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All The Days of Our Lives Insider! Week of Dec. 17-21



All the Days of Our Lives Insider Week of December 17-21

Welcome to the All the Days of Our Lives Weekly Insider! Here is what will happen this week!

-Adrianna and Tony have a talk

-Chelsea hovers near death-again!

-Rolf is working on something in the basement-EJ! But is his plan going to work?

-Jeannie Donovan comes back to Salem this week!

-Sami gets back to her favourite hobbie!

-Adrianna and Kate decide that the New Years Eve party will also be for John.

-Shane Donovan comes back to Salem this week!

-By the end of the week, Hope finds another one of Gina's things!

Storyline Insider

Each week I will have a storyline insider. It will look at one of the current storylines, talk about it, and give some previews. This weeks storyline is- Bo&Hope&Gina. The story started out with Bo shoveling the snow, and finding a compact with a "G" on it-Gina's compact that Bo gave to her. He showed it to Hope, and she was shocked. She later went to Stefano, and he claimed he had nothing to do with it. When she left, Stefano took out his chess board, and looked at two queens, a red one, and a black one. The red one had Hope's face on it, and the black one had Gina's face on it... Or is it reversed? Hmm....

Where is this storyline going?

It has slowed down for now, but will pick up after the holidays. New Years Eve, to be exact. It will finish during February Sweeps, with a very important question- Is Hope Gina, or Hope?

Cast Updates

New! New! New!

There have been many new and old faces on All the Days of Our Lives. Many past characters have come back to Salem, and many new ones have come. This week sees 3 returns! Jeannie Donovan, EJ Wells (or is it EJ?) and Shane Donovan. Here is the status of all these characters:

Jack&Jennifer: These two will be staying in Salem, with their son J.J. It was orignally a short term stint, but that has changed, and they are back for good.

Abby: Abby came home for the holidays with her family. It has been confirmed that she will not be staying in Salem. She will return to London to go back to school. Her last airdate is January 8.

Brady&Chole: Brady and Chole came back to Salem for John's memorial. They are currently still in Salem, but that won't be for long. They orignally came back with a long-term contract, but that has changed, and they will be leaving in January.

Eric: It has been confirmed that Eric will be staying in Salem! He will be getting a storyline January.

Carrie: After her 'reel' husband left the show, it was thought that Carrie would be next, but that is not so. Carrie will be staying in Salem.

Mike: It has been confirmed that Mike will be staying in Salem!

Jeremy: Jeremy has already been let go, without a final air date. His character wasn't needed, and he won't be back.

Carlo: Carlo will be leaving Salem in the new year.

Cathy: Cathy was orignally supposed to be in Salem for a short while, but she will be staying in Salem for longer!

Adrianna: Adrianna is staying in Salem.

Carly: Carly's contract is up in February, and there are no plans yet of renewing it.

Isabella: Isabella came to Salem as the new physcarist. She is currently on recurring status, and is staying with the show. Expect to see more of her.

Kimberly: Kimberly came to Salem to meet her daughter. It has been confirmed that she will be staying in Salem for a long time.

Andrew: Andrew came back to Salem with his mother. He will be staying in Salem.

Jeannie: At first, Jeannie wasn't going to come to Salem, but with her mother and brother being in Salem, the show decided she would be staying in L.A. over the holidays. She will be on the show until very early in the new year when she returns to L.A. She will come to Salem when she is needed. (There might be plans for Jeannie, but not on All the Days of Our Lives...)

EJ: EJ, or who you think is EJ, will be staying in Salem!

Shane: Shane will not be in Salem for long. He comes back in late December, and will leave in February. He may be back, but it doesnt look likely.

Thats the Weekley Insider! Watch next week for another one!


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