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Monday December 31 2007




All The Days of Their Lives

Monday December 31 2007

Stefano closes the door of his lab in the DiMera basement. He pushes a key code, and he leaves. He goes upstairs where he hears the phone ringing.

Stefano: Hello.

Man: Mr. DiMera, the shipment has arrived in Italy, but nobody is here to pick it up.

Stefano: Are you still with it?

Man: No, Mr. DiMera. I left it at the warehouse.

Stefano: You idiot! Do you have any idea what is in there?

Man: I'm sorry Mr. DiMera. Do you want me to go back?

Stefano: Do I really have to ask, you fool? Ship it back to my mansion in Salem! If anything has happened, it's your head!

Man: Yes, Mr. DiMera.

Stefano hangs up, and Rolf comes in the room.

Rolf: Is something wrong, Stefano?

Stefano: No, nothings wrong. I need to get ready.

Many guests walk into the hotel. Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Jack, and Jennifer walk in.

Hope: Wow. Kate did a great job.

Jennifer: I know. The place looks great!

Jack: Mabye we should go back in business with her.

Jennifer: Jack, don't start.

Everyone laughs.

Bo: I'm going to go get a drink. Anyone want anything?

Steve: No, I'm good.

Everyone says no, and Bo goes. He orders his drink, and Billie comes to the bar.

Bo: Hey Billie.

Billie: Hey Bo. How are you?

Bo: Good. You?

Billie: Go- Bo we need to stop this.

Bo: Stop what?

Billie: Stop pretenting that there is nothing between us!

Bo: Sorry.

Bo looks at her. He kisses her, both not realizing what just happened.

Billie: Bo! We can't do that in public!

Bo: I need you Billie.

Billie: Me too. Meet me outside this room in 10 minutes.

Billie leaves.

Nick, Chelsea, and Stephanie walk into the hotel.

Stephanie: Wow Chelsea. Your grandma did a great job.

Chelsea: It looks too tacky.

Nick: Come on Chels.

Kate comes to greet them.

Kate: Hey guys! Hey Chelsea.

Chelsea: Hey grandma.

Kate: Ok Chelsea, if your still mad at me, I'll leave you alone.

Chelsea: Then leave!

Kate leaves.

Nick: Chelsea,

Chelsea: No Nick! Don't start! Were here to have fun, and go into a new year!

Kimberly, Andrrew, and Jeannie walk into the hotel.

Jeannie: So is our new sister comming tonight?

Kimberly: Jeannie, can you stop please? She hasn't done anything.

Jeannie: Whatever. What about Philip? Or what about dad?

Andrew: Jeannie, just shut up! If you came to make everyone miserable, just leave.

Jeannie: Mabye I should. It looks boring anyway.

Jeannie walks in, and goes to the bar, walking right past Nick, Chelsea, and Stephanie.

Chelsea: What a little witch! She walks right past us, and doesnt even look.

Stephanie: She is a bit-

Chelsea: Hey aunt Kim. Hey Andrew.

Kimberly: Hey everyone. You guys having fun?

Stephanie: We just got here, but it looks fun.

Chelsea: It'll be a blast!

Bo and Hope are standing at the bar.

Hope: Are you sure you have to go?

Bo: Ya. Sorry. I don't want to.

Hope: Try to be back before 12:00.

Bo: I will.

Bo kisses her, and he leaves.

Billie: Hey. I booked a room at that hotel 10 minutes from here. Go tell Hope-

Bo: I already did. I told her I have some work to do.

Billie: Ok. I called Chelsea from my cell, and told her I wasn't comming.

Bo: Ok. Good. Lets go.

Isabella and Carlo walk into the hotel.

Isabella: Wow look what your sister did.

Carlo: It looks good.

Adrianna comes.

Adrianna: Hey mom, hey Carlo.

Isabella: Hey honey! The place looks great!

Adrianna: Thanks. Go get some drinks and snacks. The food will be here soon.

Isabella: Are you telling us to get away from you?

Adrianna: I just have a lot of stuff to do. Sorry.

Isabella: It's fine. Go do whatever you have to do, and we'll see you later.

Carlo looks at the door, and sees Cathy.

Carlo: I'll see you later, mom.

Carlo goes to Cathy.

Carlo: Hey beautiful.

He kisses her hand.

Carlo: You look great tonight.

Cathy: Thanks. So do you, but it would look better with the clothes off.

Carlo kisses her.

Carlo: You go get a room, and I'll meet you in five minutes.

Cathy: Sure.

Roman and Marleana walk into the hotel. They go to a table where Steve Kayla, Hope, Stephanie and Chelsea are sitting.

Hope: Hey guys. It's so good to see you.

Kayla: Marleana, you look great!

Hope: Chelsea, wheres your mom?

Chelsea: She called me, and told me she wasn't comming. She has a fever.

Hope: Oh.

Roman: Well, I'm going to go to the bar. Anyone want anything?

Everyone says no. Roman goes, and sees Isabella sitting at the bar, drinking alone.

Roman: Are you alone tonight, gorgeous?

Isabella: Yes, actually.

Roman: Can I buy you a drink?

Isabella: Sure.

Roman sits down, and orders the drinks. Kate finishes talking to someone, and looks at the bar, and sees Roman and Isabella talking and laughing. Kate makes a face, and turns around.

