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#87 Friday, November 20th



George and Cassandra are still shocked at the site of Andrew.


Cassandra: This can't be.


Andrew: I can't tell you how many times I've heard that since I've been back.


George: This makes no sense.

Andrew: It's a very long story and we've got a lot to talk about.

Cassandra: I need to sit down.

Cassandra sits down.

Cassandra: I thought you were gone forever, now you're standing at the door.

George: This can't be who I think it is.

Cassandra: I'd know your father anywhere and that's him.

George: It's not possible. We know that he died a long time ago.

Andrew: Like I told you, it's a long story, but I am Andrew McGregor. I held you when

you were just an infant, I know you couldn't possibly remember.

George: I don't know.

Cassandra: Let's hear what he has to say. I want to hear exactly why he left, without

so much as a word why.

Andrew: Now wait a minute, Cassandra. I think we both have some explaining to do to George. He

needs the truth from both his parents.



At the police station, Edmund and Stephen are just coming out of questioning.


Edmund: Thanks for coming so quickly.


Stephen: I'm glad you caught me, I was just about to go to Chicago on business.

It wouldn't have good for you to be questioned without a lawyer.

Edmund: I don't get any of this, I never would have thought Christina would have been involved

in so many illegal things.

Stephen: Sometimes you think you know somebody.

Edmund: They think I had something to do with her dealings.

Stephen: They didn't accuse you of anything.

Edmund: Not in so many words, but it's obvious that I'm implicated. Christina

deals in stolen merchandise, I'm in the retail business.

Stephen: Stay calm.

Edmund: I can't. I just got Troy and Kevin back, what if this causes me to lose them?

Stephen: We'll handle this and it will all be fine.

Christina and her lawyer come out of the holding area.


Christina: Well, I made bail.

Edmund: Yeah, I can see that.

Christina: I know how upset you must be right now.

Edmund: When were you planning on telling me the truth about you?

Christina: I never intended to get this involved with you again, but

when we started to get closer, I was afraid to say anything. I didn't even

think it was going to be a problem, all of that was behind me.

Edmund: That's not good enough.

Christina: Please, you have got to believe me.

Edmund: I can't even look at you right now. Because of you, I'm under a microscope.

Christina: I'll make sure you don't get pulled further into this, I already told them

you had nothing to do with this.

Edmund: Your word is no good with these people. I could be up on charges of haboring

a criminal and that is something that Leigh could use as grounds to take my kids from me.

Christina: If I could do this all over again, I would have told you everything, I probably

wouldn't have even come here.

Edmund: It's too late for that now.

Edmund leaves.


Leigh and Norm are at her apartment discussing the case.


Norm: Just talked to my sources and the plan is done.


Leigh: You mean Christina was busted?

Norm: Yep, right at Edmund's house.

Leigh: The judge surely will see that as an improper environment for children.

Norm: I've petitioned the court on those grounds, we can get a hearing soon.

Leigh: Finally, I have the upper hand. At least I hope I do.

Norm: You do. The fact that the cops hauled Edmund in for questioning is extra security.

Leigh: Wait a minute? They hauled Edmund in too?

Norm: Is that a problem?

Leigh: All I wanted to do was get custody of my kids, I never wanted Edmund to be

in any real legal trouble.

Norm: Relax, it was just questioning.

Leigh: And things like that can lead to even more. I'm starting to think I went to far.

Norm: You can't turn back now.

Leigh: I've been so caught up in the case, I think I've forgotten this is really about the


Norm: It is, you want a chance to raise them yourself.

Leigh: Yes, but look at what I've resorted to. I may have gotten their father in

real legal trouble.

Norm: Trust me, he won't get in trouble.

Leigh: I don't want to risk it any further.

Norm: It's too late. What's done is done.

Leigh: And I'll have to live with the consequences.

Norm: Stop worrying. The only thing that is going to happen is what you've wanted to happen

and that's full custody of your kids.

