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Episode 95



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Ben finds himself locked up in a room and begs the guards to turn him loose. He invisions Jessica and she assures him that he will get out of all of this alive and become a better person for it. A few doors down, Margo confirms the plans for their escape with Leah and the two women ask to speak with Owen.

Lucinda and Lily discuss Sierra and how they fear for her safety in Montega due to the rebellions and chaos. Lucinda insists that she will be fine. Later, Lucinda calls Dusty in and asks him to dig up all the dirt he can on Stenbeck International. If James wants war, she claims, that's what he's going to get.

Roxie begs Lisa not to say anything else to Nadine about being scared of her. Tearfully, she tells Lisa that there are some things that are better left in the past and she doesn't want to relive any of it. Nadine interrupts the women and asks to speak to Roxie alone. Instead, Roxie refuses.

Jennifer and Nick go to Java and find Meg there grabbing a latte. Jennifer and Meg look like they might tie into it once more, but Nick tells the women that they are acting like spoiled children. When Meg starts walking out, Jennifer notices Nick is zoned out and calls him on it, bluntly asking if he'd rather be with her right now...or Meg.


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