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Monday January 7 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Monday January 7 2008

A nurse is about to leave Isabella's room. Roman comes in the room.

Isabella: Roman. It's so good to see you.

Roman: How are you?

Isabella: Good, actually. My leg hurts a bit, but I'm fine. What about you?

Roman: I'm fine.

Isabella: Of course you are. You probaly didn't even get checked out.

Roman: How do you know me so well?

They laugh.

Isabella: So did they find Stefano, or did he conviently leave the hotel just in time?

Roman: No actually. I found him near death, under parts of the building.

Isabella: And how is he now?

Roman: He's on life support.

Isabella: Well whoever has the option to take him off better make the right decision.

Roman: Thats funny, actually.

Isabella: Why?

Roman: Your daughter makes the decision on wheather Stefano lives or dies.

Carrie pours some coffee in her cup, and she sees bo and Billie rushing into the ER.

Carrie: Where were you guys?

Bo: I was on some police work.

Billie: Bo called me when he heard about the explosion.

Bo: Is everyone ok?

Carrie: Aunt Kayla hasn't woekn up yet, and she's not responding.

Bo: Damn it! I'm going to kill that bastard!

Carrie: Stefano? He's in critical condition. He's on life support, and it doesnt look like he will make it.

Dr. Rolf closes the door of a room. He punches a key code in, and walks away. Inside the room, somebody is strapped to a hospital bed. She starts to wake up, and she starts moving. Hope trys to lift her hands, but she can't!

Hope: Help!

She looks to her right, and sees somebody else is strapped too! She tries to look at the person's face, but she can't.

Isabella: Adrianna decides wheather he lives or dies?

Roman: Yup.

Isabella: She still hasn't even come to see me yet!

Roman: She's probaly busy, with the hosptial helping her.

Isabella: That better be why! Anyway, so hows your family?

Roman: Everyon is ok, execpt for my sister. She hasn't woken up yet.

Isabella: Oh my God I"m so sorry.

Roman: I just hope she wakes up. Well, I have to get going. I have to go visit some other people, but I will be back later.

Isabella: I look forward to it.

Roman: See you.

Roman leaves the room, and Isabella smiles.

Bo opend the door to Hope's room, but doesnt see anyone in it.

Bo: Hope? Where are you?

Carrie: What's wrong, uncle Bo?

Bo: She's not in here.

Billie comes.

Billie: Carrie, are you sure that was Chelsea's room? She's not in there.

Bo: Hope isn't in here either.

Roman opens the door to Kate's hospital room.

Roman: Hey Katie. How are you?

Kate looks up, but she is very weak.

Kate: Roman. I don't think I'm going to make it.

Roman: Don't talk like that.

Kate looks like she is getting weaker.

Kate: Roman...

Roman: Shh. Save your energy.

Kate: Roman, I love you.

Kate's head tilts back, and her heart monitor starts beeping, as she goes unconcious.

Roman: Kate!

Hope moves around, trying to break free of the restraints.

Hope: Get me out of here!

Dr. Rolf comes in, and goes to the other person.

Hope: You bastard! Let me out!

Dr. Rolf looks at the patient.

Dr. Rolf: Mr. Donovan, you don't look too good today.

Hope: Shane!

Dr. Rolf: Mabye this will help you feel better.

He pulls out an oversized syringe, and injects it into his IV. Shane starts to wake up, and starts yelling in pain!

Hope: Stop it! Let us out!

Dr.Rolf: I guess you need some too?

He come over to her side. The screen goes away from Dr. Rolf and Hope, and goes farther into the room. There is a door. It opens, and a woman walks in. We don't see her face.

Woman: How is our newest patient?

Dr. Rolf: Not cooperating.

The woman goes closer to Hope's bed. Hope looks at her.

Hope: Oh my God.

As Hope stares in shock, we see Gina! Gina laughs as the screen fades to black.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Adrianna is in Isabella's room.

Isabella: What do you mean your keeping him on life support?

Adrianna: He's my father!

Isabella: He's a monster!

Bo: Hope, where the hell are you?

Gina: I'm right here, Bo.

Frank comes out of an elevator, and sees Gina. He remembers kissing her.


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