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Episode#435: I Do!




Episode#435: I Do!

-Mike looks at April, shocked, and asks what...he says thats impossible, April's not a lawyer! April smirks and says oh but she is...she says she's sure Mike just remembers her as that candy striper! Mike asks when she became a lawyer...she tells him that she studied law while in New York, and one of the Hortons told her about Laura...and so she came rushing back as soon as she could!

-Kristen tells Bo this is so sudden....Bo says he knows, but the sooner they go, the sooner that they can prove that Vivian set Peter up! Kristen nods, and Bo asks Kristen if she's in...she finally nods and says fine...she's going to Padre Island to put all of this to rest once and for ALL!

-Eugenia RUNS out into the streets of Las Vegas...she yells for a taxi! One pulls up soon afterwards as many goes by, and Eugenia jumps in and gives the driver the address for the Church and tells him to get there pronto!

-Jan slowly tells a drugged up Lucas to say I Do....Lucas continues to be very, very confused, and can barely see anything, and Jan continues to gently instruct him to just say those two words...Lucas finally says:


*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan grins as Lucas says I Do...she thinks to herself at LAST....the priest looks to Jan next....

-Mike is silent as he stares at April for a moment...he says thats...interesting, he tells her she never even knew Laura! April says thats true, but she's Mike's mother...and she tells Mike that even after all of these years...he still holds a very special place in her heart!

-Eugenia rides nervously in the taxi and tells the driver he has to get there as FAST as he can!

-Bo says good...he tells her that the plane's wedding! Kristen again says "We're leaving THIS soon?" and Bo says yes and that there's no time to waste...Kristen laughs and says okay then, she doesn't have any stuff packed, but she guesses she won't need it! Bo agrees and both he and Kristen leave the Pub and head to the airport!

-The priests asks Jan if she takes Lucas to be her lawfully wedded husband! She says she does!

-The driver tells Eugenia they are approaching the Church!

-The priest then pronounces Lucas and Jan....man and wife!

-The taxi arrives at the Church....Eugenia nearly JUMPS out of it!

-Jan laughs in victory as she says she and Lucas are finally married....finally! She is Jan Spears Roberts!!!! However, the drugs slowly begin to wear off of Lucas, and he very slowly comes back into reality...Jan pulls him into a passionate kiss, but suddenly....she turns as the doors are THROWN open! Jan's eyes widen when she sees EUGENIA in the doorway...Eugenia stomps forward, and screams:


Eugenia then walks right up to Jan and PUNCHES her...Jan screams as she falls to the ground!!!


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