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January 2006 Edition - Part 1



Monday January 2nd

(new years eve continues)

- Bart’s arrival sweeps Bonnie off her feet as the two enjoy a humorous and magical private New Years at Alice’s. Bonnie completely forgets that no one showed up to her party.

- Over at Chez Rouge, everyone is there and the combination of excitement, romance and drama circulates the room and outside patio.

- Outside, Austin sees Carrie for the first time and she’s in the middle of an emotional confrontation with Mike. Austin is about to leave when Mike yells, “wait”. Mike tells Carrie he knows why she’s here and not with him goes inside, leaving Carrie and Austin alone.

- Austin cannot believe Carrie has been back in town for nearly a month and hasn’t been in contact with him. He feels hurt. They talk about their past and Austin admits to moving on with Greta, almost with Nicole and with a woman in New York, who he nearly got engaged to until she lost her job and moved away.

- Austin has no interest in Sami or Nicole and wanted an honest fresh start with Carrie. Carrie is not sure she can offer that to him. But thanks him for understanding and kisses him on the cheek.

- Carrie runs after Mike, but he, Jennifer and Bill have already left.

- Roman apologizes for his mega kiss to Laura but she’s ok with it. Taken aback, but ok with it. However, she believes she should go and find Bill.

- Victor and John share words over their impending war, which will escalate beyond the courtroom and to the boardroom if John continues to back Belle in the custody fight.

- Belle tries to plead with Phillip to rethink their marriage but Phillip is tired of being with a woman who doesn’t want him and pines for another man.

- Belle feels she’s lost everything and asks Marlena to take her home. En route, they discuss this and Belle admits to still being in love with Shawn but loves Claire more and wants nothing more then to raise Claire, with or without Phillip.

- Meanwhile, a stranger continues to lurk outside of the Horton Cabin watching Mimi and Shawn as they hold each other by the fire.

- Chelsea is furious that Max and Nicole have been having an affair and takes off. Bo and Billie confront Nicole about her actions. Seeing how upset her daughter is, Billie vows to make Nicole pay for her irresponsibility. They two get into a verbal war of words. Patrick is there to cool Billie down, and they take Chelsea home. Chelsea is very civil and receptive to Billie as Billie tries to comfort her daughter’s broken heart. Once Chelsea is in bed, Billie is ecstatic that she was able to mother Chelsea and be there for her. But Billie vows to fight Nicole on this.

- At the penthouse, Marlena does some old fashion mothering with Belle and puts her to bed as John finally returns home. John has a cut on his arm and his tux is dirty. Marlena asks him what he’s done. John replies, “getting ready for war…”

Tuesday Jan 3rd

(new day in Salem)

-Frankie has a discussion with Max about his affair with Nicole, to which Max reminds Frankie that he’s been with many women before Nicole.

-Laura reminds Frankie that he has to move out soon before Abbey comes back from the hospital.

-At the hospital, Mike is there for Jennifer as she waits for Abbey to take up. Mike tells Jennifer about his and Carrie’ falling out after Carrie had a miscarriage. Jennifer tells Mike that he needs to, more than ever, follow his heart and not let anything get in the way of love.

-Bill, meanwhile, shows up at the Devereaux house to talk to Laura about their relationship. They agree that they’ve had a rough go at it recently. They still love each other, but not in a romantic way anymore. Bill is grateful to Laura for staying in town to help Jennifer and Abbey. Bill will be headed back to Israel and then Africa later today.

-Bill heads over to the hospital where he has a heart-to-heart with Abbey.

-Bill and Mike head for the airport.

-Carrie learns that Mike is leaving town and heads to the airport to meet him. Frankie drives her.

-There, Carrie and Mike have a final discussion about their relationship breakdown. She cannot be with Mike if he’s too committed to his work. She blames him for the miscarriage, which she admits is unfair. She needs time to heal but they will always love each other. Mike and Bill leave.

-On the ride home, Carrie tells Frankie that she’s got closure and now it is time to move on. She tells him there is no better place to do that then here in Salem, where she will stay.

-Over at Sami’s, Sami is happy that she and Lucas were able to ring in the new years together. She’s confident that her 2006 will be alright since she rang it in with the man she loves. Lucas shows up to inform her that the kiss was a mistake and won’t happen again. Lucas tells Sami that they are over for good.

