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Tuesday January 8 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Tuesday January 8 2008

Adrianna comes out of Stefano's hospital room. She closes the door, and sees Isabella.

Isabella: What were you doing in there?

Adrianna: Visiting my father.

Isabella: And have you come to a decision?

Adrianna: Yup; I'm keeping him on life support.

Marleana wakes up in her hospital room to find Sami there.

Sami: Hey mom. How are you feeling?

Marleana: I'm ok. What about you?

Sami: I'm fine.

Marleana: I don't even know if its morning or afternoon or night. I'm so confused.

Sami: It's late afternoon, mom.

Marleana: Thanks sweatheart. So hows your dad?

Sami: He's ok. He refused to get checked up, but they made him.

Marleana: Thats your dad.

Bo walks into Hope's room.

Bo: Hope, where the hell are you?

Gina: I'm right here, Bo.

Bo: Thank God your ok.

He hugs her.

Bo: I think Chelsea's missing.

Gina: Oh my God. Ok, you go look for her. Don't worry about me.

Bo: Ok Fancyface. I'll be back soon.

Bo leaves, and Gina smiles. She goes outside, and pours herself some coffee. The elevator doors open, and Frank comes out. He sees Gina drinking her coffee. He has one of EJ's flashbacks:

EJ is in a bed, naked. A woman comes inside the bed, and starts kissing him. He wakes up, and kisses her back. Gina starts taking off her clothes. She goes in the bed, and they start making love.

Frank comes back from the flashback, and goes up to her. He goes behind her, and kisses her ear.

Frank: Gina, how good it is to see you.

She turns around.

Gina: EJ. I've missed you. She kisses him.

Frank: I have something to do right now, but I'll see you later.

Frank leaves, and takes his phone out. Gina does the same.

Gina: Rolf. It's me, Gina. Is Frank EJ or not?

Dr. Rolf: Why?

Gina: Just tell me!

Dr. Rolf: I didn't finish the operation, but he claimed he was.

Gina: Claiming isn't good enough. If anybody knew, who would it be?

Dr. Rolf: I know who.

Roman, Philip, Lucas, and Billie are in Kate's room.

Roman: You gave us a scare Kate.

Kate: Well, it's not my fault.

Dr. Berman comes in.

Dr. Berman: I have some news Kate. About your condition.

Kate: Whats wrong?

Dr. Berman: You have a very rare blood disease. You need a blood transfusion fast.

Kate: And what happenes if I don't get it?

Dr. Berman: You need to. You see, the blood in your system is either infected, or will be. We need at least a pint of matching blood, and then it will get rid of it, and clean out your system.

Kate: And how long do I have?

Dr. Berman: Not very long.

Billie: When can we get tested?

Dr. Berman: As soon as possible.

Frank: Sami! What's wrong with the house phone?

Sami: It doesnt work. My phone is going to die any second, so sorry.

Frank: Sami! Listen. It's about your aunt Hope! She's not Hope! She's Gina!

Sami: Crap. This stupid thing.

Dr. Rolf is on the phone with Gina. As they are having their conversation, Sami is putting the twins to sleep.

Gina: So what do we do about it?

Dr. Rolf: We get rid of the people who become threats.

Sami's doorbell rings.

Gina: And what do we do with them?

Sami opens the door, and sees two men and a woman dressed in all black.

Sami: Who the hell are you?

Dr. Rolf: We kill them.

The men grab Sami, and chrloform her!

Gina: Bring them to the hospital. They can stay with Hope and Shane.

Sami is unconcious, and the men pick her up.

Dr. Rolf: And Frank is next.

Gina: Let me worry about Frank.Tell your woman to stay with the twins until I get there. He will be EJ when I am done with him.

The screen fades to black as the men bring Sami to the elevator.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Gina is on top of Frank, on the couch.

Gina: You may not remember too well.

She rips off Frank's shirt, and he kisses her passionatly.

Sami wakes up in a padded room. Gina comes inside.

Gina: Hi Sami!

Sami: Aunt Hope!

Gina: No, sweatheart.

Philip is on the phone.

Philip: You need to get to Salem now


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