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Episode#433: Viva Las Vegas!

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Episode#433: Viva Las Vegas!

-Laura tells her there's no way they can somehow prove that Robin's lying...there's no evidence! April says just as there's no evidence that Laura did anything to her...besides Robin's word! Laura points out that its happened three times...and she has a history of mental illness! April says that still isn't enough evidence to actually throw Laura inside a mental home...there's still a chance!

-The priest speaks to Travis and Nicole...he says they're gathered here today, in Las Vegas, to witness the joining of these two in holy matrimony...he asks if before they take the vows, if the two would like to say anything to each other! Travis says yes...he tells Nicole that he's been with some girls before...he's had some relationships that were loving, others not so much...he explains that ever since he met her back in April...there's just something different about her...he fell in love with her right off the bat, and thats why he went to Salem with her...he just couldn't think of losing her so soon...he says their relationship has been such a fast one...but its been alot better, and alot more filled with true love, than most out there...Nicole smiles as a tear rolls down her cheek....

-Jan and Lucas are also seen...at the altar inside a Church! Bentley and Josh are seen on pews, Josh inside his carrier, as a priest stands at the front of the Church....Jan slowly helps a drugged Lucas down the aisle, who still doesn't understand what is going on....Greta suddenly approaches...and she sees Jan and Lucas! Greta's jaw drops as she laughs...saying this is too perfect...Nicole and Travis and Jan and Lucas are all at the same huge Church in Las Vegas!

-Kate asks why the hell she'd have to go to Las Vegas! Eugenia says apparently...thats where Jan's taken Lucas and her son! Kate asks if she's sure...if she's really sure. Lea says its reliable...trust her! Eugenia says even if its not, its all she has...she's going to go wherever she has to! Kate says that Vivian has control over everything Kiriakis now...but maybe she could get her the Titan jet...Eugenia says good...Will and Destiny approach, and ask whats going on! Eugenia turns around and says she's about to go to Las Vegas!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Will asks WHAT...why! Eugenia sighs and says its a long story...but she slowly explains the baby switch to them! Destiny says this is CRAZY...almost too crazy...but they've seen alot of crazy things lately! Will says so this means...his brother....isn't really even his brother! Eugenia sadly nods...she says she knows this is a big shock...but apparently its true, and she has to go find Lucas and Jan! Lea gets another text message...its the address of the Church! She shows it to Eugenia...and Eugenia looks at in shock...and she asks why Jan would take Lucas to a Church! Destiny realizes whats going on...and says since she's so crazy...she may be trying to marry him! Eugenia soon realizes Destiny is right...she says she has to get there NOW! Kate gets off the phone, and says the Titan jet is ready! Eugenia thanks her, and instructs Will and Destiny to watch the mansion...Lea gives Jan the security tape, saying if she needs it, its proof...Eugenia rushes off for the airport! She thinks to herself that finally...she's going to get her precious baby...but she's going to have to take Lucas's baby away from him!

-Laura asks if she really thinks there is....April says of course...she tells them that they're going to prove to the court and everyone else in this town that Robin Jacobs is a scheming little liar...Alexis joyously tells Laura that she knew there was hope! April says yes...she says she's going to do whatever she can....Laura will be out of here in no time!

-Kate sighs as she says she can't believe all this has happened...she can't believe Jan decieved her son and Eugenia and everyone else like that for so long! Lea slowly nods...Kate looks at Will and Destiny, specifically Will...she asks where Arianna is...Will coldly says that she's with her grandma, Sami...though Kate probably wishes she was with her other grandmother...Kate snaps thats not true, and asks if he'll at least talk to her...Will and Destiny simply go inside...tears run down Kate's cheek, and she looks at Lea...she tells her she truly is despicable for what she took part in, before walking off. Lea frowns, and says to herself she really hates what she did, she hates all of this. She looks around and says now, however, she's finally out of Greta, Jan, Eugenia's, and everyone else's lives for good...now that the baby switch is revealed. Lea then leaves the Spears Mansion....

-Nicole tells Travis that he's really special to her...she says she's always been one to fall for men the first time she sees them...and usually, thats a bad thing! She says but this time...its probably one of the best things that ever happened to her. She says that before him...she only thinks she's had one true love, and she lost him...she says she was married to Lucas, to Victor, and she went after Brady and Austin...but none of them par up to Travis! She says that he saved his life...and he took her to that wonderful place...she says that he's helped her so much...and she couldn't love him more! The priest then has them take their vows...he asks if Travis Baines takes Nicole Walker to be his lawfully wedded wife...he says he does! He asks if Nicole Walker takes Travis Baines to be her lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, during richer or poorer...she grins and cries as she says she does! The priest then pronounces them man and wife and tells Travis he can kiss the bride! Travis says:


Travis takes Nicole into a very, very passionate kiss...the newlyweds celebrating their love...

-Jan and a drugged up Lucas stand at the altar...Jan tells the priest she's sorry, he just had one too many drinks...the priest laughs and says thats fine, it happens often...he tells them they should begin!

-Eugenia is seen rushing into the Titan jet...she orders the pilot to take off...and heads for Las Vegas!

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