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January 2006 Edition - part 2 (a murder)




-Phillip wins a nasty custody battle that aired a lot of dirty laundry… Billie nursed Chelsea’s broken heart… Carrie decides to stay in Salem… People started to notice Lexie is missing… Bo and Hope step up their plan to discover who took Jack and Steve’s coffins, and why…

*note, to make things shorter I’m going to get more to point in my bullets*

Monday January 9, 2006:

-Belle and family are outraged over the judge’s decision to award Phillip full custody. John vows revenge on Victor and Belle makes one final plea to Phillip to reconsider.

-Mimi and Shawn cannot believe things have turned out like this. Shawn reconfirms to Mimi that he’s in love with her, and not Belle, but they both agree that Shawn should be there to help Belle recover. When Shawn offers a shoulder to cry on Belle lashes out, saying it is all his and Mimi’s fault.

-Austin and Lucas recall the times they fought for custody of Will and attempt to reason with Phillip not to shut Belle out of Claire’s life. Phillip won’t listen to the combined wisdom of his brothers, and Austin realizes that Phillip is growing up to be scary, with the worst attributes and coldheartedness of Victor and Kate.

-Billie, Bo and Hope discuss Chelsea and how important it is now that they work together to be good parents to her. Bo tells Billie that he wants Billie to have a more active role in Chelsea’s life and this surprises Billie, and makes her very happy.

-Bo explains to Hope that he wants to devote a lot of his time to getting to the bottom of Jack’s coffin mystery. Bo remembers Steve’s death and how painful it was for everyone.

-John demands that Kate get through to Phillip or their friendship is over.

-In the hallway, Marlena and Victor share a confrontation over his use of her history in the trial and her utter disbelief that her long time friend would do that. Victor is unapologetic and Marlena promises to tell Caroline all the slimy things he’s done today. At the moment, a messenger shows up and hands Victor a package. Victor opens it up and it is an advanced copy of the Serial Killer book with a note, “to the accidental victim, enjoy reliving the past”. Marlena is stunned.

Tuesday January 10th

-Marlena runs after the messenger of the book about her life but he’s driven away. Marlena has no idea who wrote the book but when she learns that all the victims have received advanced copies she knows something is afoot. Perhaps Tony has done this from jail. But why would Marion Industries publish a book from a convicted felon? And who exactly is Marion Industries?

-Carrie and Austin meet after the hearing and discuss how brutal it was in there. She tells him that she’s decided to stay in Salem and that her relationship with Mike is over. Does this mean anything for Carrie and Austin, he asks? No, Carrie not interested in going down that road again but she is hopeful he and she will become friends, in time.

-Lucas goes to the hospital to see Jennifer and is glad to hear that Abbey will be released tomorrow. He tells Jennifer of the antics that took place during the hearing and how grateful he is to have Will in his life again. Jennifer and Lucas bond.

-Frankie, meanwhile, finds a three bedroom house he is very interested in and thinks that perhaps a roommate might in order. He has an idea.

-Phillip arrives home with Claire and is happy to have crushed Belle. Kate is worried if the truth is ever revealed he’ll lose Claire forever.

-At the police station, Roman and Abe put out a search for Lexie.

-Sami is surprisingly nice to Belle during her time of grieving. Sami knows what it is like to lose a custody battle but also knows that Kate’s family will do anything to protect their interests. Sami is sure that Kate or Victor are up to something.

Wednesday January 11th

(new rainy day in Salem)

-At the police station, Abe receives a call from Lexie who tells Abe that she’s left town and left the baby behind to move on with life. He needs to call off the search. Abe tries to reason with Lexie but she hangs up the phone. Abe can’t believe Lexie would be so irresponsible but does call of the search. We see that Lexie was reading form a script. Lexie had to read from a script or else her captors promised to kill Abe and Issac.

-Jennifer and family all show up at the hospital for Abbey’s release from the psych ward. Alex still contents that this is a bad idea and that Abbey is potentially dangerous but Abbey has medication and will not return to school right away. Jennifer, Laura and Lucas take Abbey home (where Frankie has moved out).

-Frankie, meanwhile, calls Carrie and asks her to come by 425 Ferris Cr. to look at a house he’s considering buying. Carrie shows up really likes it. She is impressed with the walk in closest in all the rooms, the authentic hardwood floors and high ceilings and huge windows. Carrie gets really into and starts suggesting ways for Frankie to decorate and paint when Frankie asks if she would help him do that. Carrie doesn’t really have the time but then Frankie asks if she’ll move in as his roommate. Carrie agrees.

-Claire is sleeping so Phillip and Kate go to the store to get some baby things. While in Phillip’s car, Kate admits that she knows a huge secret – Phillip is not Claire’s biological father.

