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Ep4:Getting To Know You



Ep:4 Getting To Know You

[CyberCafe,Danielle enters and sees Maria Roderiquez sitting down reading magazines and drinking coffee as she walks over to her]

Danielle:So who is dating whom? (sits down and looks over)

Maria:I dont know but did you know (looks at her)Ava is coming back from vacation earlier to have a staff meeting?


Maria:Well the numbers have come in and it looks like we need to regroup on GenX.

Danielle:My job is safe.

Maria:How can you be sure about that?

Danielle:Cause I'm Danielle Sinclair...people loves me for telling it like it is suppose to be plus (gets up and walks to the counter as Maria follows her)I have to have this job.

Maria:What about my job huh? I am working hard to get a raise in case my mother does come and live with me.

Danielle:Well I dont know what to say (turns to her)wait your mother might live with you?

Maria:Yes the nursing home is not treating her fair so the only person who can treat her like a person is me.

Danielle:Oh I'm sorry.

Maria:It's okay..(looks abit sad)

Danielle:Hey maybe I could help with the money issue...


Danielle:(bites on her lip) I will give you 100 bucks if you can locate any information on Will Munson.(grins)

(Frank enters as Jay sees him by the pool table as he smiles)

Jay:Frank-over here.

Frank:(walks to him)Hey Jay.

Jay:Hey what's going on?

Frank:Nothing much so is this what you do when you are not working at the hospital?

Jay:(smirks)Well (holds the pool stick)Yes..I like to play pool (looks at the table)always have and always will.

Frank:Pool is a fun game..I used to play back in LA.

Jay:LA? I would never thought of you as a LA type.

Frank:I went there to be a director..did not happen so I study for being a doctor.

Jay:Uh huh..well how about we play pool and get to know each other abit better?

Frank:Sounds fun.(smiles)

[bowman Photography Studio,Ally's office,Cooper and Allison sees Danny standing there in the doorway]

Danny:So is this a meeting?

Allison:(still cant believe he is there)No umm what the hell are you doing here?

Danny:Harsh words from a sweet mouth like yours.(comes in and sees Cooper)Cooper Alden..always nice to see you.

Cooper:Likewise Danny,how's life treating you? Are you done with community service?

Danny:(looks at Cooper)As always you are abit out of date...but life has treated me good (to Allison)I have not been on an up and down roller coaster looking for anybody.

Allison:What is that suppose to mean?

Danny:It means (smirks)I'm happy.

(Cooper looks at him then at her as she looks confused)

[Wilder Modeling Agency,Tess's office,Tess and Tyler are kissing hot and heavy]

Tyler:(whispers)See I knew you could not say it was over..

(Outside of Tess's office,Brianna is ready to open the door as Dennis goes up to her)

Dennis:Brianna,you cant go in there.

Brianna:Why not?

Dennis:Tess is having an interview with somebody and does not want to be bothered.

Brianna:Who is she in there with?

Dennis:Some guy...

Brianna:Tess is interviewing some guy? Dennis what is his name?

(Dennis looks at her as inside of Tess's office,Tess and Tyler are still kissing as Tyler unbuttons her blouse as Tess pushes him off as Tyler looks abit pissed off and shock)

Tess:It's over Tyler I swear it is!

(Opening credits)

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[CyberCafe,Frank and Jay are playing pool and talking]

Jay:So why did you want to be a doctor?

Frank:(looks at Jay taking a shot)Well to be honest I dont know but I do know that if I became a cop my mother would not approve of that.


Frank:My dad was a police officer and he was shot so --

Jay:Sorry man (looks at him take a shot)you know my parents were always interested in the medical field but reality kicks in so I am the only doctor in my family.

Frank:Really? Wow,so are you from New York?

Jay:No Chicago wait..I grew up in Chicago and then moved from Chicago to Baltimore to study at Johns Hopkins and then moved here.

Frank:So which is better...


Frank:Sox,Orioles or Yankees (grins)

(Jay laughs as he takes another shot while Frank looks at him.Meanwhile on the sofa,Danielle and Maria)

Maria:Will Munson.


Maria:I dont understand why do you need to know about Will Munson?

Danielle:(opens the labtop)Because I need to know what I am up against.(looks at the labtop)Oh boy.


Danielle:(sighs)Labtop is down again.

Maria:They really need somebody to check on these computers.

(Will enters as Danielle sees him as Maria looks then at her)

Maria:Is that Will?


Maria:He's lindo.


Maria:He's cute..lindo means cute.So what do you need?

