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FYI On The Characters-more to come



Tyler Alden

Played By:Chad Brannon

Name:Tyler Rescott Alden

Parents:Allison Rescott Bowman and Cooper Alden

Stepparent:Stephanie Brewster Alden

Siblings:Casey Alden (half sister)

Grandfather:Tyler Alden (dead)

Great Aunt:Ava Rescott and Carly Rescott

Uncle:Shawn Rescott

Current Job:Mail Assitant at Wilder Modeling Agency/silent shareholder under the name "T.R Stevens"

Living at:Alden Family Manison

Current Marital Status:Current single but had a affair with Tess Wilder Huston (in Paris) and was in a long term relationship with Brianna Harrison.

Friends/Foes:Danielle Sinclair (foe)

Danielle Sinclair

Played By:Candice Mack

Name:Danielle Marie Sinclair

Parents:Lorraine Hawkins and Calvin Sinclair

Adopted Father Figure:Nick Rivers

Siblings:Brianna Harrison (half sister)

Current Job:Writer for GenX Magazine

Living at:SoHo apartment complex on Greene St w/Brianna

Current Marital Status:Current single but dating around....does not believe in a relationship

Friends/Foes:Tyler Alden(foe),Zoey Rivers Wilkins(friend)

Brianna Harrison

Played By:Kerry Washington

Name:Brianna Nicole Harrison

Parents:Lorraine Hawkins and Charles Harrison

Adopted Father Figure:Nick Rivers

Siblings:Danielle Sinclair (half sister)

Current Job:Public Relation for Wilder Modeling Agency

Living at:SoHo apartment complex on Greene St w/Danielle

Current Marital Status:Current single

Friends/Foes:Tyler Alden (friend/foe),Zoey Rivers Wilkins (friend),Tess Wilder Huston(friend)

Lorraine Hawkins

Played By:Tracy Eve Ross

Name:Lorraine Hawkins


Children:Brianna Harrison (w/Charles Harrison) and Danielle Sinclair (w/Calvin Sinclair)

Current Job:Nurse Aid at City Hospital

Living at:Lorraine/Nick's house

Current Marital Status:Long term relationship with Nick Rivers,was previous married to Charles Harrison,brief affairs with Calvin Sinclair and Jacob Foster

Friends/Foes:Angela Hubbard Foster (foe),Jacob Foster (friend/foe),Charles Harrison (friend/foe)

Nicholas "Nick" Rivers

Played By:Roscoe Born

Name:Nicholas "Nick" Rivers


Children:Zoey Rivers Wilkins (adopted)

Current Job:Music writer/jazz player

Living at:Lorraine/Nick's house

Current Marital Status:Long term relationship with Lorraine Hawkins and was in a brief relationship with Sydney Chase (dead)

Friends/Foes:Madison Chesterfield (foe),Angela Hubbard Foster (friend),Jacob Foster(friend)

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I'm glad you are bringing the City back to life. I hope you will do more of these FYI's on the characters as I know I have forgotten a lot about the characters. Great start on the first episode and I will be reading more :)

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