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Monday December 17 2007




All The Days of Their Lives

Monday December 17 2007

Jennifer and Jack wake up in bed at Alice's house.

Jack: How did you sleep?

Jennifer: Still have a bit of jet lag, but I'll get over it.

Jack: You'll have to get over it.

Jennifer: I know.

Downstairs, Bo, Hope and Ciara walk in.

Hope: Their still sleeping?

Alice: Yes, they must be exhausted.

Hope: Sure.

Abby comes downstairs with J.J.

Abby: Good morning.

Alice: Good morning sweetie. How did you sleep?

Abby: Good.

Chelsea walks into Kate's office at Basic Black.

Chelsea: Hey grandma. I was wondering when I could co-

Adrianna walks in.

Adrianna: Here you go Ms. Roberts, I finished with the invitations, and they will be mailed out tomorrow.

Chelsea: Who's this?

Adrianna: I'm her assistant.

Chelsea: Oh, I see grandma, I'm gone for two months, and you already hire someone to replace me?

Kate: It isn't like that Chelsea! I needed someone to help me!

Chelsea: So are you going to fire her, and let me come back to work?

Adrianna: Excuse me?

Kate: Chelsea, I can't fire her! I didn't know when you would come back, and I needed someone.

Chelsea: So you couldn't look for a temporary replacment? And you couldn't ask me?

Kate: Chelsea, I'm sorry, but-

Chelsea: No! It's done. I would wish bad luck with the company, but it's John's. Don't forget that.

Kate: What's that supposed to mean!?

Chelsea: Well, when Marleana gets her stuff in order, she will probaly want you out first thing!

Chelsea leaves the office, and slams the door.

Marleana walks into the DiMera mansion.

Stefano: Ah! Marleana it's so lovley to see you.

Marleana: Oh shut up. I'm here to tell you something. I don't want you to find out from somebody else, because I want you to hear it from me.

Stefano: Hear what?

Marleana: How your 'Queen of the Night' was pushed into destroying your son!

Stefano: What the hell are you talking about?

Marleana: I'm going to be arrested today.

Stefano: What?

Marleana: I shot your son. Both times.

Stefano looks at her shocked.

Marleana: Well, I know that I didn't kill him, but I'm sure it didn't help that I shot him!

Stefano: You shot my son!

Marleana: Yes, both times would you like me to repeat it again?

Stefano: Get out of here.

Marleana: Trust me, I can't breath another breath of air in here any longer.

She starts walking out.

Stefano: Oh, you are going to regret this my dear! You will!

Marleana turns around,


Alice, Jack, Jenn, Abby, J.J., Bo, Hope, and Ciara are eating breakfast.

Bo: Oh God that was great!

Jennifer: Thats what happens when you put three Horton women in the kitchen.

Hope: So are you guys getting together with Mike?

Jennifer: He's comming by later.

Hope: Thats good.

Bo: I have to go.

Hope: Already? Why?

Bo: Marleana.

Hope: Oh. I hope you didn't have to do this.

Bo: Me too.

Bo leaves, and Jennifer looks at Hope.

Hope: I can't tell you Jenn.

Jennifer: Come on!

Hope: Fine. Marleana's getting arrested for shooting EJ.

Chelsea unlockes the door to Bo and Hope's house. She hears something in the basement.

Chelsea: Hello! Who's there?

Somebody dressed in black runs up the stairs, and goes out the back door!

Chelsea: Hey!

She runs after them, but they get away.

Chelsea goes down to the basement, to see what they did. The person comes back, and locks the basement door! Chelsea comes back up.

Chelsea: Hey! Let me out of here! Help!

The person takes out a black remote, and pushes a button it! In the basement, gas starts to come out of the furnace!

Chelsea: Help!

A while later...

Marleana unclocks the door to her apartment, and takes her gloves off. She drops her purse on the floor, and a black remote falls out.

Marleana: He should be here any second.

There is a knock on the door. Marleana goes to get it. She opens it, and Bo is standing there.

Marleana: Good morning detective!

Bo: Hey Marleana. I hate to do this.

Marleana: Just get it over with.

Bo starts reading her rights, and he handcuffs her. He brings her out of the apartment.

Hope and Jennifer are talking on the couch at Alice's house.

Hope: so how long to you guys plan on staying in Salem for?

Jennifer: Actually, we want to move back.

Hope: Really! Thank God! I missed you guys so much!

Jennifer: So did I! To me London is a vacation place. I couldn't get used to living there.

Hope: I'm so happy your moving back.

They hug.

Chelsea is on the stairs leading to the basement. She is banging on the door. She is getting weaker and weaker.

Chelsea: H..e...l.....p.

She looses balance, and falls down the steps! It freezes on her, unconcious.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Adrianna and Tony are in the DiMera living room.

Tony: Do not accept gifts, because he will want something back, and then it will be the end of you!

Kimberly is in her hospital room, when a girl walks in.

Kimberly: Jeannie!

Jeannie: Hey mom!

Bo knocks on Sami's door.

Bo: Hey Sami. What did you want?

Sami: Destroy all evidence linking my mother to EJ's shooting, or I tell Hope.


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