Danielle:I dont know but (gives her the keys to the office)here's the keys go on the web..find out whatever you can and call me.

Maria:One hundred huh?

Danielle:Have I ever said I would not pay?

Maria:We shall see.

(Maria gets up and leaves as Danielle gets up and walks to Will)


Will:(looks over his shoulder at her)Hi.(looks back at the menu)

Danielle:So whats up? Did you get all of your boxes in?

Will:(not paying attention)Yes.

Danielle:(notices he might not want to talk as she looks around)I wanted to say thank you for earlier with Tyler..he's a jerk and--

Will:(looks at her)Danielle..I already knew you said thank you when I came out to defend you so enough with telling me.

Danielle:Okay..but I also wanted to say sorry for before that..it was rude of me to say that.

Will:(sighs)It's okay I am used to people making fun of me.

Danielle:Hey join ths club..(shakes her head knowing that was not good)Look I am just trying to be nice..and be your friend.

Will:I have friends.


(Will looks at her for a second as the coffee guy gives him the coffee as he walks outside as Danielle looks at him then away)

[bowman Photography Studio,Cooper,Danny and Allison]

Allison:You're happy? (nods abit)

Danny:Yes I am ..are you happy?

Cooper:Of course she's happy..she has a great career going and also her son is back.

Danny:Tyler is back thats good.

Allison:As much as I would love to tell you everything that has been going on with my life..I need to work so--

Cooper:(gets up)I understand about business.(kiss her on the cheek)I will see you later.

Allison:(smirks)I will and Tyler is a big boy we both have to learn.

(Cooper nods as he leaves her office as Danny walks over to her)

Danny:Just to let you know so you wont be shock later when I said I am happy that means I did find somebody.

Allison:(looks up at him and grins)That's wonderful..

Danny:(walks away knowing she's abit jealous)It is.

(Allison looks him leaving the office as Shawn enters)

Shawn:Two former lovers has just left the building...

Allison:(sad abit)I know (throws a photo down)

[Wilder Modeling Agency,Tess's office,Tyler looks at Tess fixing her blouse]

Tess:I said it to you before it was over..I have a husband and a business..I cant keep on doing this.

Tyler:You just did...look Tess (tries to find the right words)there's something between us..I know it and you know it too...

Tess:Tyler there's nothing between us...it was a one time thing thats all.I have a life that I promised to share with Buck and you have a life--

Tyler:(looks at her like a lost little boy)I have a life that I cant share with anybody.(looks at her and rubs his lip)So do I have the job? (looks abit mad)

Tess:I--(Brianna comes in as she looks abit stunned)Brianna.

(Tyler quickly looks at Brianna who is shock at the scene infront of her as she looks at Tyler)



[Catherine Hickland's voiceover:We will be back for part 2 of The City here on MySONTV]

[Wilder Modeling Agency,Tess looks at Tyler and Brianna as Brianna cant believe Tyler is there]

Tess:Brianna what are you doing here?

Brianna:I was (looks at her)just following up on the press release for the fashion show.Dennis said that you were interviewing..

Tess:Where is Dennis?

Brianna:He is getting coffee...(looks at her watch)it's that time of the day I guess.

Tess:Uh huh well (looks at Tyler)Mr.Alden we will call you if we have an available spot for you.(walks to her door)Brianna I will talk to you later about the release.

Brianna:Sure.(walks out of the door)

Tyler:(looks at Tess)I'll wait for your call.(walks out of the office and sees Brianna)Hey.

Brianna:I cant believe you were the one she was interviewing.

Tyler:Why not?

Brianna:Tyler Alden interviewing for a job...that does not sound right at all.

Tyler:My mom set it up she does not want me to be broke and not pay bills.(grins)How are you?

Brianna:I'm good..you?

Tyler:I was great but I'm okay now..seeing you (looks at her)you look good.So how's everybody?

Brianna:Well mom is still mom,dad is out of town and Dani is..well..she's still mad at you.

Tyler:Danielle is always mad at something.

Brianna:Can you blame her?

Tyler:(looks down)Guess not (looks up at her)look I have nothing to do for the rest of the day,what time do you get off?

Brianna:I might be here for the next two hours and thats just to go over this press release with Tess,why?

Tyler:(looks at Tess's door then at Bree)How about dinner-my treat? Just to catch up.

Brianna:(looks at him)

[bowman Photography Studio,Ally's office,Allison gets up as Shawn comes in and shuts the door]

Shawn:When I saw Danny I thought hell finally came.

