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Ep 2:Unexpected



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Ep 2:Unexpected

[Wilder Modeling Agency,Tess is looking over at various models in the magazines as she looks at a photo of Paris as she spaces out abit as Allison knocks on the door as Tess snaps out of it]

Allison:Sorry was I disturbing you?

Tess:Oh no..I was just (pauses)thinking about fashion week and which models I am going to be using (sighs and looks at her) what's going on?

Allison:(coming in and shuting the door)Well I need your help and it's not about fashion week but a job offer--(sits down)

Tess:Okay what kind of job offer?

Allison:Tyler is back in town and I know for a fact that he only came back for one reason and I think you might be that reason.

(Tess looks at her worried)

[Alden Mansion,Graham,the butler opens the door up for Tyler who has bags in his hands as Graham takes them as Tyler comes in and looks around]

Graham:Young Mr.Alden,nice to have you home after such a long time.

Tyler:(looks at him and grins)Thank you Graham.

Graham:Will you be staying for a short visit or--

Tyler:No I am going to stay for a long time...(questionable as he rubs his hands together)Has my father called?

Graham:No sir he has not called.

Tyler:(nods abit)Good now if he does call within any period of the day..can you tell him that his only son..his blood told him..(straight face)to go to hell.(smirks)Now whats in the frig?

(Tyler walks away as Graham is very confused)

[soHo Apartment Complex,Will is outside of his apartment moving a box inside as Danielle is walking by and stops as she checks him out abit as Will comes back out ready to move another box in as he sees her]


Danielle:Oh hey umm sorry for --

Will:Looking at me move boxes? What you have never seen that? (grins abit)

Danielle:(sighs with a smile)Yes I have seen people move boxes but I have not seen you in this place before...(sticks out her hand)I'm Danielle Sinclair.

Will:(puts down the box and shakes her hand)I'm Will Munson--

Danielle:Will Munson? Munson? Why does that name sound familiar?

Will:Barbara Ryan,fashion designer? She's my mom.

Danielle:No--(looks at him in awe)You're Gwen Munson's husband..I mean are you still her husband?

Will:(picks up his box and rolls his eyes as he goes inside)

[Jacob/Angela's house,Jacob comes down the steps as he sees Frank sleeping on the sofa as Jacob sighs and continues down the steps]

Jacob:Frank? Frankie? (taps him)Frank?

Frank:(opens his eyes abit)What time is it?

Jacob:Time for you get up.

Frank:(yawns and sits up)Did mom come in?

Jacob:No she had to work late but will be home soon.How are you feeling now that we talked?

Frank:Less confused but hey dont tell mom because I am not sure how she will react to this.

Jacob:You will need to tell her.

Frank:(sighs)Yeah I know.

Jacob:So (sits down)what about future plans?

Frank:Well the whole directing thing is out of the window and the doctor thing as of right now is on hold until I get this mess straighten out.

Jacob:Have you spoken to Mia?

(Frank looks at him and smiles)

Frank:Whats for breakfast?

Jacob:(slowly nods)How about we pick up breakfast and see your mom?

Frank:Sure let me just clean up and then we can go.(grabs his bag and goes upstairs)

[City Hospital,Angela is tired and walking over to the nurses station as Lorraine sees her and walks directly over to her]

Lorraine:Well if it is not the mighty Dr.Angela Foster.

Angela:(sighs and looking at her paperwork)What do you want Lorraine?

Lorraine:Nothing everything is fine but I guess you have heard that there's a meeting regarding my performance at this hospital and from what I have heard is that you were the one to set it up.

Angela:(looks at her)Well you heard right and as your supervisior it's my job to make sure that you are representing the staff at this hospital with respect and doing your job as a nurse aid the correct way and so far people have told me otherwise.

Lorraine:You know you have always tried to make me look like the town's black sleep and make yourself look like the golden lady but remember I have done alot for you and have stuff on you that could hurt you.

Angela:(grabs her clipboard)And Lorraine you should know that I have done more than my fair share of things for you in which I sometimes wish I could take back.(walks away)

Lorraine:(sighs)And I wish I could kill you.

