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Monday March 16 2009



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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All the Days of Our Lives

Belle is sitting on the couch in Sami's house. Sami comes down the stairs, ready for her date with EJ.

Belle: Wow Sami, you look great.

Sami: Are you sure?

Belle: Of course! Now go, before you're late!

Sami: Ok, ok.

Sami leaves the house, and Belle locks the door. Belle's phone rings. She answers it.

Belle: Hello?

Shawn: Hey, Belle.

Belle: Shawn, where are you? You were supposed to be here half an hour ago!

Shawn: Sorry, but I have to stay late today.

Belle: Again? Shawn, this is the third time in a row.

Shawn: I know, and I promise, I'll try to get home at a decent time.

Belle: Ok.

Shawn: I have to go, but I'll try and call you later. Bye.

Belle: Bye.

She hangs up, and buries her head in her hands. She takes her head our of her hands, and looks around. She looks confused. Her phone rings. She answers it.

Belle: Hello?

Man: Hey Mary, how are you?

Belle: Sorry, you have the wrong number.

Kate is in her apartment. She turns the TV off, and goes into the kitchen. There is a knock at the door. She opens the door, and John is standing there.

John: I was a little upset when you left me at the bar.

Kate: I had some things to do.

John: Are you going to let me in?

Kate moves out of the way, and he walks into her apartment.

Kate: Why did you come, John? Do you have an answer to my question?

He kisses her.

Kate: Hmm, I think you'll need to tell me that again.

He kisses her more passionately, and they start making out. They move closer to the couch. She unbuttons his shirt and takes it off.

Sami and EJ are sitting at a table in Chez Rouge.

EJ: So, what are you thinking about having?

Sami: The filet mignon looks really good.

EJ: I was thinking the same thing.

Sami: Oh God.

She puts down the menu.

EJ: What is it?

Sami: What, you don't feel the awkwardness?

EJ: Oh, I thought I was the only one.

Sami: Why are we even on a date? Were way past this!

EJ: I thought it would be nice to just have a night together, to enjoy a meal. If you want to do something else, then it's up to you.

Sami: No! No, it's fine here. I'm great! No awkwardness at all.

EJ laughs. Jeannie comes to their table.

Jeannie: Hi, I'm Jeannie, and I'll be your server tonight.

Sami laughs.

Sami: Since when do you work here?

Jeannie: Since I needed to save up some money. Hmm, this is an interesting couple. Are you guys discussing your children, or is this pleasure?

Sami and EJ look at each other.

Valerie is sitting in the airport, reading Bella Magazine.

Valerie: What the hell is taking so long?

Intercom: Now boarding, flight 317 Salem to Milan.

Valerie: Finally.

She gets up. She grabs her luggage, and Stefano comes behind her.

Stefano: Where do you think you're going?

Valerie: What the hell does it matter to you? I thought you didn't want me in your house anymore.

Stefano: Oh, stop the game! You are acting like a 5 year old who didn't get her way.

Valerie: No, I'm going to go visit my aunt! You know, your sister, maybe you should take time out of your busy life to go visit her once in a while.

Stefano: Do not lecture me on my relationships with my family.

Valerie: You're right, their all too dysfunctional to explain!

She turns around, and he grabs her arm.

Stefano: You're coming back home.

Valerie laughs.

Valerie: Then you wonder why I act like a 5 year old! You're treating me like one right now!

He tightens his grip on her arm.

Valerie: Let go of me!

Belle hangs up the phone, and Claire walks in the room.

Belle: Hey Ciara, how are you sweetie?

Claire: Mommy, why did you call me Ciara?

Belle looks confused, and then realizes something.

Belle: Oh, sorry honey, I made a mistake.

Ciara: I want to watch a movie.

Belle: Ok, I'll go get Johnny and Alexis, and I'll put in a movie for you guys. Just sit on the couch, and I'll be right back.