Allison:Me too...(looks at him)why didnt you say anything to me?

Shawn:About Danny coming ..well maybe because I was looking at the girl with him.

Allison:Girl with him? (curious)

Shawn:Yeah some blonde was with him then he came up here and she was downstairs and looking at herself in the mirror.


Shawn:Well at least you know now that Danny moved on.

Allison:Yeah but--(sighs with relief)I guess I got my answer.(walks to her desk)

Shawn:(narrow his eyes)You didnt think he would move on?

Allison:I did not say that.

Shawn:(sits down)Ally-you dont have feelings for Danny do you?

(Allison looks at him as she taps her pen)

(Outside of CyberCafe,Will is at the table drinking his coffee as Danielle comes out with a cup as she walks over to him)

Danielle:May I sit down?

Will:Do you follow me to already get on my nerves? Because you are starting to really do that.

Danielle:Uh you followed me here because I was here first and no I dont want to get on your nerves..trust me I think I already get on people's nerves.

Will:(looks at the scene infront of him)I can understand that.(drinks his coffee)


Will:Sit down.

(Danielle sits down)

Will:(looks at the coffee)Mmhmm.


Will:Coffee is different than it is in Oakdale.

Danielle:How is Oakdale? I mean I have heard stories from the net and heard it's a small town.

Will:Not that small...it's just a nice place to be at.

Danielle:Uh huh.

Will:Oakdale is just a comfortable low key spot..nothing big or crazy...eh wait let me repeat that.

Danielle:Sounds wonderful.SoHo is a place that everybody comes to because they want to be known...

Will:That explains you huh.(grins)

Danielle:Seriously I wanted to say sorry about my comment...about Gwen.

Will:Were you a fan of hers too?

Danielle:(looks around)No hard feelings but (looks at him)hell no..I mean the music was kind of (sticks out her tongue)blab..I like hiphop to soundtracks to...club beats to--jazz.

Will:(nods)I like rock but I guess to each person they like different music..

Danielle:So you liked Gwen's music?

Will:Gwen's music was nice.(feels abit uncomfortable)

Danielle:(notices him being uncomfortable)Nice.

(Inside of Cybercafe,Jay and Frank are sitting at a table)

Frank:I cant believe you won.

Jay:I forgot to tell you that when I was in Baltimore I used to play pool alot and hustle too.

Frank:I will remember that.

Jay:So back to the doctor thing...what hospital are you working at?

Frank:Right now I am taking a break from it.

Jay:From working?

Frank:Yeah it's just alot has been on my mind and I dont want my personal life to get in the way of me working.

Jay:(eats a peanut)Do you mind if I ask what has been on your mind?

Frank:Just alot..I have a son in LA that I worry about all the time and also some other stuff.

Jay:How old is your little boy?

Frank:He's 7 years old.

Jay:(grins)Must be a proud father.

Frank:Yeah I am..he's pretty much the only thing going great for me.

Jay:You should really work at the hospital.

Frank:I already told my mother that...I dont think it will happen.

Jay:I would put in a good word for you...after all more men like you would be the best medicine.(smirks)

(Frank looks at him)

[bowman Photography Studio,Allison is at her desk as Shawn looks at her]


Allison:Look Shawn as far as my personal business is ..umm I dont want to talk about it.

Shawn:Fine..this is why I dont do girl talk.

Allison:(smirks)Should I need a girl to talk with I will call you or our motor mouth Rebekah.

Shawn:Rebekah can talk...

Allison:Danny had a blonde?

Shawn:(nods)Playboy type too.

Allison:Great just great.

[Wilder Modeling Agency,outside of Tess's office,Brianna and Tyler are standing there.]

Tyler:So yes or no?

Brianna:(cocks her head to the side)Sure..why not?

Tyler:(smiles)Good umm call me when you get off of work and we're go to --I dont know yet but I will find a place.

Brianna:Alright I need to get started.

Tyler:(starts to walk away)Hey Bree one thing.


Tyler:(goes to her)Tess might not like me so could you maybe just maybe use that Harrison charm and tell her to hire me(smiles)I mean she might need me.

Brianna:(nods)I will see..

Tyler:Thanks.(walks away)

(Inside of Tess's office,Tess is listening at her door as she walks away and pretends to look at her files as Brianna comes in)

Brianna:Are you ready?

Tess:Uh huh.

Brianna:(shuts the door and walks to her desk)Tess I know exactly what is going on with you and Tyler.

(Tess looks at her)


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