-Through his listening device, John overhears this and cannot believe that Kate kept this secret. He now has the ammo he needs to get Claire back…

Thursday January 12th:

-John tells Marlena, Sami and Belle that he knows that Phillip is not Claire’s biological dad. Belle remembers sleeping with Shawn but until this moment, had no idea if it really happened or not and did not know that Shawn was the father. Belle is happy to hear this news because it means she can get Claire back.

-Sami is livid with Phillip and Kate for this secret and vows revenge.

-Mimi and Shawn, meanwhile, return home to find their place has been broken into. Nothing appears to be stolen.

-In the control room where the man who is watching Lexie (she is pacing in the cell) we see another video monitor, this time from hidden cameras placed in Mimi and Shawn’s apartment. Mimi and Shawn are unaware they’re being watched.

-Abbey is happy to be at home but memories of Jack are everywhere. Abbey has a bit of a breakdown but Laura gives her some medication. Jennifer silently worries if Abbey is well enough to return home.

-Carrie likes the idea of living with Frankie and Max and goes to Sami’s to pick up her things. Carrie returns and Max is there and is happy to be out of Jennifer’s but is not totally thrilled that Carrie is moving in. Max, meanwhile, calls Nicole and asks if she wants to come christen his room tonight. Nicole rejects Max.

-Abbey really wants to go visit Jack’s grave but Laura and Jennifer agree that is too big a step and that Abbey should take a nap. When Jennifer goes to check up on Abbey she’s gone…

-At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip and Kate return home in a massive argument in front of Austin, Billie and Victor. Phillip is irate and starts accusing Kate of nasty things when Austin steps up on Kate’s defence. Phillip drops the bomb that Kate lied and knew the whole time Phillip was not Claire’s biological dad. As Phillip says this, John shows up in the open doorway… everyone is shocked…

Friday January 13th

(rainy night of Friday the 13th… ouhhhh….)

-The rain is fierce outside as a wet John invites himself into the foyer of the Kiriakis mansion as Phillip admits he’s not Claire’ dad. Victor tries to kick John out but John vows to everyone that Phillip and Victor will pay dearly for this and they should expect to hear from the judge and police shortly.

-Caroline visits Alice and Maggie at Maggie’s house to discuss the book. There are many stories that only insiders would have known and they are not sure that even Tony would be aware of some of the details. Alice shocks them with the revelation that she knows who wrote the book. She says it was Jack!

-Lucas, Jennifer and Laura frantically look for Abbey in the rain.

-At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip is upset and storms out to chase after John and go see Belle, to try and make things right so that he doesn’t lose Claire.

-Mimi and Shawn, meanwhile, are confronted by Belle and Marlena with the truth that Shawn is the baby’s father. Mimi is devastated and takes off to be alone. Belle says she’s going to get Claire back and Shawn decides to go with her. En route, Shawn and Belle discuss the night Claire was conceived and what this means for their lives now. Belle’s car breaks down and while Shawn is out fixing it Belle sees Phillip drive past. Belle gets out and grabs a cab and follow Phillip, leaving Shawn alone in the rain.

-Laura and Lucas rendezvous with out any luck of finding Abbey.

-Jennifer, meanwhile, waits at Jack’s grave confident Abbey will show up there. After an hour of waiting Abbey does show up but she’s covered in mud and talking delirously. Shivering and cold, Jennifer takes Abbey back to the car drives her home. Jennifer reluctantly admits to herself that Abbey might be better off in the hospital…

-Carrie has moved the rest of her stuff (a few suitcases) and she and her adopted uncles toast their new arrangement.

-As things calm down, Shawn phones Mimi and asks her to come pick him up. She shows up and they hug. Shawn admits that things are going to be a lot different but nothing can change how much he loves Mimi.

-Kate arrives back at Victor’s to find the place empty after her search for Phillip came up empty handed. She knows that Victor will stop at nothing to protect Phillip and not let John win… camera fades to black

-Camera fades back to the show, only this time the image of Phillip laying dead on the ride of the road stabbed with a piece of glass….

Next time:

Marlena goes to Marion Industries… Abbey is recommitted… Kate learns of Phillip’s murder… Roman catches Sami with blood on her hands… Hope finds the coffins…


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I have wanted to kill Phillip since the beginning of this story and thought about doing it at midnight on New Years but that was too soon. I like the irony of he finally getting his life back (his edge, his manhood, his Kiriakis side) only to wind up dead thanks to a betrayal from his mom and his dad's other agenda.

Who killed Phillip? I know. But all the motives will be fleshed out a bit more and then you guys can feel free to speculate.

The rest of my stories are starting to pick up speed as well... slowly but surely.

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