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Episode#434: Wedding in Las Vegas




Episode#434: Wedding in Las Vegas

-Mike is sitting in his office, going through paperwork...he hears a knock on the door, and thinks its Lexie...he says he'll have the files for her in a minute...but the person enters...and Mike freezes when he sees April Ramirez!

-Bo walks into the Brady Pub, and sits down at a table...where Kristen is! He greets her, and she greets him...he says he told Hope they were going to Padre Island...and she asks how Hope took it! He says she was fine with it. Kristen says she's just been so anxious ever since they found out thats where this guy is. Bo says she won't have to be anxious much longer...because they're leaving for Padre TONIGHT!

-Eugenia sits on the Titan jet, which is now up in the air...she thinks to herself that she has to stop Jan...she has to...for Lucas and Josh's sakes!

-The priest tells them they can begin now...Jan holds Lucas up, who continues to have no clue whats going on, and the priest says they are gathered here today to witness the joining of Lucas Roberts and Jan Spears in holy matrimony....

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Mike looks on at April in shock...he slowly says this can't be...April grins and says it is. She says after all these years...its so good to see him again. Mike asks her what she's doing back in Salem..he says that he hasn't seen her since he left for Israel! April nods, and she says its been quite awhile since she was in Salem...he asks what brings her back! She says that she's representing his mother!

-Kristen says "WHAT?!" and she tells Bo this is so sudden...she doesn't even have any stuff packed! Bo tells her she doesn't need any...he got all the equipment they need, and they're just going there to find Sundberg, and get info out of him, and head back to Salem...he says they're all ready to go!

-Eugenia says she still can't believe this...very soon, she'll be reunited with her baby boy...her precious son who she thought was dead! She says its unbelievable, but she KNOWS its true!

-The priest says that these two are madly in love...Jan grins, and the vows begin....

-Eugenia hears the announcement that the Titan jet is landing in Las Vegas...she gets ready to leave and head for the Church!

-The priest asks Lucas if he takes Jan Spears to be his lawfully wedded wife...for better or worse...in sickness and in health...for richer or poorer!! Jan looks at Lucas and slowly whispers for him to just say I do....just get married to her here and now!


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