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Episode#437: The End of the Switch




Episode#437: The End of the Switch

-April looks at Mike and asks if he just said that he slept with Alexis Kefer! Mike says yeah...April explains to him that was one of the first people she met upon coming back to Salem! Mike tells her thats not surprising, and says that Alexis is majorly involved in this mess. April thinks for a moment and then says that so...Robin must be jealous of him and Alexis, and now it makes sense!

-Maggie gasps and asks Abe if he's serious...Abe asks her why wouldn't he be! Maggie looks at the ring and happily says of course she'll marry him!

-Travis and Nicole continue to make love...however, they hear a knock on the door! Nicole asks who that could be...Travis tells her he ordered them some special champagne for their wedding night! Outside the room, a table is there with a bottle and two glasses of filled champagne on it...however Greta arrives...and pours a vile of poison into one!

-Lucas asks Eugenia what she's talking about...Jan says she's gone into denial! Eugenia snaps she has NOT, she's telling the truth! Lucas looks around and says no...this is impossible, it can't be true! Eugenia says she's sorry, but she has proof...she says Greta was behind it, and explains the entire situation to Lucas...Lucas continues to deny it, but Eugenia constantly confirms it...Josh is her son! Lucas finally looks at Jan and asks if this is true!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Jan tells Lucas no....Eugenia's lying! Lucas asks what the hell is going on...he asks Jan why she's in a wedding dress, and why he is in a suit! Eugenia then explains Jan kidnapping him....and Lucas just stares at her...he asks how she could do such a thing! Jan says no, he doesn't understand...but Lucas says no, he does...she KIDNAPPED him once she learned he chose Eugenia! Eugenia yells "WHAT?!" and Lucas says:

Lucas:Wait...if you did all this...taking me to Las Vegas to try to marry me.....then you really did pretend that Josh was our son, didn't you? You tricked me for all these months...you tricked Eugenia, me, everyone else?

-Mike says NO, Robin's not jealous...she just has grown very over-protective of Jeremy! April says while thats possible, she thinks that Robin may just be jealous of Alexis...she tells him that Robin did want him back when they were together, but she left heartbroken once she saw him and April together. Mike tells her that was twenty years ago, Robin's changed since then...she's become a cold stone bitch!

-Jan tells Lucas NO...NO...Eugenia tells him its the truth...Jan tells Lucas she's his WIFE, he should believe HER!!!! Lucas looks at her in shock and asks WHAT...Jan tells him that right here in this Church, he DID marry her! Eugenia tells Lucas this should show him how crazy Jan is...she tells Jan that she wants her son back...and she's not leaving without him! Not this time! Lucas looks Jan in the eyes and tells her if she loves him at all...if she loves him at ALL...she'll tell him if his son is really dead, and if she's been passing Josh off as Eugenia's son for months! He stares deep into her eyes...and Jan finally screams that its TRUE! Its all true!

-Maggie jumps up and hugs Abe, and then pulls him into a very passionate kiss....she says she can't believe this! Abe says they've been together so long now...he just thought it was time...and soon, she can be Maggie Carver! Maggie stares at him for a moment...and slowly says not so fast!

-Jan tells Lucas that her baby WAS stillborn...and Greta took him, their little Bradley, and switched him with Josh! Lucas says but she went along with it...Jan says YES, because she fell in love with Josh...she considered him HER son! She explains to Lucas that she thought that would've helped him stay with her...Lucas asks Jan how she could use a baby as a toy like that! Jan says he has to understand...Lucas says he does...he understands that she's a crazy bitch! He tells Eugenia to come on...they should get Josh AND Bentley, and get back to Salem!

-Greta says to herself that she doesn't really care who drinks this...but she hopes its Travis, just to spice up Nicole's life a little bit! She grins as she walks off, and Travis comes outside and pulls the cart inside...Nicole says oooh this looks good...they both grab their glasses and toast to their new lives together...and Travis begins to drink the poison one!

-Jan says Bentley is HER son, he has no relation to Lucas aside from that whole third cousin or whatever mess! Lucas tells Jan that he's raised Bentley ever since he was born...he helped Jan give birth to him...and he loves him like a son, he's not going to let him live alone with some psycho like Jan! He calls Jan despicable, and tells her that they'll be out of the Spears Mansion in no time! He tells Jan they are THROUGH, and she breaks down crying...he turns to Eugenia, and she asks what he meant when Jan said that he chose her...Lucas tells Eugenia that before Jan pulled this stunt...he made his choice, he chose Eugenia over Jan! Eugenia says wow....she says to Lucas she doesn't know what to say! Lucas pulls her into a kiss and tells her she doesn't need to say anything! Eugenia walks over to Josh, HER son...she picks him up, and tears fall from her eyes at finally be reuniting with him...she says that he's her son...he is her son! Lucas gets Bentley, and the four leave the Church, leaving Jan a complete mess as the baby switch finally ends....

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LMAO Greta is mad. She said she dont care who drinks it as long as it's somebody huh? LMAO like fu(k it huh?

Maggie and Abe engaged? Very nice.

JAN IS STILL [!@#$%^&*] LOONEY But again Euggie and Lucas, YUCK! But I mean it is nice they over came that and the last scene was acutually emotional. What the hell is Jan going to do now?

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