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Episode#432: Where's Jan?




Episode#432: Where's Jan?

-Alexis says no...of course not! Laura says this just seems weird...suddenly Mike's ex-fiancee is back in town and ready to help her! April explains that she keeps up with some of the Horton family...they told her about her dilemma...and after how she let Robin have Mike two times, for her to just turn around and do this...its despcible...so she's here to stop Robin once and for all!

-Nicole and Travis are at a Church in Las Vegas....Travis stands at the altar, in one of the main rooms in the deluxe Church....he has a huge grin on his face...as music begins playing...and Nicole is seen walking down the aisle!

-Jan is seen inside a dressing room at a Church as well...she's in...a wedding dress! She says it isn't exactly the most beautiful wedding dress, on such short notice...she looks at Bentley and Josh, who are sitting across the room...she then looks at Lucas, who's hands are still tied, and he's still unconscious, aside from stirring every now and again...she says that she ordered him a suit too, not to worry...she walks over and takes Lucas's shirt off, then his shoes and pants, as she begins to put him in his wedding suit...

-Eugenia says she can't believe this...Greta and Lea took her baby and made her think he was dead...and then Jan kept her baby and tried to use it ot keep Lucas! She looks at Lea and says they're ALL disgusting...Lea tells her no...she doesn't understand! She says she hated this since the beginning...she was always against it! Eugenia says so...that baby in "Blake Willens" grave...is really Jan's! Lea says yes...his real name is Bradley Spears...she explains that she was Jan's nurse before Jan went into premature labour...Eugenia asks how that happened. Lea says that Greta had been spying on Lucas and Eugenia for awhile, as she knows...and once Greta told Jan that they were engaged...it sent her into labour...and Bradley couldn't be saved! Eugenia says she still can't believe this...she says she's going to find Jan, take her son back, and mak her life a living hell! Lea tells her the problem is...Jan isn't here! Eugenia asks where the hell she is!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Lea says she's not quite sure...she came here and managed to get in, but Jan nor Lucas were anywhere to be found...Eugenia looks around and remembers that Kate is unconscious on the ground...she asks what happened to her, if Lea did this! Lea says no, of course not...she doesn't even recognize this woman! Kate begins to wake up...and Eugenia rushes to her side and asks if she's alright!

-Laura says this is still confusing, and very sudden...but at this point, she'll take whatever help she can get...she explains to April that Robin's framed her for so much....she thinks she may not have a chance! April says that they're going to make sure that the court doesn't believe Robin...they just have to catch Robin in a lie!

-Kate slowly wakes up...she looks around, and once she can see everything clearly, she asks Eugenia what she's doing here...Eugenia says she found her here...Kate mutters that the last thing she remembers is that psycho knocking her out...Eugenia asks what psycho! Kate replies that Jan walked up to her while Kate was at the door, with a gun, and knocked her out....Eugenia's eyes go WIDE, and she asks Kate if she knows what she could be doing....Kate says no...she explains that she was looking for Lucas, but Jan said that he was a little "tied up" at the moment and might be taking a trip...Eugenia looks at Lea and Kate as Kate stands up and she says Jan may be harming Lucas...and her son!

-Nicole walks down the aisle...smiling at Travis all the way...Greta watches from a hidden area, whispering that Nicole better enjoy her happiness now...it won't last long! Nicole walks up to the altar, and takes Travis's hand, as the priest begins speaking....

-Kate asks her what she's talking about...Eugenia explains the whole situation to Kate, who is stunned...she says this can't be true, and looks at Lea...she asks why she's not in jail! Lea tells them please...she NEVER wanted to do this....and once Jan paid her off, she just left Salem...Eugenia looks at Lea, dumbfounded, and says "Jan PAID YOU OFF?!" and Lea says yes...the day after Eugenia and Lucas's failed wedding, Jan gave her a check, and threatened to kill her if she didn't take it and leave! Kate says she knew it, she always knew that girl was pure trouble...she never learned from the days she was after Shawn...but she took a baby, a baby that belonged to another woman, and passed it off as her and Lucas's...she never even told Lucas that his child was dead! Eugenia says she knows...she just....she doesn't know what to say...but now...she needs to find out what that lunatic has done with her son!

-Jan and Lucas are both now fully dressed...Jan finally cuts the duct tape off of Lucas's arms, as he comes to...he's very very drugged, and slurrily asks whats going on...Jan says their about to do something very...very happy...she tells him just to come with her, as she gets her sons and leads a stumbing Lucas out of the room, and to one of the main areas of the Church!

-Kate re-assures Eugenia it'll all be alright...they will find Lucas and Josh, and once they tell him what Jan's done...none of them will ever see him again! Eugenia says Jan could harm Josh, for all she knows....Lea says that Jan loved that child to death...she'd never hurt him. Eugenia says she doesn't know about that...she thought her child was dead...but he turned out alive! She says she feels so many things right now...she's in shock...she's angry at Greta, Lea, and Jan...she doesn't know where Jan took Lucas and Josh...she says that also, not only will she have to find Josh and get him back...she's going to have to tell Lucas that his fiancee has been lying to him ever since she came back...and that his son is dead. Kate sighs and says this is just...terrible...there are no words. Suddenly, Lea hears her cell phone buzz...she picks it up to see a text message saying "Jan's In Las Vegas"...Lea gasps, realizing its from Greta! She shows it to Eugenia....Eugenia is silent for a moment as she stares at it, before saying:

Eugenia:Well....I have to go to Las Vegas...


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