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Episode#431: Lea Comes Clean




Episode#431: Lea Comes Clean

-Alexis and April walk into the cell area at the police station...Chris leads them to Laura's cell, and he tells Laura she has some visitors...Laura greets Alexis, and asks her who her friend is....Alexis grins and tells Laura this is April Ramirez: her new lawyer!

-Nicole and Travis are seen at one of many Churches in Las Vegas...Nicole is in a wedding dress, and is with Travis...Travis says you know, its bad luck for the bride to see the groom before the wedding...Nicole says pft, she's had enough bad luck...whats a little more, and she knows NOTHING or no one can ruin her and Travis...absolutely nothing! She says she's glad they were able to find one of very few Churches in Las Vegas that had an actual priest instead of an Elvis impersonator...Travis says yeah, and Nicole says that Las Vegas may be her type of town, but with him...the ceremony has to at least be serious. Travis agrees...as he says that he can't believe that in a few hours...they'll be husband and wife! The two kiss each other...but none other than GRETA is revealed to be spying on them...she laughs as she says to herself that not only is Nicole in Las Vegas to marry her dumb boyfriend...Jan is here with Lucas, too! She says she can kill two birds with one stone right here!

-Jan sits in her limosine...she looks at her son, and again joyously says that they'll all four be a family soon...she tells Josh that she and his daddy will finally be married! She looks at Bentley and says that somewhere up there...HIS daddy must be so proud of her....she knows he's cheering her on!

-Eugenia PUNCHES Lea...Lea falls to the ground, and Eugenia leans down and grabs her...she says its time to know what the hell happened to her precious baby! Lea begs her to stop, please stop...she promises Eugenia that she will tell her EVERYTHING!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Eugenia yells at Lea...she asks if she switched her and Jan's babies...is Josh HERS! She asked why her son was crying when he was born...she told her he was just stillborn...she didn't say anything else...she asks why she was so mysterious that no one in the hospital knew about her, and why she took her to the back of the hospital...to that one small room...she asks who that woman was outside that Dr.Stansville ran into...she asks why her pregnancy was fine a month or two before Blake supposedly died! Lea says STOP...she will confess EVERYTHING...Eugenia will have the answers she wants!

-Laura looks at Alexis confusedly and asks what...she says she was already working on getting a lawyer! Alexis says now, she's not...because April is here to save the day from the Wicked Witch of the West! Laura asks if she said April Ramirez...her son's ex-fiancee...April smiles and tells her thats right...she guesses Mike's told her about her...she says its great to finally meet her! Laura stares at April and Alexis, completely shocked, and asks Alexis if this is a joke!

-Eugenia says good...then start talking, damnit! Lea tells her yes...everything isn't as it seemed with her baby's birth, she's right...and she's been very smart to investigate it...and in the end, she is honestly glad that Eugenia, Lucas, and everyone else will know the truth! Eugenia says just SPILL IT already...Lea tells Eugenia that she's right...Jan and Eugenia's babies were switched upon birth!

-Greta grins as she says she escaped from that lovely mental ward daddy dearest put her in....she of course sent Lea back to Salem to expose that bitch Jan, and she went after the woman she hates the most: Nicole. She says she has a plan for Nicole and her lover...but now, Jan's kidnapped her own lover and taken him to Las Vegas....and it all couldn't turn out better! She laughs as she watches Travis and Nicole continue to kiss passionately...before heading out to get married!

-Eugenia looks at Lea slowly....she says so this really means its true then....Josh Spears...that baby Jan has had for months....is REALLY, TRUTHFULLY hers?! Lea nods and says yes...she grabs the security tape and says this is proof....Eugenia slowly whispers so thats what happened to it...she begins to pace, she says that she already suspected this...but...that beautiful baby....that beautiful, beautiful boy....is hers...all this time, all these months....he's been alive and right in front of her!

-Jan looks down at Lucas...she slowly strokes his cheek, as he begins to arouse...however, he can barely see anything, or make out whats going on...Jan says good...she says those drugs she stuffed into his system should keep him out enough to at least be conscious but take their vows...she says she hates that their wedding has to be this way...but you gotta do what you gotta do! Jan grins as she looks out the window...and sees them driving up to a Church...she says they finally found one...and its TIME!

-Lea says yes...he's alive! Eugenia turns to her and asks why...how...she tells her she didn't even KNOW her until that night...WHY THE HELL did she try to RUIN her life like that! Lea says no no no...it wasn't even her idea, she was against it...she explains that she was working for Greta...Greta was the woman that doctor saw outside the room! Eugenia asks why Greta would want to hurt her like that...Lea says she's crazy...she explains that Greta was doing it because of Jan...her baby was that one that Eugenia buried, the one she gave her! Eugenia says Greta HATED Jan...it doesn't make any sense! Lea says that incase Jan did escape the Secret Room...Greta knew she would use baby Josh to try to keep Lucas...so she ultimately set her up to fall, because she'd eventually expose her...like this! Eugenia stares at Lea, and realizes that Jan went along with it....all these months, she's gone along with it...right in front of Eugenia! She says that her son....HER SON....was used as a pawn to try to keep a man...all this time...he's just been like a damn PAWN to that bitch Jan Spears!


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