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Episode#440: Death Did Us Part!



University Hospital

Sami walks in John’s room. She pulls up a chair. She looks over him, pulling the covers up over his chest.

She speaks to him,

“I don’t know how much longer God plans to keep you like this. I keep faith that you will come back to us dad.” She pauses and thinks of Marlena being murdered.

“Come back to what dad? The woman of your life is gone, forever. Thanks to that Stami, this ultimately is my fault for getting involved with a sicko like him in the first place. Will you ever be able to forgive me? Can you ever get over the fact that Marlena is no longer here with us. I know I am a rotten person dad, but can you really believe they thought I killed my own mother. I know I have done some evil things in my days, but killing my mother could never be one of them.” She wipes a tear falling from her right eye.

“Anyway dad, you really have to come out of this coma. You have great grandkids now. Arianna is beautiful. She is a splitting image of Will. In fact she has your eyes. You are going to love her. I can’t believe I am a grandmother now( After saying that, it really hits her, Sami Brady, is now a grandmother!). ……..I am a grandmother. That means I am getting old. Just like you dad. It’s a scary thought. Here I am a grandmother and I have nothing to show for it. I have nothing. Nothing at all.” She caresses John’s face.

“I will get my life together. Just for you. I don’t want you to wake up out this coma and be disappointed in me. I love you dad and I will see you soon.” She gets up, kisses John on his forehead and quietly leaves the room, wondering how she is going to get her life together.


Episode: 440, Death did us Part!

Written by: ML Cooks

Executive Story Consult: Tara Smith

A small private plane lands on a grassy field on Padre Island. The plane which has smoke coming from the engine comes to a stop. Kristen and Bo hop off the plane, coughing, and pretty banged up from the hard landing.


“Are you ok?”


“Besides from being tossed around like a cheap barbie on this toy plane, I am fine. Just have a splitting headache.”


“And I’m hungry. Let’s try to get to the local motel.” Bo walks over to the pilot.

“Can you guide us to a motel?”

The Puerto Rican looks at Bo confusedly.


“Do you speaketh any English?”


“No Habla En Englas!”


“Great.” Bo puts his hand together and makes the sleep sign, putting his hands next to his face.

Pilot, imitating Bo’s sleep sign



“I think he understands” he says looking back at Kristen.


“Seguir me.” He says waving his hand, signaling them to follow him.


“El walkie, 4 miles” He says pointing on the highway.


“Tell me he didn’t just say we have to walk 4 miles to the nearest motel.”


“Si, Si!”

Bo, smiling, taking the situation in humorously, looks at Kristen

“Let’s put a move on it sweet cheeks.”


“You can’t be serious?”


“I’m not carrying you.” He says starting down the road.”


“BO! “ She hollers out but he keeps walking. She takes her heels off and begins to run after Bo and joining him on the journey to the local motel.


“Don’t forget this was your idea.”


“I’m not in the mood Bo.”

Bo chuckles, enjoying getting under Kristen’s skin.

Back in Salem, The Kirakis Mansion

Celeste, looking at Vivian in the living room

“How can I help find out who killed Victor dahling? I am willing to bet that you know more about who killed Victor than I ever could.”


“In your dreams. Just get over it Celeste. I win, you lose. I have everything. Money, power. You have nothing. You’re nothing but a bottom feeder. Admit it.”


“You will not have it all for long dahling.”


“Please, I’m not your darling, so please stop saying that to me. And who tells you I won’t have it all? Your card readings? Celeste, please, you sound pathetic! Playing solitaire with yourself is old and it’s making you delusional. You need a new hobby to occupy your time…darling. Clearly you are bored.”


“You take such joy in this. Insulting me,-“

Vivian, cutting her off

“Now wait, YOU came here! I own this house. You are the trespasser here! It’s a waste of time in talking with you. Why should I? I’m the winner. You’re a loser. You can keep all your dreams and card theories to yourself. Nothing and no one ever will ever take what I got from me. I have worked too hard to get to this point. I basically own and control Salem. I will not give that up without a fight.. In fact, in a few days, I plan something big that will rock this little town. It will cement my control of Salem for years to come. Remember Celeste, I am unstoppable. Tell your friends that. Now get the hell out of my house before I call security.”


“As you wish dahling. But you remember all good things come to an end. What goes up must come down. Good night.” Celeste turns around and leaves Vivian to herself.

Vivian pours herself a drink. She looks around the living room and really takes in she owns the Kirakis mansion.

“I own Salem, I own everyone and I will not give that up. Salem is mine!”

Back at the Hospital

Alexis looks at Mike and April waiting for an answer to her question


“Hello? Let’s not be speechless now? Did you two have fun hooking back up after all these years?”


“Mike, what the hell is she doing here?”


“She's just a groupie.”


“Excuse me? You was not saying that a few months ago when-“ Mike gets up out of his chair, knowing what Alexis is about to say and not wanting April to hear it from Alexis, grabs Alexis and pushes her out his office, slamming the door in her face and locks it.


“You Bastard! I’ll get you for this!” She says hollering at the door. She causes a scene and patients and nurses look at her. Alexis is embarrassed and calms herself down, fixing her clothes.

“I’ll get you for this Mike Horton. I think Robyn might find it interesting if she knew Mike and April were shacking up. Hmm, sounds good to me.” Alexis leaves the hospital to find Robin.

Meanwhile inside of Mike’s office.


“Mike, what just happened?”


“A dreadful mistake. She's a mean and spiteful little woman.”


“You mean you were with her?”


“It was a one night stand. She was dating my son.”


“Jeremy? …….Oh my Mike.”


“I know April. How could I? Believe me I regret it every day.”

April, walking over to him and hugging him. She pulls back and looks into his eyes.

“My God your eyes still do me in every time.”

Mike winks at her. He leans in and begins to kiss her passionately. She rubs his chest and realizes Mike has really kept his body up.


“Do you still have that hairy chest? You know I find that sexy.”

Mike, smiling at her. He unbuttons his shirt and proudly shows his ex lover his well toned and defined chest. April caress his chest and looks in his eyes. Mike pushes everything off of his desk and sits April on top of it, kissing her passionate once again. They make love, in the afternoon in Mike’s office at the Hospital.

Las Vegas, Kindred Hospital

Nicole is waiting in the lobby of the ER, drinking coffee, trying to remain calm and praying for the best for Travis. A doctor approaches her.

“Nicole Walker?”


“That’s me doctor.”


“I’m Dr. Hocksteader. I understand you were with Travis when he was brought in?”


“I am Dr. Hocksteader? How is he? Is he ok?”

Dr. Hocksteader

“I’m sorry Ms. Walker, Travis was poisoned tonight. We were unable to save him. He was poisoned with cyanide.”

Nicole drops to the floor in hysterical tears.

“NO!!!!! This can’t be happening. Travis can’t be dead!!!! Someone killed him!!!”


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