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January 2006 Edition - Part 3




Carrie moves in with Frankie and Max in their new house… Abe calls of the search for Lexie… As the truth about Claire’s paternity is revealed to all important parties, the list of people angry with Phillip, Victor and Kate for their roles in publicly humiliating Marlena and taking Claire from Belle grew… the result: someone stabbed Phillip with a shard of glass…

Monday January 16th

-Jennifer puts Abbey to bed and discusses with Laura to have her committed to an institution for round-the-clock care. Laura is against the idea.

Kate waits impatiently in an abandoned Kiriakis mansion with the gut feeling that something bad has happened.

-John returns home to find that Marlena and Belle are no where to be found. Victor shows up and confronts John, threatening to take John down if Phillip loses Claire. John fights back when Marlena returns, freezing cold, with no straight answers for where she’s been. Victor gets a call on his cell phone: someone has found Phillip’s car abandoned in the snow bank.

-Mimi and Shawn return to their flat and discuss the ramifications of him being Claire’s father. Shawn invites Mimi to play an active role in her life.

-Victor and John arrive at Phil’s car and search the surrounding area. The rain has caused most of the snow to melt and there are no track marks leading from the car. Victor is shocked to find blood on the driver’s side handle.

-John sees Belle up ahead and drives to pick her up. She’s disorientated and says something horrible has happened. She tells John and Victor that Phillip is dead, she saw him get stabbed.

-Victor and John race to the scene where Phillip is laying lifeless.

-Victor accuses Belle of killing Phillip. Victor vows to make Belle and John pay.

-Meanwhile, Roman is at Sami’s to leave her a note when Sami arrives with her jacket on inside out. Roman notices blood on Sami’s sleeve and pulls off her coat to reveal she is covered in blood. This is juxtaposed to Victor phoning Kate to tell him that Phillip is dead.

Tuesday January 17th

-Roman is called to the scene of the crime but first tries to get information from Sami about the blood. Sami refuses to say whose it is or how she got it.

-When Roman arrives at the crime scene he orders John, Belle, and Victor in for questioning. Kate, with Billie, shows up at this point and drops to her knees in agony at the sight of Phillip being zipped up and put into the back of an ambulance. “who did this she cries?” as Victor says it was Belle.

-Billie phones Bo, who was sleeping, to tell him that his brother is dead. Bo is shocked and asks if there is anything he can do? Bo agrees to meet her at the Kiriakis mansion and to help call the family. Hope goes along.

-Roman continues to oversee the investigation at the crime scene with John, Victor and Belle already en route to the police station for questioning. Roman sees a blond hair and fears it is Sami’s. He picks it up and bags it, but does not tell anyone else about it.

-Bo and Hope arrive at the mansion before Billie does and they start to call Phillip’s family.

-One by one, Lucas, Austin, and Cassie are woken up with the news that Phillip is dead. They agree to come over to the mansion and be with Kate. Cassie tells Caroline and Caroline agrees to drive her over there. Caroline knows how crushed Victor must be.

-At the penthouse, Marlena gets worried that she can’t get through to John when there is a knock at the door: it is Alex. He pushed himself in and tells Marlena that she needs to take him back.

-At the police station, John and Belle are in the same room together and Belle tells John she didn’t do it but she saw it happen across the street. Belle didn’t see who did it.

-Sami, meanwhile, takes off all her clothes and sets them on fire on the balcony when there is a knock at her door: Lucas…

Wednesday January 18th

-Kate returns to Victor’s where she is greeted by Billie, Austin, Cassie, Hope, Bo, Henderson and Caroline. Everyone wonders where Lucas is.

-Sami (naked) is shocked when Lucas barges in. Lucas grabs a hold of Sami and gives her a huge hug and kisses her. He’s crying. As they embrace, Lucas says something about realizing what is important in life when he sees the fire on Sami’s balcony. Sami explains that she’s going through a “cleansing ritual” as Roman shows up with 4 police officers.

-Roman tells Sami she has to come with him to talk about Phillip’s murder. Lucas is stunned.

