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Ep:3-Fears and Questions



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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[City Hospital,Lorraine is standing infront of Angela's office listening to Frank and Jacob's conversation as inside Frank looks at photos of the family]


Frank:Mom would never understand all of this I mean (shakes his head abit)

Jacob:She loves you.

Frank:(looks at him and puts the photo down)She loves me I know but could she live with the factthat her baby boy is gay? I dont think so.

Jacob:How do you know if you have not talked to her yet?

Frank:How did you feel when I told you? (notice Jacob not saying anything)See that's the reaction I thought.

Jacob:Talk to her and find out is my only answer for you.

Frank:Not until I am sure that I can handle this myself...it's not easy.

Jacob:It's not easy if you are doing it alone.

(Frank looks at the photo abit more)

(Lorraine starts to walk away from the door abit shocked as Brianna walks up tp her)

Brianna:Hey mom.

Lorraine:(smiles)Hi sweetie,what are you doing here?

Brianna:Well I was just seeing Mr.Knoedler.

Lorraine:Whats wrong?

Brianna:Nothing it's just (sighs knowing Lorraine will not like this)Tyler is back.

Lorraine:So I saw at the funeral.

Brianna:Please dont start because Danielle has already said her piece about it.

Lorraine:(folds her arms)What did she say?

Brianna:That all of the stuff he did to me..I should not be thinking about him or at least caring.

Lorraine:I could not have said it better (walks away)

(Brianna looks at her not happy)

[bowman Photography Studio,Allison comes in the office as Shawn Rescott breaks away from a tiny group and walks with her to her office with a file in his hand]

Shawn:Hey sis.


Shawn:So explain something to me..why did you give AJ the Morrison/Scott wedding?

Allison:Because AJ is a very good photographer and plus the Scott family loves her.

(They go up the steps towards her office)

Shawn:Uh huh (gives her the file)

Allison:(looks at them as she stops and sighs)Are you serious?

Shawn:Nope and they're pissed off at how bad those came out I mean no offense sis I know you like AJ but come on she is starting to be bad at this..why not let me do them?

Allison:(looks at him)Are you not happy with taking photos of babies?

(Shawn and her goes into her office as she spreads out the photos on her desk)

Shawn:I'm not smiling..you know I could do a better job.

Allison:Look you were hired to take photos at GenX and now you are saying what?

Shawn:GenX is okay but I want to reach higher and you know that and so does Aunt Ava.

Allison:Shawn.you're my brother and I love you so dont take this the wrong way but you're not me...you have your style and I have my style and AJ has --

Shawn:Her own unique style.So are you saying that I'm bad?

Allison:No I am saying that--

Cooper:(entering the office)She's saying that you are unique.


Cooper:Hey beautiful.(smiles)

[soHo docks,Nick is playing his guitar as Buck comes down the steps and looks over at him]

Buck:Nick Rivers the performer.

Nick:Nah just another street act trying make a penny to live.How is it going?

Buck:Life is pretty good cant complain about life.

Nick:Must be nice (grins)How's Tess doing?

Buck:Tess(sighs and feels unease)she's good.

Nick:Eh okay.


Nick:The words good and Tess has never been in the same sentence before.

Jacob:I agree (comes down)what's really going on?

(Buck looks at the men)

[Wilder Modeling Agency,Tess is looking at her wedding ring as Dennis her secretary knocks on the door]


Dennis:(coming in)Excuse me Tess but there's a Mr.Tyler Alden who is out here saying he had a meeting with you?

Tess:He's here?

Dennis:Yes do you want me to--

(Tyler comes in with a grin on his face)

Tyler:You dont have to do anything because me and her have is discuss alot of stuff,right Mrs.Huston? (looks at her with a smartass smirk on his face)

(Tess looks at her)

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[bowman Photography Studio,Shawn,Cooper and Allison as Allison walks over to him and hugs him]


Cooper:(hugs her back)I thought I would see the working girl in all of her glory.

Allison:Right well (pulls away and smiles)this is a mess at the moment.Shawn you remember Cooper right?

Shawn:(not in a nice mood or tone)How could I forget?

Cooper:Well the fact that I have not seen you since three summers ago...you might have.

Shawn:I'm not so lucky.Look Ally I am going to over Cyber,you need anything?

Allison:No but remember what I said and I love you.

Shawn:Right (leaves her office)

Cooper:(looks at him then at her)Was I interrupting anything?

Allison:No (walks to her desk)please have a seat.When did you get back?

Cooper:An hour ago so have you spoke with our son?

Allison:Yes I have and he told me that he is going to live at the mansion.

Cooper:Now here's how much he is your kid because I did not know that until Graham said that to me.

Allison:Wait doesn't Tyler know you were coming home?

Cooper:Nope but needless to say he does not care if I came home or not.

