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Episode 97



Lucinda is shocked to learn that half of Worldwide's investors are withdrawing from the company and confides in Lily that she fears she may lose this company just like she lost Walsh Enterprises. Barbara begs James to leave town with her, thinking that if she gets him out of the country, she can run away from him and he'll never find her. James, however, refuses. Dusty and Meg go out for dinner at Mona Lisa where Meg is thrilled as Dusty gets down on one knee and pops the question. Across town, Jennifer insists to Nick that she thinks he has feelings for Meg, but he disagrees. Margo and Leah go over plans one last time as Owen enters. Margo holds up his passport and says that he can leave the country, but only if he frees them, Ben, and all the other prisoners. Owen goes to grab for the passport and begins strangling Margo. Leah comes up behind Owen and smacks him over the head with a wooden plank, knocking him dead. Meanwhile...Tom, Curtis, and Jessica arive at the cult house, break in, and begin looking for Ben and Margo.


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