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Episode 96



While Mike begs Katie to quit begging to help Henry with KATY and accept "no" for an answer, Henry elaves and runs into Kim, who still holds the video tape as blackmail. Henry calls her on her bluff and Kim is furious. Maddie asks Heath to go out with her to her friend Melanie's house. Heath agrees and after being at the party a while, Maddie can't believe her eyes as she watches Heath drink alcohol like it's oxygen. Gwen, Will, Lily, Holden, Emma, and Luke all gather for an impromptu farewell party for Jack and Carly. Jack confides in Holden that he vows to come back a better man and the two cousins share a heartfelt goodbye. Meanwhile, Gwen shares a tearful goodbye with her sister. Andy and Emily go to Al's and learn from Emma about Carly and Jack's departure and since Carly can't stand Andy, Emily goes by herself and says goodbye to her friend. Jack and Carly, along with Sage, J.J., and Parker wave goodbye to their family and friends and head for Montana.


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