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Episode#430: Arrival in Las Vegas

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Episode#430: Arrival in Las Vegas

-Alexis and April ride in a car, on the way to the police station to see Laura...Alexis says so....what went down between her and Mike! April laughs and assures her it was years ago, but she says that they fell in love in the late eighties...she explains that when Robin came back and saw them together, she left Mike so he could be with her...but in the end, it scared Robin away, and she ended up marrying Nick Corelli...she says later, she and Mike got engaged, but he went to Israel...and she knew it was over when he didn't come back...she says that was TWO times she let Robin have Mike...only for her to turn around and frame his mother for all this stuff she didn't even do!

-Hope asks if this means it involves Kristen...Bo nods and says yes, it does...but assures her that everything's fine. He says she's coming with him...but they are just working together, he's just trying to help her find out if Vivian really did set her brother up...Hope nods, slightly hesitant, but she thinks to herself that she has to trust Bo...and he's right. She tells him...alright, she just hopes he's not gone for long!

-Eugenia yells NO...she's getting too hopeful and is stepping out of reality! She says there's no way Greta would have even bothered to switch Josh and Blake...she says thats impossible! However, she then says that months ago, it would've seemed totally crazy to her that Jan hadn't run off, and was locked up in some hidden room underneath the Spears Mansion...and Greta did pull off alot more schemes...she tried to kill Nicole, she drugged Celeste into a coma, she stabbed Alexis...and who would've thought that she did any of those things! Eugenia says maybe...maybe...it really IS possible that Greta switched the babies! She says she may end up looking like a fool...but she has to find Jan and baby Josh and try to figure this out! With that, Eugenia sets off for the Spears Mansion!

-Megan says finally....at last....the precious baby boy of her and Bo...after all this time, after everything she's done...she thanks Dr.Stansville...Dr.Stansville slowly nods, and says she needs to get back to Jill....Megan says no, thats okay...she's done her job...Jill can die now! Dr.Stansville looks on in Megan at astonishment and says this woman helped her carry this child...how could she say such a thing! Megan says she's useless now...let her die! Dr.Stansville grumbles in disgust as Megan walks off....

-In Las Vegas....JAN is seen getting off the Spears private jet! She slowly pulls Lucas out...and then her sons...as she boards a limosine, she says now is the time for her and Lucas to get married! She laughs...however, unknown to her...Greta Von Amberg(Julianne Morris) watches from a distance!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Alexis says yeah, Robin's a real bitch...it seems April definitely knows of her! April says yeah, she heard about this and although her and Robin never fought, they barely knew each other, she had to come back...Alexis says maybe its not her place to ask this...but did she come back to take on Robin...or to get Mike back!

-Bo tells her not to worry...they just have to find this Sundberg guy...and then he'll be back! She smiles and says she'll miss him...but she knows that their new life together is just beginning! Bo grins and kisses his wife...the two begin to make love right there in their living room!

-Megan walks into the DiMera Mansion quietly with her and Bo's son...she smiles as she says here they are....home! She says very soon...oh very soon....they'll be united with Daddy once and for all!

-Eugenia walks up to the entrance to the Spears Mansion...she sees Kate on the ground, unconscious...she gasps as she rushes towards her and asks what the hell happened to her!

-Dr.Stansville walks back into Jill's hospital room...she looks at Jill and says she wishes she could save her...but Jill's head has lost too much blood....she doesn't know if she can. Dr.Stansville walks over to Jill's bedside and almost sheds a tear as she says she's so sorry...she's so sorry that she had to work for someone so ungrateful as Megan, and that she had to hide her other baby from her for all these months...Dr.Stansville looks up as Jill flatlines....however, Jill's eyes briefly opens...everything's very blurry for her, and she looks at Dr.Stansville, and manages to mumble:

Jill:How's...how's...the baby?

Dr.Stansville:Both are fine...Megan has her's...and she doesn't know about your little girl...and I promise she's going to a good home...

After Dr.Stansville promises this, Jill's eyes close....as Jill Stevens dies....

-Jan sits inside the limosine she arranged to pick her up when she gets to Las Vegas...she looks at the tied up Lucas, and her sons...she says again, she's sorry about this...but its what she has to do! She says it won't take long at all to get to a Church!

-April looks at Alexis and laughs...she says no...its too far in the past...Alexis tells April that from how she's talking, she didn't really know Robin...never even met Laura...so there has to be another reason! She asks April how she even heard about this anyways...if she lived in the Big Apple...surely she wouldn't just hear about something as simple as this! April shrugs and says she keeps up with a few Hortons...Alexis chuckles, and says ahh....she thinks to herself, however, that April must be back to snatch up Mike before Robin can!

-Eugenia tries to wake Kate up....she wonders what happened...and she notices a huge bump on Kate's head! She says she has no clue what could have possibly happened...or why Kate was even here anyways, since Lucas wants nothing to do with her...or where Lucas is, anyways! Suddenly, she looks up as a woman comes out of the Spears Mansion...and she sees....LEA! Lea looks down at Eugenia, and Eugenia flashes back to the night of Blake's birth...she slowly stands up...and PUNCHES Lea! Lea falls to the ground with a scream, as Eugenia tells her she doesn't know what she's doing here, but NOW its time for her to have answers: What happened to her son!

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