Belle leaves the room. She goes halfway up the stairs, and looks confused.

Belle: Sami, you're going to kill me, but I forgot the milk! I'll go back to the store.

She goes back down the stairs, and opens the door, where Marleana is standing, about to knock.

Belle: Mom! What are you doing here?

Marleana: I just came to see my beautiful grandchildren!

It hits Belle that she's watching the twins.

Belle: Well, you can only see three of them, because Will is out.

Marleana: Oh, what else is new?

They laugh, as Marleana walks in.

Marleana: Where were you going?

Belle looks confused.

John and Kate are lying naked on her couch, making out.

Kate: John, I honestly thought I would never have this ever again.

John kisses her neck.

John: I think we should do this more often.

Kate: I like the way you think.

They kiss.

Sami and EJ are sitting at a table in Chez Rouge.

Sami: Well, now I know that my whole family will know that I was on a date tonight.

EJ: Why? Is it a bad thing?

Sami: I didn't say that.

Jeannie comes with their food.

Jeannie: Here you guys go. Enjoy you're meal.

Sami: Thanks.

EJ: Thank you.

Jeannie: So, I'm going on break soon, I could sit with you guys.

Sami gives her a look.

Jeannie: Oh, right. I'll be back soon, to take your empty plates, and get you're dessert orders.

She leaves.

EJ: That was funny.

Sami: Funny?

EJ: Oh, come on, Samantha. She's excited for us.

Sami laughs.

Sami: So, where would we go after this?

EJ: Well, I moved out of my father's house, back into my apartment.

Sami: Really?

Stefano lets go of Valerie's arm.

Stefano: Would you just come home?

Valerie: I am going to go visit my sick aunt! What the hell is you're problem?

Stefano: You are pregnant!

Valerie: I can still fly! I'm not staying there for my entire pregnancy!

Intercom: Last call for flight 317 Salem to Milan.

Valerie: You might find this weird to hear me say, hell even I do, but I do love you. I mean, you are my father. You are a nut job some of the time, but I still love you.

Stefano: If I didn't know you were pregnant, I would ask what you were drinking.

Valerie hugs him.

Valerie: I'll be back soon. Don't worry about me.

She grabs her luggage, and leaves. Stefano stands there.

Stefano: My lord, what are you planning?

Belle and Marleana are standing in Sami's house, in front of the door.

Belle: Oh, I just heard a noise, and checked to see; I guess it was you.

Marleana: I guess so.

Claire comes out of the living room.

Claire: Grandma!

Marleana: Hello sweetie!

Marleana picks her up, and kisses her.

Marleana: How are you?

Claire: Hungry.

Marleana laughs.

Marleana: Go in the kitchen, and I will be there in 5 minutes to make something for you.

Claire: Ok.

Marleana puts her down, and Claire goes to the kitchen.

Marleana: So, did you see you're father yet?

Belle: I saw him earlier today, actually. He said he missed me, and remembered a lot. He also told me about you two.

Marleana: Oh, he did, did he?

Belle: If you don't want to talk about it, that's fine.

Marleana: I'm going to go make some food for Claire.

Marleana goes into the kitchen.

Valerie sits on the plane. Eric sits beside her.

Eric: So, I was thinking maybe a nice dinner at Chez Rouge, but Milan is nice too.

Valerie laughs.

Valerie: I was thinking we can stay there for the rest of my pregnancy.

Eric: I don't think that's a great idea.

Valerie holds her stomach.

Valerie: Maybe I could change you're mind.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Belle is on the phone in Sami's house.

Belle: This is Mary.

Sami and EJ walk into EJ's apartment, kissing.

EJ: I love you, Samantha.

Stefano is at Sami's house, in the living room with Marleana.

Stefano: What do you mean you're son is going on a trip?

Marleana: Not that it's any of you're business, but he's going to Milan for a photo shoot.

John goes into the hallway of Kate's apartment building. He kisses her, as Will walks by.


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