(Allison ponders that comment)

[City Hospital,Lorraine and Brianna walks over to the waiting room and sits down on the sofa]

Brianna:Okay mom--

Lorraine:Tyler Alden broke my daughter's heart to go off and live the higher road of being rich and dangerous in Paris while my daughter cried and sat infront of the tv watching soaps and eating ice cream,remember that?

Brianna:I remember that but who is to say that Tyler has not changed and he did say we were friends.

Lorraine:Bree I love you so much and I dont want for him to come into your life..a life you have made for yourself and working as a PR for a top modeling agency and have him hurt you again.

Brianna:And I wont allow him to but I can pick my friends and I still care for him..always will.

Lorraine:Be careful okay.

Brianna:Yes mom..okay enough about him I have a question for you.

Lorraine:Go ahead.

Brianna:Alright I have asked Dani and she did not give me a good answer so I need to ask you.

Lorraine:What is that?

Brianna:What is going on with you two?

(Lorraine looks at her then looks away as she sees Frank and Angela going in the elevators)

(Inside of the elevator,Angela looks at Frank)

Frank:How was that meeting?

Angela:It was fine but I think Lorraine will need to start looking for another job which would be like Christmas for most of the staff.

Frank:That bad huh?

Angela:Not really but thats not important.So what did you want to tell me beofre I left?

Frank:Umm I was thinking about various things and I want to work here.

Angela:You working here?

Frank:Yes (looks at her)I mean Dr.Montgomery might be right..New York does need more surgeons and I was taught to be the best so why not?

Angela:Frankie I would love that and you know that.

(Frank and Angela steps off the elevator and walks to the hospital front door)


Angela:You came all this way from sunny LA to here to want to work at this hospital?



Frank:Yes I want to be nearby my mother and work at the hospital is that so bad?

Angela:I dont know I have this feeling you are hiding something from me.

Frank:(worries)Me hide something for you? Never.

(Frank and Angela walks away)

[soHo docks,Nick puts his guitar in the case as Buck looks out at the water as Jacob walks to him]

Buck:Nothing is wrong ..it's just Tess is good.

Jacob:Riight(nods)Hey Nick,are you leaving?

Nick:Might as well Lorraine is going to be getting off soon and I have to get food cooking.

Jacob:Well how about one day we grab lunch and discuss music?


Jacob:I am thinking about reopening Ladder and I want to know if you would like to help me with that? Play some tunes for the people.

Nick:Yes I would like that umm I will give you a call or catch you around but right now I need to take my old body and get something ready for that woman.

Buck:Take it easy.

Nick:You two (quick wave as he goes up the steps)

Jacob:(looks at Buck)Okay he's gone,what's the deal?


Jacob:Something is going on and you could not say it when he was here but now I am here so whats up?

Buck:(looks at him straight face)I feel like I am losing my wife and I dont know why.

[Wilder Modeling Agency,Tyler is standing in the middle of Tess's office as Tess gets up]

Tess:Dennis it's okay Mr.Alden and I do have a schedule meeting that he is early for.

Dennis:I understand.

Tess:Hold all of my calls until further notice.


(Dennis shuts the door as Tyler looks at Tess who walks to her desk and looks at him)

Tyler:See that's what I find sexy about you..the way you just tell people what to do..there's something about the way you look and do it that makes me--

Tess:This is your job interview Mr.Alden you will treat it like one or else.

Tyler:Sorry (sits down)So my mom came to you huh?

Tess:Your mother worries about you and God help her if she knew what kind of jerk you truly are.

Tyler:I'm surprised that you agreed to this given the fact you said you did not want anything to do with me.

Tess:(looks at her paper)I am doing this for your mother.

Tyler:And not because of me? (acts hurt and sad)I am truly hurt over this..I mean here I thought this was a way for you and I to see each other.

Tess:(snaps her head up)Did it occur to you that I am trying to be the big person here and forget all about Paris?

Tyler:(grabs a pen)Did it occur to you that maybe old Bucko Wacko can't make you happy enough?

Tess:He's my husband.

Tyler:And yet you slept with me..why is that?

(Tess looks at him ready to slap him)

(Stay tuned for part 2 of "The City" here on MySonTV)

[City Hospital,Brianna and Lorraine are in the waiting area]

Lorraine:(looks at Brianna)Danielle has issues and takes them out on me..I'm her mother and mothers are great for blaming and venting.

Brianna:Uh huh.

Lorraine:I love her too and I cant say why she acts the way she does with me...

Brianna:So is working here good for you?

Lorraine:It could be better but hey I am trying to be a good person.

Brianna:You are a good person and I guess Nick had something to do with that.(grins)

Lorraine:(grins)What did that suppose to mean?