-Marlena asks Alex to leave the penthouse but he refuses, instead he offers to help her find how who kidnapped her a few weeks ago.

-At Jennifer’s, Laura continues her case to keep Abbey out of a mental institution. Laura may not be a practicing psychiatrist anymore, but she will be there around the clock to help Abbey. Jennifer breaks down and asks who will be there around the clock to help her?

- At the police station, John, Belle and Victor are shocked when they watch Sami being escorted into an interrogation room.

-Kate and family show up and see this, where Kate instantly accuses Sami of murder and rushes towards her and attacks her…

Thursday January 19th

(new day in Salem).

-Victor is furious that he’s been kept in holding all night when he had nothing to do with his son’s death. Roman explains that he had to otherwise Victor would have taken the law into his own hands. Caroline shows up to sit with Victor and Roman leaves.

-Victor breaks down in front of Caroline, never wanting to go through losing a son. Caroline recalls the times that Roman was through to be dead and how hard that was for her and her family. Caroline will be there for Victor in his time of need.

-Next, Roman talks to John who is equally furious at Roman for keeping him in holding all night when he had nothing do to with it. Roman isn’t so sure. Roman shows John the listening device that was in Phillip’s car that is registered to the ISA. John admits to tapping Phil’s car. John is let go, but Sami and Belle are to remain.

-Marlena and Carrie arrive to support Belle and Sami. Austin is there and he and Carrie face off on the issue of defending Carrie’s sisters verses the impact of Austin’s brother’s death.

-Both Belle and Sami try and convince Roman they did not kill Phillip.

-The hair found at the scene is sent to the lab to be compared to samples from Sami and Belle.

-Laura wakes up to find Jennifer has disregarded her advice. People from Bayview Sanatorium are here to take Abbey away.

-Laura lashed out at Jennifer for this move and reminds her of the years Laura was drugged in that place. Laura has haunting flashbacks of being a ‘prisoner’ (her words) at the Marion run health facility. Marion Industries is the same company with a publishing stake in book Jack supposedly wrote about the SSK before he died.

-Elsewhere, book stores across the world open in the morning with a new book on their shelves: Murder without Death: the Salem Serial Killer by Jack Devereaux.

-Victor returns home to find Kate making calls to arrange the funeral. Kate can’t seem to place the call to her sister Tracy, who she’s been estranged for over 30 years.

-Mimi and Shawn wake up to the news of Phillip’s death, news that is on the cover of the Spectator. There is a knock at the door: it is Bo and Hope for Shawn. They are with Claire and tell Shawn the he should look after Claire for now…

Friday January 20th…

-The blond hair found at the scene does not match Belle or Sami but neither have an alibi for the time of Phillip’s death. With no fingerprints on the murder weapon (sharp broken glass fragment) Roman lets them both go.

-Lucas lashes out at Sami for her role in this and vows to never forgive her if she had anything to do with it.

-The police are still searching Sami’s home, so Sami and Belle agree to go with Carrie to her new place with Frankie.

-There, the sisters try to absorb what has happened. Belle breaks down in Carrie’s arms. She still loved Phillip but wasn’t willing to let him take her baby away. Belle is shocked to learn that Shawn has Claire for now.

-Carrie convinces Belle to go upstairs and take a shower and then take a nap. As Belle is leaving the shower, she accidentally runs into Max and drops her towel in front of him…

-Bo, Mimi and Hope watch as Shawn takes hold of Claire for the first time since finding out she’s his son.

-Kate shows up and demands that Shawn give her Claire. Hope tries to calm Kate down but Kate is out of control. Bo finally restrains Kate when Shawn offers Kate to hold onto Claire. Kate hold baby Claire and remembers having Phillip. Kate starts to quietly sob.

-Marlena, meanwhile is driving to Marion industries to find out who is in charge of publishing a book about her life she did not authorize. Marlena finds it hard to believe that Jack had time to write a book while he was help captive in the castle or dying in Salem without anyone knowing about it.