Bo and Billie are at the hotel, waiting for an elevator.

Billie: Are you sure you want to do this?

The elevator comes, and they go inside. The doors close, and Bo kisses her.

Bo: What does that tell you?

Billie: Umm... I'm still not sure.

Bo puts her against the elevator wall, and starts kissing her. Bo kisses her down her neck, and she starts unbuttoning his shirt. They get to the floor, and they go into their room.

Hope, Steve, Kayla, and Marleana are sitting at their table, eating.

Marleana: So Bo isn't going to come?

Hope: I don't know. He said he would be back before 12:00.

Roman comes back.

Roman: So wheres my little brother?

Hope: You don't know?

Roman: Knmow what?

Hope: He had some police business to do.

Roman: I didn't hear about it.

Hope: Thats weird.

Kayla: Didn't Billie come?

Hope's face changes, and Marleana looks at her, wanting to ask something, but not sure if she should.

Kayla: Hope? Are you ok?

Hope: Ya, I'm fine. Umm Chelsea said that she had a fever.

Carlo comes out of a room. He sees Cathy. They go in an elevator.

Carlo: I can't wait to rip that dress off of you.

Cathy kisses him. They get to their room, and she takes his shirt off. They take each others clothes off, and start making love on the bed.

Kate and Adrianna are standing in front of the guests.

Kate: I would like to thank, on behalf of Basic Black, John Black for his hard work, his loving spirit, and his ability to see past everything, and make the best. Well, Happy New Year everyone!

Adrianna: I know I havent worked at Basic Black very long, but in the short time I've been there, it has been great! I want to thank Kate the most. She has been more of a friend, and less of a boss. Don't get me wrong, though, when she needs to be bossy, she's bossy.

Chelsea looks at Stephanie.

Chelsea: I think I"m going to hurl.

Everyone looks back, as the doors start opening. Stefano walks in the room!

Kate: What the hell are you doing here?

Stefano: It's New Years Eve, and I decided to come to your party!

Kate: How the hell did you get an invitation?

Kate looks at Adrianna.

Kate: Did you give him one!?

Adrianna: I thought-

Kate: No! I told you that you mail an invitation to everyone who is on the guest list!

Adrianna: Sorry, I didn't think it would do any harm!

Kate: Do any harm!?! Give me a break! This man murdered the dounder of this company! He murdered John Black!

Stefano: I did no such thing!

Kate: Just save it ok! I want both of you out of here! And Adrianna, do not think of showing up for work!

Adrianna runs out, and Stefano follows.

Bo zips down the zipper on Billie's dress. It falls off. He kisses her, and she rips his shirt off. They fall on the bed, and start making out. Bo kisses her down her body.

Billie: Bo, don't stop.

Time passes, and Bo and Billie are fully naked, in the sheets, with thier legs sticking out, making love. More time passes, and Billie is resting her head on Bo's chest.

Billie: That was wonderfull Bo.

Bo: That was great.

Billie: They say that how you spend New Years Eve is how you spen the rest of the year.

Bo: I can spend the whole year with you.

He turns over, and kisses her.

He turns the TV on.

Billie: 10 minutes left.

Bo gets the phone.

Bo: Hi can I get a bottle of champagne to room 662? Thanks.

Billie: I'm happy that I'll ring in 2008 with you.

Hope closes her phone.

Kayla: You still can't get a hold of him?

Hope: No. His phone is off now.

Roman and Marleana are dancing.

Marleana: Roman, whats wrong? Is it Isabella?

She laughs.

Roman: No. It's Bo. I called the station, and they said the nobody called for him.

Marleana: Billie's not here either.

Roman: You don't think-

Marleana: I don't know, Roman.

Stefano goes into the room that Carlo came out of before.

Stefano: This might be the perfect way to go.

Stefano goes deeper into the room, and we see a ticking time bomb.

At the party, everyone is counting down the minutes to midnight.

Guests: 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...

Stefano leaves the room, and we see the bomb.

Guests: 3...

The bomb starts counting down with them from 3!

Guests: 2... 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Confetti goes everywhere, and everyone hears a noise.

Chelsea: What the hell was-

The bomb goes off! The hotel blows up, and the whole place is in flames!

Bo and Billie are counting down the seconds to the New Year.

Bo&Billie: 5...4...3...2...1

Bo: Happy New Year, beautiful.

They drink some of their champagne, and start kissing. We see a clock, and it changes from 12:00 to 3:14. Bo and Billie are sleeping, the sheets al tangled up, and messy. Their legs are sticking out, and they are tangled together. A man comes in the room.

Man: Ms. Reid, Mr. Brady! Wake up! Wake up!

The man sees 3 empty champagne bottles on the ground.

Man: They won't be up for a while.

The man leaves, and Bo starts to wake up. He wakes up Billie.

Billie: Whats wrong?

Bo: Didn't you hear someone calling us?

Billie: No. Did you just wake me up, so we can have some more fun?

Bo: No, but that sounds good.

He kisses her, and goes on top of her. The screen fades to black, as Bo and Billie start making love.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Chelsea is in a wheelchair, unconcious. She starts to move her head.

Dr. Berman: Adrianna, it doesnt look like your father is going to make it.


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