(Opening credit)

[soHo Apartment Complex,Will comes in with the box as Danielle walks to the door frame]

Danielle:Did I say something wrong?

Will:(looks at her as he unpacks)No it's just...you must be the welcoming commitee and make people uneased.

Danielle:(does not know what he means)No I was just wondering because I had heard via the internet that you and her---(shakes her head abit)Umm it must be nice to just move away from your problems...

Will:Danielle..no offense but I dont want to have this conversation and you know how people makes good or bad first impressions?


Will:Well you made a bad one so leave now please.

Danielle:(backs away from the door with her hands up)Sorry --(feels bad)look Will...

Will:(walks to the door)I said please.(shuts the door)

(Danielle is taken back as she sighs as she closes her eyes and turns to walk away as she opens them and sees Tyler standing there with a smirk on his face as she does not look too happy)

[City Hospital,Angela and Dr.Jay Montgomery are talking as Jacob and Frank are coming off the elevator as Angela sees them and smiles]

Angela:Oh excuse me (walks over to Jacob)Hi honey (kisses him on the cheek and looks at Frank with a sort of happy look) Frankie (hugs him)

Frank:(hugs her)Hi mom.

Angela:When did you get in? (looks at both of them)

Frank:I got in late last night sorry I didnt call but Jacob said you were at work and I was tired.

Angela:Is everything okay?

Frank:Umm (looks at her then at Jacob as he grins)yes...especially because (holds up the bag)we got you breakfast.

Jacob:I told him that you might be hungry so we stopped over the cafe and picked up little items here and there.

Angela:Thank you..(sees Dr.Jay)Oh sorry umm this is Dr.Jay Montgomery who is a new member and is a neurologist,this is my husband Jacob Foster and my son Dr.Frank Hubbard.

Jay:Nice to meet you two..so Frank what kind of doctor are you?


Jay:Interesting we could (holds his clipboard)use more surgeons in the New York area.

Frank:So I have been told.

Jay:You should take a chance on the Big Apple.Well I should be going but nice meeting you.

Jacob:Same here.

(Jay walks away as Frank looks at him with interest then at Angela)

Angela:Why dont we go to my office and eat before I have the meeting?


(Angela,Jacob and Frank are walking)

Angela:Lorraine..need I say more?

(Dr.Jay walks towards the elevator as Lorraine is coming up next to him)

Lorraine:Be careful or else.

Jay:Dont worry (looks at her)I know what to do.

(Lorraine and Jay looks at the elevator)

[Wilder Modeling Agency,Tess looks at her as she gets up and goes over to her mimi bar abit nervous]

Tess:I might be the reason for Tyler?

Allison:Job wise,yes.I know deep down that Tyler is a really hard worker..who wont stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Tess:(pours herself a drink)I can tell.

Allison:I mean if he works here--

Tess:(turns to her)Here? as in here?

Allison:Yes here..I mean I would love for him to work with me at the studio but to be honest I would be watching him not as a boss but as a mother and it would not be good so I thought that there might be a spot here for him.

Tess:(really not sure)Ally-you know I would help you but what is his job experiences? I can't hire somebody who does not know about fashion or modeling and you should know that.

Allison:(stands up)True he does not know much but he does have a wonderful Rescott persona and he could be ..I don't know a mailguy.

Tess:An Alden as a mailguy? (gives her a look)

Allison:Look I know Tyler believes that being an Alden is a curse but Tess--I dont want him to not have a normal life.I feel bad for letting him live in Paris believing things was always given to him and not having him earn it.Please Tess I know you won't let me down.

Tess:(sighs and gives in)Okay (walks to her desk)how about at 3pm he comes in for an interview?

Allison:(smiles)You mean that?

Tess:Friends help friends out,right?

Allison:Thank you (hugs her then walks to the door and stops)You know I think Tyler would be a wonderful thing for you.(walks out)

(Tess rolls her eyes abit and drinks)

[Outside of Will's apartment,Danielle and Tyler are standing there as Danielle does not look too happy]

Tyler:Rejection seems to be your best quality.

Danielle:What the hell are you doing here?

Tyler:Coming to see your sister.

Danielle:Like hell you are..look you maybe back in town but I am not allowing you to be back in her life..not after what you did to her.