Brianna:Oh look at the time (grabs her bag and stands up)Look Tyler and I ..no repeats.

Lorraine:Bree I just dont want you to get hurt either way with him..but it's your life.

Brianna:(kiss her on the cheek)Bye.

Lorraine:See you sweetie.(watches her go as she turns around)Now onto more interesting stuff (walks away)

[Angela/Jacob's house,Angela and Frank enters as Frank shuts the door as Angela sits on the sofa and sees a photo of William as she picks it up]

Angela:Aww look at how much he has grown...

Frank:Yeah I saw him right before I came here.

Angela:How is he?

Frank:Big...and has that Hubbard trait of working hard plus he always ask questions.

Angela:How's Mia?

Frank:She's okay...enjoying life with Jake Martin.

Angela:Mia..I like her.

Frank:(sits down)Well that ship left along time ago.

Angela:There will be more.So are you really okay?

FrankMom for the thousand time yes all is okay with me.

Angela:Just asking look as far as working at the hospital I would love it for my son to work there but as you know it's not up to me.

Frank:I know.

Angela:Well I am tired and I am going take a nap so (gets up and looks at him)I missed you.

Frank:I missed you too.

(Angela goes upstairs as Frank picks up the photo and holds it to his heart)

[bowman Photography Studio,Cooper is sitting down looking at a photo of a younger Tyler]

Cooper:Tyler has changed alot since the last time he was here...he has matured and become his own man.

Allison:Is not that an Alden's male nightmare? (grins)How's Steffi and Casey?

Cooper:They are wonderful...how's Ava?

Allison:Aunt Ava is in Pine Valley trying to score a deal with Fusion.


Allison:Speaking of scoring a deal..Tyler has a job interview with Tess.

Cooper:With Tess..at her agency?

Allison:Yes I made arrangements for him to get a job because I dont want him to dwell on money the easy way.

Cooper:You made arrangements for him to get a job at a place he does not know anything about?

Allison:He's my son and I want him to be normal after all he is half Rescott meaning he can work for anybody and understanding that money does not grow on trees.

Cooper:He's an Alden too meaning he can work for me..at Alden Enterprises.

Allison:I understand what you are saying.

Cooper:He's a man,Ally and you should not have done that.

Allison:I dont know but when I said her name..he got happy.

Cooper:Wonder why?

Danny:(standing behind Cooper)I wonder why too...all look at working girl all grown up.(cocky smile)

Allison:Oh my god it's you.

(Cooper looks behind him at Danny as he looks at Allison)

[soHo docks,Jacob and Buck looks out to the water]

Jacob:Losing her?

Buck:Have you ever felt like something is going on right infront of you and you're not seeing it?


Buck:Lately I have been (walks ot the bench)feeling that way like Tess is up to something or is hiding something from me and I dont know what it is.

Jacob:She has been stressed out for awhile now.(walks over to him)

Buck:I know and it's due to the fashion show but it's like that trip to Paris..right before she left she was okay and normal but then she comes back and she's different.

Jacob:Maybe it's a midlife crisis?

Buck:I accused her of cheating on me.

Jacob:(cant believe that)Excuse me..Tess cheating on you? I dont think so

BucK:What else am I suppose to think? I mean I dont want to think her cancer is returning.

Jacob:Have you asked her what it is?

Buck:No and I am afraid to because I dont know what the answer might be...she's not herself I can say that.

[Wilder Modeling Agency,Tess's office]

Tess:What do you want from me? I said it was over between us.

Tyler:Tess Tess Tess do you honestly believe that?

Tess:Do you see this (points to her ring)it's a symbol of trust,honor and love something that you dont have in your life.

Tyler:(gets up)It's funny to me that you said those words because in Paris at the hotel room we shared those nights the only trust you had was with me..not Buck and not that damn ring..

Tess:(stands up and feels confused)I love Buck..he's my husband.

Tyler:Hmm I wonder how he would feel if I told him that his loving wife for so many years had an affair with somebody half his age,wonder how he would feel about that?

Tess:(on the verge of tears)If you tell him I will--

Tyler:(stands right infront of her)Do what? Tess you can't tell me it's over...

Tess:(sighs in a whisper tone)It's over.

(Tyler grabs Tess into a passionate kiss as Tess responds back as outside of her office Brianna walks to her door ready to come inside)

Jesse Lee Soffer's voiceover

"Stay Tuned for scenes from the next "The City"

Next time on The City

(Dr Jay and Frank are at a table)

Jay:More men like you would be the best medicine.

(Frank looks at him)

(Maria and Danielle are in CyberCafe)

Maria:Why do you need to know about Will Munson?

Danielle:Because I want to know what I am up against.(looks at the labtop)Oh boy.

(Brianna is about to open the door as Tyler and Tess are kissing hot and heavy)


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