Wednesday January 4th

-John hires Mickey to represent his family in the custody battle, which starts tomorrow in court.

-John admits to Marlena that he broke into Phillip’s car last night to plant a listening device.

-Victor and Phillip strategize with their lawyer. Phillip will play the American hero card and the loyal husband card. Victor’s lawyer needs to put Belle infront of the judge to admit to being in love with Shawn.

-Billie meets Nicole at Salem Place and they two go at it for breaking Chelsea’s heart. Nicole says Max is a big boy and can make his own decisions. After an afternoon of calling each other sluts and whores, Max shows up and tells Billie to mind her own business. Nicole revels in delight when Max plants a huge kiss on Nicole.

-Chelsea, meanwhile, goes to visit her grandmother Kate. Kate gives Chelsea some “broken heart money” and they go shopping. They turn the corner and see the kiss.

-Carrie comes home to Sami’s apartment, which is a disaster since Lucas left. Sami’s trashed most of the stuff, and Carrie believes she can’t stay here anymore because Sami is too destructive.

-At the hospital, everyone is wondering why Lexie is missing her shifts. The hospital board approves Alex’s hiring as a full time doctor and Alex tells Jennifer that Abbey is not ready to go home yet. Jennifer wants a second opinion: Marlena’s.

-In her padded room, Abbey is acting fine but still contends that Jack is alive.

-In her locked up cell, Lexie realizes there is a camera and someone is watching her. She demands that her captor let her go.

-Roman visits Abe, who is having a hard time with the break up. Celeste shows up with the baby and says Lexie hasn’t been home in two nights and is worried something has happened.

Thursday January 5th

(end of day and new morning)

-Mimi and Shawn return to the main land and are not happy when they are summoned to appear in family court tomorrow.

-Chelsea slaps Max and heads home with Kate and Billie to Victor’s for dinner. There, Victor has summoned all of Phillip’s siblings. Bo, Lucas, Billie, and Austin are requested to be there for Phillip tomorrow as a sign of family solidarity.

-John, meanwhile, calls Sami and Carrie over to ask them to show up to support Belle tomorrow. Sami is not receptive at first but Marlena convinces her that if it were Will, Belle would be there for her. Carrie is obviously upset with all of this and she admits to her family that she had a miscarriage in Israel.

-Marlena feels guilty for having abandoned her family over the past few months and vows to make things right for all of them.

-Hope, meanwhile, goes to the hospital to talk to Jennifer about next steps in the investigation into Jack’s missing coffin. Jennifer doesn’t know what to think of this and wonders if Jack is still alive. Hope doesn’t see how it is possible but knows that anything might be possible. Their first step is to learn who is behind this and how it is connected to Steve’s missing coffin.

-The next morning, the Black and Kiriakis families prepare for the custody battle with Kate, saying to her self, the truth that only she knows could stop this custody battle before it even starts.

-Marlena gets a call to check in on Abbey before the hearing and goes to the hospital. She disagrees with Alex and believes that Abbey should be able to be let go soon but with extensive therapy.

-Frankie starts looking for houses.

Friday January 6

-The whole episode takes place at the custody hearing.

-Things get very ugly Belle admits to having said she loved Shawn.

-Shawn announces that he has no intentions of being with Belle and that he’s moved on.

-Bo and Hope are suspicious that Victor is up to something.

-Marlena makes a plea stating that she’ll help Belle raise Claire which forces Victor to bring up Marlena’s past (with Alex’s help). Marlena’s mothering skills are put on trial during this time.

-During recess, Marlena lashes into Victor for doing that, recalling one time he admitted to Marlena that she was the best mother he’s ever known. What happened to their mutual respect? Would Victor really stoop to these lows? Marlena was opposed to the war between John and Victor before, but not anymore.

-Phillip is portrayed as a hero, loving father and wealthy provider.

-Belle is portrayed as an opportunist, liar and shallow girl.

-The judge is reads the verdict: Phillip gets full custody.

Next time:

The fallout of the custody battle leads to deadly consequences – one of Victor, Phillip, Kate, John, Belle, Claire or Mimi is killed…

Frankie finds a new roommate…

The author of the SSK book is revealed…

Abe calls of the search for Lexie…


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