...she says Lea was the nurse Greta hired to oversee Jan's pregnancy, but when Greta told Jan about her and Lucas's engagement, Jan went into premature labour and the baby was stillborn! Jan says no...thats not true! Eugenia says she knows it is...as Lucas comes back to reality at long last and asks whats going on!

-Abe says he wishes this could be a bit more romantic...but he's trying to do the best he can. Maggie laughs and asks what all this is about, and Abe takes out a small box...and asks Maggie if she'll do the honor of being his wife!

-Lucas slowly wakes up and comes back into reality as the drugs wear off...Jan looks around nervously, and he asks where they are as he looks around, and slowly asks what the hell is going on! Eugenia rushes over to him and tells him that they're in Las Vegas...Lucas's eyes widen and asks what they're doing there! She looks at Jan and says maybe its time that Lucas knew the truth!

-Travis and Nicole continue to make love...Greta laughs and tells Nicole to enjoy her happiness while she has it...because it definitely won't be around long!

-As the drugs continue to wear off, Lucas asks Eugenia what she means, and asks why he has such a headache...he still slurs his words slightly, but Eugenia goes on to say that what she's about to tell him...she's really sorry, but it has to be done. Jan screams "NO!" but Eugenia looks Lucas directly in the eyes and says:

Eugenia:Lucas, I'm sorry, but...that baby, Josh, that Jan's been telling you was yours for months...

Lucas:Yeah? What about him?

Eugenia:I'm not sure how exactly to put it, but maybe I should just get out with it...he's not yours...Greta switched our babies on the night they were born...your son was stillborn, and mine....lived.

Eugenia tears up slightly as she says this, and Lucas looks at her in astonishment and confusion before the screen fades to black...

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