-Marlena arrives at front door but there is no receptionist or anyone in the office. Marlena walks around the eerily empty front office when a man reveals himself from the top of the stairs. Marlena cannot see his face. She demands to know who he is. He finally speaks and says “Hello Marlena, I’ve been expecting you” and he walks down the stairs… it is Lawrence Alimain…

Next week:

Lawrence reveals some shocking details to Marlena… Max calls things off with Nicole… Abbey sees Jack… Bo discovers that the funeral home where Phillip is being shown is reusing coffins, one of whose is Jack’s… Abe gets a pleasant surprise… Carrie goes on a date…


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Tracy... ur first new character very intriguing... ooooooo lawrence even better. can't wai till he has scenes with jenn.

just for fun who will be the actress in your mind that is tracy??????

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Tracy... ur first new character very intriguing... ooooooo lawrence even better. can't wai till he has scenes with jenn.

just for fun who will be the actress in your mind that is tracy??????

Tracy (or did I spell it Tracey, too lazy to read up) was not actually scene or heard on the phone, just referenced too. But I'm glad you caught that. If I could be in charge of casting, I'd picked Nancy Lee Grahn to play Tracy Roberts-Kaplan.

But a point of order is, she's not the first new character I've created. Ariel is (Eric's fiance) who we met over webcam on x-mas eve.

Lawrence's return has been one of my major plans since I started writing this spin-off. I wasn't going to bring him back this quickly but I realized that dragging out a "who is behind Marion" mystery probably wouldn't work with all the other mysteries going on, mainly: the mystery of the missing coffins, the mystery of Marlena and Lexie's kidnappings, the mystery of Alex and Victor's secret plans and the new murder mystery "who killed Phil?".

So many mysteries, I thought a "who is the mastermind" would get diluted.

I'm also trying to find a balance between non-stop emotional heartache and some happiness. The trauma over Abbey's mental breakdown and eventually being committed is definately weighing some heavy and dark emotions on the Hortons. I'm hoping that the tenderness of Shawn bonding with Claire, the sexyness of Max/Nicole/Chelsea and the "coming into her own" story with Carrie are enough to offse the heavy drama and mystery of the other main storylines. I've also tried to inject some humour, mainly using Bonnie and her New Year's eve fiasco.

But you should notice some other breadcrumbs I've dropped in the past 7 weeks of stories. Colin is alive... Eric is engaged... Steve's coffin is missing (Bo and Hope finally know that)... Kate has a never-before-seen sister... and yes, Lawrence is back.

Don't hold your breath for the eventual Lawrence/Jennifer meeting. While he will eventually be a central figure in her storyline, his re-introduction with Marlena is both non-historical and meant to be a non-event. The deep history Lawrence shares with John, Jennifer and Bo will not be forgotten but I won't go there right away. Patience!

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Wow this is great CSW. Glad Phillip died

since I always hated him.

I am actually preparing my own fan fic. I am

gonna post some previews tonight and start

regular episodes Monday. They will pick up

right where Friday's show left off. I figure

since I love Days so much and its history

and I have seen how much fun you and

the other fan fic writers have had so I want

to join in. Hope you all comment on mine and

read regularly since I know I will be reading all

of yours. Great work-hope I can do the same or

close to it LOL.

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I finally read it all and it was really entertaining! This is what DAYS should be. Philip's murder is a good mystery, and the Max/Nicole/Chelsea triangle is entertaining. I can see Nicole and Chelsea getting in each other's faces.

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I finally read it all and it was really entertaining! This is what DAYS should be. Philip's murder is a good mystery, and the Max/Nicole/Chelsea triangle is entertaining. I can see Nicole and Chelsea getting in each other's faces.

Glad you're on board Bree. Phillip's murder will play out as the major story for the next little while but Lawrence's return will eventually grow into a major umbrella storyline. I'm putting all the peices together for what I think will be an amazing story. It will incorporate John, the mystery of Jack's coffin, Lawrence, Alex, Victor and all the dangling strings of that web. When we get to the bullseye my hope is that readers will be blown away with how i developed a great twist from organic roots.

So please stay tuned :)

And feel free to guess at some of the mysteries! Any guesses on who killed Phillip?

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