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Monday November 3 2008



All The Days of Our Lives

Stefano, Bo, and Ciara are in the Brady Pub.

Stefano: Why would you want to know where my daughter is?

Bo: Oh, come on, Stefano. We know she shot Carly. We found a survaliance tape of her getting into the same limo that was at the wedding, with the gun that shot Carly. That same limo then went to a warehouse on the docks. And guess who Valeri was talking to in front of the warehouse.

Stefano: So what? I was talking to my daughter. Please, if that was a crime, lock me up now.

Bo: Oh please! Don't tell me you have no idea where she is now!

Stefano: This is getting tiresome. When you find any evidence, please call me.

Bo: Oh, I will.

Stefano: Let me go get my coat, in the kitchen.

Stefano goes in the kitchen.

Bo: What the hell did he want with you?

Ciara: He said he wanted to see Johnny.

Bo: Your babysitting the twins, right?

Ciara: Ya, tonight.

Stefano listens to their conversation.

Nicole closes her locker in the hospital locker room. Her phone rings. She answers it.

Nicole: Hello?

Faye: Hey Nicole.

Nicole: Hey mom. How's my little angel?

Faye: He's very good, actually. Now, I know you dont want to get into this now, but-

Nicole: Your right; I don't want to get into this now.

Faye: If you just-

Nicole: I'm not getting into this now! Goodbye mom.

Nicole hangs up the phone.

EJ walks into the mansion, and slams the door shut. He sees Sami comming down the stairs with some bags.

EJ: What are you doing here?

Sami: I have had enough! From now on, the twins will not be comming here! They will not be spending nights here! Get your own place, and that will be fine! They are not staying with your nutjob of a father any longer!

Stefano walks into the door.

Stefano: I think my ears are burning.

EJ turns to Stefano.

EJ: I swear to God, if you did this, I will kill you with my bare hands!

Stefano: Oh, I do not have time for this! I am so tired of everyone looking at me everytime something horrible happens in this town!

Sami: Oh, I wonder why, Stefano!

Stefano: Why are you here, anyway?

Sami: Don't worry, I was just leaving!

She opens the door, and Lucas is standing outside.

Sami: Well, it all fits, doesn't it? Did you hire Lucas to shoot Carly?

Lucas: What the hell are you babbling about now, Sami?

Sami: Oh, just shut up!

Sami is about to leave.

EJ: Samantha, wait.

Marleana is sitting in the hospital cafetaria. John sits across from her.

Marleana: Hi John.

John: Hi. Are you ok?

Marleana: Yes. I'm fine. Why?

John: I heard you were at the wedding, and I was just wondering if anything happened to you.

Marleana: No. Nothing happened. I'm ok.

John: Marleana, I've done some research. It turns out we were once very in love.

Marleana: I told you that when you came back, John.

John; Yes, but I just wanted to see.

Marleana: Ok, so why are you telling me this?

John: Because I want to regain my memory, and be what I was to you.

Nicole walks into the Pub, and sees Ciara sitting at the bar.

Nicole: Hey, you guys still opened?

Ciara: No. But I'll get you something if you want.

Nicole: Really? Wow it's refreshing to have somebody going out of their way for me.

Ciara: It's no big deal. You want a sandwich?

Nicole: A veal sandwich would be great.

Ciara: Ok. I'l be back in a minute.

Ciara goes in the kitchen.

Nicole smiles.

Sami turns, and looks at EJ.

Sami: Are you freaking kidding me? Your asking me to stay here longer? What the hell is wrong with you people?!

Dora walks in.

Dora: Well, this looks fun!

Sami: What the hell is this, DiMera variety night?

Kristen walks in.

Kristen: The variety is about to get a hell of a lot better!

Sami: You know what? This might actually be good! Everybody go into the living room. We need to have a nice talk.

They go into the living room.

Ciara comes out of the kitchen with a sandwich. She give it to Nicole, who is sitting at the bar.

Nicole: Ah, that you so much.

Ciara: No problem.

Nicole: So, are you generally nice, or do I just bring it out in you?

Ciara laughs.

Ciara: Actually, my reasons are a bit selfish.

Nicole: How so?

Ciara: Well, everyone is either at the hospital, or doing hell knows what, and I'm here all alone, with the twins who are either sleeping or watching a cartoon.

Nicole laughs.

Nicole: Well, I have absoutly nothing to do tonight, so, I'd love to keep you company.

Ciara smiles.

Ciara: Thanks.

Jennifer is in the living room in her house. She holds her baby bump, and smiles. The doorbell rings.

Jennifer: Finally!

She gets up, and opens the door. Mike comes in. They hug.

Mike: How are you sis?

Jennifer: I'm good. How about you?

Mike: I'm great.

He looks at her, noticing something is up.

Mike: I know it isn't a brother's place, but I'm curious.

Jennifer: About what?

Mike: Well, I've noticed you've umm, you know.

Jennifer: Gained weight?

Mike: Umm.

Jennifer: You can just ask me, Mike.

Mike: Your also glowing.

Jennifer: That might have something to do with-

Mike: I knew it! Your pregnant!

Jennifer smiles.

Jennifer: I am!

He hugs her.

Mike: Congraulations! I'm so happy for you!

Abby comes through the door.

Abby :Hello!

Jennifer: Honey! Your back!

Jennifer hugs her.

Dora, Stefano, Sami, EJ, Kristen, and Adrianna are in the DiMera mansion living room.

Sami: Now, you all listen to me! My children are not your pawns in your stupid mind games! You will all leave them out of whatever the hell you want to do.

Stefano: All I want to do is see my grandosn! What is so wrong with that!

Vivian walks into the manison with Alexandra.

Stefano: Oh dear God, take me now!

Sami: Were all praying for the same thing Stefano!

Vivian turns to Alexandra.

Vivian: So, your the new DiMera family attorney?

Alexandra: Yes, it seems intresting.

Vivian: I suggest you head for the nearest exit! This is your modern day Adam's family! Theres the patricarh of the family, Stefano who has done everything from kidnapping to brainwahsing; there's his crazy niece, Dora who hates the entire family, and is thirsty for revenge;

Dora: I do not hate the entire family!

Vivian: Then theres questionably the nuttiest of them all, Kristen, don't get on her bad side, she just might lock you ina secrete room; there's Adrianna, who hates her father, but is still living with him, and taking handouts from him;

Adrianna: Excuse me?

Vivian: There's Elvis, who can't decide wheather he want's to be a DiMera or not; then there's his ex-wife/mother of his child, Samantha who has a tendancy of yelling at everyone, oh, and is still in love with Elvis, even though he has clearly moved on.

Sami: Why the hell are you here, anyway?

Vivian: Didn't I tell you?

Dora: Let's not forget Stefano's nutty ex-wife who buries people alive for fun.

Vivian: That would be me, Alexandra.

Alexandra: This is all very intresting, and I look forward to spending lots of time with you guys.

Jennifer, Mike, and Abby go into the living room.

Mike: So, how was London, Abby?

Abby: It was great, but I missed home.

Jennifer: We missed you too.

Abby: Wheres dad and J.J?

Jennifer: They just went to go pick up the Chineese food. They'll be back soon.

Jack and J.J. walk in.

Abby :Daddy!

She hugs Jack. J.J. hugs her.

Abby: I missed you guys so much!

Jack: We missed you too, sweetie.


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