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Episode#438: A Poisoned Drink




Episode#438: A Poisoned Drink

-Jan stands up, all alone, in the Church...she says to herself that Lucas is gone....Josh is gone....Bentley is gone...she says that Eugenia won! She says that damn Greta...she knows she arranged this...she probably sent that bitch Lea back to town! She says that she and Lucas were MARRIED, she almost had everything she wanted...but Eugenia, Greta, Lea...they all just had to blow it to hell! Jan screams in frusteration as she yells that she's lost ANOTHER man!

-April asks Mike if he knows why she became such a bitch...Mike shakes his head, he says he lived in Israel on/off and saw her from time to time but no, he has no clue where it came from! April says its obvious that Robin never got over him...Mike laughs and says that Robin hates him! April tells Mike not to be so sure, she says that he's a man that NO woman can deny!

-Abe asks Maggie's what wrong...Maggie tells Abe that she'd love to marry him and she's going to...but she can't take on the Carver name! Abe asks why not, and Maggie explains that she feels like keeping the Horton last name is one of the last links she has to Mickey!

-Travis and Nicole drink their champagne glasses...Travis drinks the poisoned one, as they toast to their new life together, and Nicole tells Travis that she loves him so much...there's no one for her but him...

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Vivian walks into the Kiriakis Mansion after an evening of dinner at the Penthouse Grille...Henderson follows her in, and she tells him that despite Valentine owning half of everything, she still loves being in control like this as Mrs. Victor Kiriakis! Henderson rolls his eyes at her...and Vivian walks into the living room, and turns the light on, to see CELESTE sitting on the couch!

-Mike laughs and tells her that Carrie loved Austin...but April points out that Carrie stayed married to him for years! She says that she just knows that she definitely can't resist him, Alexis couldn't resist him, and Robin probably wants him back! Mike tells April that he hopes her lawyer skills aren't like this, or his mother is gonna be in trouble! April laughs and says to Mike that she calls them like she sees them! She and Mike stand beside each other for a moment, silent...and they lean in and kiss!

-Travis and Nicole continue drinking the champagne, telling each other how much they love each other, and Travis drinks the last of his glass!

-Abe sighs and tells Maggie he kinda understands, but he just wanted her to take on his last name...Maggie says she's sorry, but whats important is that they are getting married! Abe smiles and says thats true, and the fiancee's kiss.;..

-Nicole drinks the last of her glass, and sets it aside. She leans in to kiss Travis...but suddenly...Travis stops! Nicole asks whats wrong, and Travis says he doesn't know...he just feels sick all of a sudden...and then he suddenly doubles over in pain!


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