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Episode#439: Nicole Tries to Help Travis




Episode#439: Nicole Tries To Help Travis

-Vivian asks Celeste what she's doing here...she says she cannot just barge into her mansion like that! Celeste tells Vivian that she still has the keys...she informs Vivian that she is going to be here sometimes, she wouldn't dare leave Vivian alone in her soulmate's house!

-Sami is buying some coffee at the Java Cafe...she goes to a table and sits down with some coffee, and smiles as Arianna sits in her stroller...Brandon walks in and greets her...and asks if this is her granddaughter!

-April and Mike lean in and KISS...they both embrace the kiss for a moment, but suddenly they both pull back...April apologizes, as does Mike...April says that all the emotions from seeing him again must have gotten caught up with her...they hear someone say "Oooh whats going on here?" and they both look to see Alexis standing in the doorway!

-Travis doubles over in pain, and Nicole looks at him in shock and asks whats wrong...Travis falls off the bed and clutches his stomach, and Nicole begins to worry and again asks whats wrong! Travis shakes his head and slowly says he doesn't know but he feels sick! Nicole wonders what to do as Travis lies on the ground in pain!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Vivian tells Celeste to stop deluding herself...Victor married HER on his deathbed! Celeste reminds her that she and Victor reunited right before he died, and so she deserves all this, NOT Vivian! She tells Vivian she already married Stefano, why did she have to marry Victor too?! Vivian grins at seeing Celeste squirm, and simply explains that she loves Victor...she always wanted him back! She tells Celeste that if she really wants to do something...how about she finds out who KILLED him!

-Sami smiles and says yes...this is little Arianna! Brandon grins and says she's cute. He tells her that Carrie's talked about her a few times, Sami says yup, Arianna loves great aunt Carrie! Sami asks how Brandon and Carrie have been lately, she hasn't seen them too much! Brandon tells her they've just been keeping busy. He says he's really been happy with Carrie, he loves her so much, and Sami slowly nods and says thats good...

-Nicole asks Travis whats going on, and Travis tells her he feels awful...as he lies on the ground in pain, Nicole quickly calls 911 and tries to help him!

-Mike tells Alexis nothing, nothing is going on...he says he was just getting re-acquainted with April here! Alexis walks in and says yeah...his ex-fiancee that, aside from a brief mention, he never told her about! Mike looks at Alexis and tells her that he doesn't need to give her every detail of his life...Alexis says maybe not..she walks forward and asks if they've had fun meeting each other again after all these years!

-The paramedics arrive at the hotel...they bust into Nicole and Travis's room and Nicole yells for them to please help him...she yells that he's her husband! The paramedics check Travis out for a moment and try to help him...but they turn to Nicole and say its appeared he's been poisoned...and he may not make it!


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