Tyler:That's sweet you trying to protect her but she's a big girl and I am afraid to tell you that whatever she does ..no whatever we do is none of your business so why dont you go to another guy so he can slam the door in your face?

Danielle:And why dont you--

Will:Excuse me for a second but why are you talking to her like that? Who are you?

Tyler:(looks amused)Who am I? Are you serious? Does the name Alden mean anything?

Danielle:(smirks)It means bull--

Will:Nope not really.

Tyler:Must be new then...Tyler Alden,grandson of Tyler Alden Sr (notices that Will still does not know)Alden Enterprises...

Will:Interesting..I'm Will Munson,son of Barbara Ryan..BRO..(smiles)

Tyler:I have heard of that..welcome to SoHo..so (looks at them)is Danielle here being a brat as usual?

Will:(comes to her defense)Actually no..and (to Danielle)I'm sorry for the door I guess the winds here are much stronger.

(Tyler and Danielle looks at him as Danielle nods abit)

Tyler:Sweet anyway since you wont tell me where she is then I guess (holds out his cell)I will call her.Nice meeting you Will and watch out for Ms.SoHo herself (walks away)

Danielle:I swear to God I want to hit him with a car.

Will:Who is that guy?

Danielle:A waste of air and time..look sorry for --

Will:(sighs)I'll see you around..

(Danielle looks at him going in as she walks away)

[Tyler walks outside of the complex as Allison sees him from across the street and runs over to him]

Allison:Hey you.

Tyler:Mom,what's going on? You're not having me followed.

Allison:No I umm was over at Wilder's and spoke with Tess.

Tyler:Tess? (abit worried)

Allison:Well now that I know you will not be going back to Paris I thought you should get a nice place and a nice job.

Tyler:Oh umm well the place I already have..I am living at the mansion but a job? Mom no offense but I dont see myself as a photographer.

Allison:Good because it's not with me..I asked Tess to set up an interview for you and she agreed so at 3pm I want you to go over there and make a good impression understood?

Tyler:It's Tess Wilder...I have no other choice (smiles).

{Wilder Modeling Agency,Tess is looking at her wedding photo as she looks at her schedule and sees Tyler's name circled as she puts down her photo and grabs another drink]

[Alden Mansion,the door slowly opens as Graham comes from the kitchen]

Graham:Mister Alden,your meal is ready.

Cooper:Thank you but I have already ate on the plane.


Cooper:Have you seen my son? (does not look too happy)

[Angela's office,Angela,Jacob and Frank are eating as Angela looks at Frank]

Angela:Okay nobody got me a cup of coffee?

Jacob:I will grab you a cup and Frank?

Frank:It's okay.

Jacob:Okay (leaves out)

Angela:(wipes her mouth off with the napkin)So Frankie,whats wrong?


Angela:Something is wrong because you would not have come home without a reason.

Frank:Mom-did it occur to you that I want to come home?

Angela:You're not broke are you?



Frank:Mom stop with the questions I came back home because I really missed you and Jacob..I have money and is fine.

Angela:Uh huh.

Frank:(sighs)Okay the real reason I came back home was--

(A nurse knocks on the door then comes in)

Nurse:Sorry to interrupt but Dr.Oliver said it's time for the meeting.

Angela:(nods)Thank you (gets up and goes to Frank)we will talk later at home when I get off of work.


(Angela leaves as Jacob comes in with the coffee)

Jacob:Where did she go?

Frank:(gets up)To a meeting...look I cant tell mom.

Jacob:You are going to have to

(Meanwhile Lorraine is walking by and stops as she overhears them)

Frank:How am I going to explain to mom about whats going on with me?

Jacob:Easy just let her know.

Frank:What? That I'm gay.

(Lorraine's eyes widen)

Chad Brannon's voiceover:Stay Tuned for the next "The City"

Next On The City

Buck:(to Jacob)I feel like I am losing my wife..and I dont know why?

Tyler:Did it occur to you that maybe old Bucko Wacko cant make you happy enough?

Tess:He's my husband.

Tyler:Yet you slept with me why is that?

Allison:Oh my god.

Danny:Look at the working girl all grown up.


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