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Saturday January 5 2008



(This is the only time an episode will air on a Saturday. It airs today, because the show is behind a bit.)


All The Days of Their Lives

Saturday January 5 2008

The hotel has just blown up. Debries are everywhere, and people are seen hanging out of the debries. A shocked Jeannie runs out of a cab. She runs to the hotel, but a cop stops her.

Jeannie: My family is in there! Let me through!

Cop: We can't let anybody in yet. Were sorry.

Jeannie backs away, and takes her phone out.

Jeannie: Uncle Bo! Where the hell are you? Do you have any idea what happened? Call me when you get this.

She hangs up, and sees somebody comming from the rubble. She looks.

Jeannie: Uncle Roman!

She runs to him. Roman hugs her.

Jeannie: What the hell happened?

Roman: I don't know. We rang in the new year, and then a bomb went off.

Jeannie: Oh my God! Is everyone ok?

Roman: I don't know, but I'm going to go look. You stay here ok?

Jeannie: Ok.

Roman goes into the hotel with other cops.

A hand is seen hanging out of some debries. Roman lifts them, and he sees that it is Stefano! He calls paramedics to get him. They put Stefano on a stretcher, and rush him to the hospital. Roman sees somebody getting up. He goes to help the person, and sees that it is Chelsea.

Roman: Chelsea, are you ok?

He hugs her.

Chelsea: Oh my God. Is everyone ok?

Roman: I'm not sure.

Chelsea: We have to look.

Roman: No, you need to go to the hospital, and get checked out.

Chelsea: Uncle Roman, please, there are people in the hospital that really need to get help. And I don't.

Sami comes, looking shocked.

Sami: Daddy! Are you ok?

She hugs him.

Roman: I'm fine honey.

Sami: Is everyone else ok?

Roman: I'm not sure yet. Sami, please bring Chelsea to the hospital.

Chelsea: I'm not going!

A little bit away from where Chelsea, Roman, and Sami are standing, a hand starts to move in the rubble. The hand moves some rubble, and starts to get up. He rubs his face, and we see Carlo. He has a flashback:

Carlo goes into a room, and closes the door. He turns a light on. He lifts a box, and he picks up a suitcase from under it. He punches in a code, and opens up the suitecase. He lifts something from it. He looks at it, and sees that it is a bomb. He pushes a code in the back of the bomb, and it starts counting down.

Carlo: Happy New Year.

He comes back from his flashback.

Carlo: I was supposed to be out of here by now.

Chelsea: Carlo?

Carlo: Chelsea! Are you ok?

Chelsea: Ya I'm fine. You don't look too good.

Bo wakes up, and his phone rings. He sees that it is Roman, and he looks at the time. He sees that the time is 6:15 am. Billie wakes up, and turns the TV on.

Billie: Bo! Oh my God Bo! Come here!

Bo comes, and they see what happened at the hotel.

Bo: Oh my God!

Bo and Billie get dressed, and go to the hospital.

Roman and Sami are at the hospital. The elevator doors open, and Carrie comes out. She hugs Roman.

Carrie: Daddy! I just heard what happened! Are you ok?

Roman: I'm ok.

Carrie: What about everyone else?

Roman: Kim, Andrew, Chelsea, Hope, Marleana, Bo and Steve are fine.

Carrie: What about aunt Kayla?

Roman: She hasn't woken up yet.

Adrianna is in the waiting room, when Dr. Berman comes.

Dr. Berman: Adrianna, it doesnt look like your father is going to make it.

Adrianna: What?

Dr. Berman: According to his updated information, it is up to you wheather to take him off of life support.

Adrianna stands there, not knowing what to do.

Hope is in her hospital room, asleep. She has a dream:

Stefano: Welcome to Maison Blanche, Gina!

Gina: This will be great, Stefano.

That dream fades, and she has another one.

Hope/Gina is in Maison Blanche. She goes down the stairs, all the way down to the basement. She gets to a room with a small opening in the door. The person inside the room bangs on the door!


Gina smiles, and opens the little opening. The person slides their hands through. Gina kicks it. She slides a tray of rice and peas through it. She closes the opening, and leaves.

Hope wakes up shocked! She starts getting really confused as to who she is.

Hope: Damn it!

Her heart monitor starts to go down, and it starts beeping. Hope sinks down, as she goes unconcious. The door starts opening. A man comes in, and injects something into her IV. Another woman walks in, wearing a hospital gown. The man takes Hope, and puts her in a wheelchair. He leaves the room, while the woman in the hospita gown stays. He wheels Hope down the hall, and Chelsea sees something from the cornor of her eye. She looks at the back of the person in the wheelchair. She knows something is up. She follows. The person and Hope go in the elevator. Chelsea sees the side of Hope.

Chelsea: Oh my God!

She turns around, looking for Roman, but somebody grabs her by the neck, from behind. He injects a syringe into her neck! Carlo takes the syringe out!

Carlo: Going somewhere?

Chelsea falls in his arms, and he puts her in a wheelchair. He pushes for an elevator, and we see Chelsea. She starts moving her head, as the screen fades to black.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Hope wakes up, strapped on a hospital bed. She looks to her right, and sees somebody else strapped too.

Bo goes in Hope's room.

Bo: Hope? Where are you?

Kate is in her hospital bed.

Kate: Roman, I love you.


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