Leigh: I've never been a saint and never will be, but I do have a conscience and sometimes

it speaks to me too late. What have a I done?


Back at the Athletic Club, Andrew is trying to explain things to George and Cassandra.

George: So, you've been alive all these years? Who would have thought it.

Andrew: It was a long road to recovery for me.

Cassandra: That was you in that car I saw. I'm not crazy after all.

George: You seem to love secrets, don't you? You kept your past a secret and on top of that, you

kept it a secret you were alive.

Andrew: I can tell you've grown into very much your mother's son.

George: She was the only one there to raise me, so it makes sense.

Cassandra: And I think I did a fine job of that, raising a son without a father isn't easy.

Andrew: Don't play that game anymore. I'm sure you've told George a lot of things about me that

aren't fair.

George: You walked out without giving a thought about me.

Andrew: Is that what she told you?

George: It's the truth, isn't it?

Andrew: No. Your mother and I got a divorce, it turns out it wasn't valid, but nonetheless she knew we were finished.

I was supposed to be a part of your life.

George: Divorce?

Andrew: Of course, she didn't tell you. It seems like her goal was to make me out to be the villain.

You mother took you and moved away, I tried to find you, but I never succeeded.

Cassandra: The fact remains that you left me to marry someone else and started another family.

Andrew: I never forgot about my son, but I did move on with my like and you knew that I intended

to do that. And for the record, I didn't get involved with anyone until after the divorce.

George: Is all of this true, Mother?

Cassandra: Who are you going to believe? Me or the father who hasn't seen you since infancy?

George: I know how you can be, sometimes you have your own version of the truth to suit yourself.

Cassandra: What does it matter now? You grew up just fine without him.

George: I want the truth.

Cassandra: All right. After the divorce, I was angry and determined to raise you on my own, so I

took off. When you got older and started asking about your father, I was afraid that you would

want to go live with him because he become a business tycoon and could give you everything I couldn't, so I

told you he left us high and dry.

George: All about you, everything is about you. Do you know how terrible it feels to grow up thinking a parent

cares nothing about you?

Cassandra: I can't make any excuses, what I did was very stupid and selfish.

George: I can't figure you out, it's one thing after another with you. I find out you've done one thing and

try to let it go and then I found out something else you did.

Cassandra: If we can talk this out--

George: I can't deal with this right now, either of you.

George goes in the bedroom and closes the door.

Cassandra: Never thought I'd ever have to deal with you causing me grief again.

Andrew: Take some responsibility here, you didn't have to tell our son those lies.

Cassandra: You broke our home in the first place.

Andrew: That marriage wasn't going to work, had we stayed together, we would have both been miserable.

Cassandra: You didn't want to try.

Andrew: I'm not here to talk shoulda, coulda, wouldas with you.

Cassandra: The funny thing is, we are still married. That quickie divorce lawyer of yours never filed

the paperwork properly.

Andrew: I know that and I'm prepared to fix it.

Cassandra: You are, are you?

Andrew: I certainly am.

Cassandra: I suppose you want to make your marriage to the happy homemaker/CEO legit.

Andrew: You always did have a sharp tongue, it's gotten even sharper over the years.

Cassandra: I adapt over time, in this world you have to.

Andrew: I'll have my lawyer contact you soon about the divorce papers.

Cassandra: You do that as soon as possible.

Cassandra opens the door and Andrew leaves. Cassandra shuts the door behind him and takes a deep breath,

realizing her world just got more complicated.

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Love it. Leigh is having 2nd thoughts. Dumb bummy. It would be a real shame if Edmund was caught in t he crossfire. And shame on Chrstina.

Love the showdown with Drew. U did a great job casting him. I could picture him saying some of those lines. I really feel bad for Geroge. My dad dies at a very young age. I wonder wat Sandy is going to do now

Also You have one of the best cast here at the blogs

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