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"Welcome Back To The City" Ep 1



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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[st Matthew's Church,nearly half of the town of New York City's popular district SoHo attends the funeral service of Officer Jerry Feuka who was killed in the line of duty as everybody looks at the casket]

Rev.Scordo:Today we honor a child of God with his final homecoming with heaven's gates opening to let an angel in.At this time let us pray (everybody bows their heads)O God,whose only begotten Son,by his life,death,and resuurection,has purchased for us the rewards of eternal life,grant,we beseech Thee,that meditating upon these mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary,we may imitate what they contain and obtain what they promise,through the same Christ Our Lord,Amen (everybody looks up) At this time we ask those who knew Officer Feuka to share memories.

(Jacob Foster squeezes his wife's Angela's hand for support as Lorraine Hawkins rolls her eyes at them as he walks infront)

Jacob:(abit nervous)I remember Jerry and some of us guys going over to the pub after long hours and us telling crazy stories and one always stood out (sighs)it was how long have you been drunk? (smiles)He kept telling us about him hooking up with a nice looking woman and having sex and one night he was going to leave only to realize that he married to her with two kids (laughs with everybody)..it always cracked us up (looks at the casket)We will miss you.

(Jacob walks back to his seat as Angela looks at him while Lorraine is looking at them as Nick Rivers looks at her)

Nick:(whispers)Hey (she looks at him)I thought this was over?

Lorraine:(whispers back with abit of attitude)It was over until--look as long as Angela Foster still lives it will never be over.(looks infront)

(Nick looks at her as he sighs)

Rev Scordo:Would anybody else like to share?

(Will Munson stands up feeling abit out of place as he walks infront and puts his hands in his pockets)

Will:I'm here on behalf of my dad-Harold Munson..I can remember one weekend when I was younger when Officer Feuka was working for Oakdale Police Department along with my dad and me being so little I had never seen a guy so tall and he taught me that there were real life heros not just in a comic book but in real life and he said that my dad and him were like Batman and Robin always fighting for good..and now I guess their together ...in heaven.

(Will goes back to his seat as Allison Rescott Bowman and her son Tyler Alden goes up as they pass by Brianna Harrison and her sister Danielle Sinclair as she rolls her eyes at Tyler's smirk)

Ally:Officer Feuka was a special man in my life and not only my family too,he gave me and my son a fresh start among others--he saved my son (looks at Tyler)from dying when he was younger and (looks at the casket)me ..he was a cop but he was a good friend.

(A few more citizens goes up to speak on behalf of him as then everybody gathers outside as the pallbeares carries the casket to the hearse as a tall male in all black carries a file as he drops a cigar and opens a file to reveal a photo of Will who is with Tess and Buck Hustons)

Man:Welcome to the City (evil laughs as he gets inside of a black limo and drives away)

[bowman Photography Studio,Allison and Tyler walks into her office as she turns to him]

Allison:Okay you did not allow me to do it earlier but (hugs him)so glad you're home.

Tyler:(hugs her)Me too.

Allison:(looks at him and let's him go)So are you staying a long time or is this a visit?

Tyler:I'm staying because I think Paris got enough of me (grins)

Allison:Or was it you got enough of Paris?

Tyler:(shrugs)I don't know (smirks)

Allison:(sits down)Sorry that your homecoming had to be attending a funeral with your mother.

Tyler:(sitting down)No it's okay--so how are things with you?

Allison:(smiles)Happy especially that my baby boy is home.

Tyler:(nods abit)I'm talking about with you and Danny Roberts,how's that going?

[Allison looks stunned as Tyler looks at her with a questionable face]

[Huston House,Tess Wilder Huston,Buck Huston and Will Munson comes in as Buck shuts the door]

Buck:Will,would you like a drink?

Will:That's okay I should really start packing for Oakdale but thanks for letting me stay here.

Tess:Hey it was no problem especially since your mother will be helping me out with a fashion show in Manhattan.

Buck:(looks at her then at him)And you are always welcome here which is why we want you to stay.

Will:Stay? as in here?

Buck:Not here at the house (smiles)but here in SoHo.

Will:(unsure)I would like that but my mom-

Tess:Your mother told us that you needed time away from Oakdale with the recent events and that you should enjoy your life right now so how about it?

Will:Yes okay that sounds fine (grins)Thank you but I dont have a place to (looks uncertain)live.

Buck:Not a problem one of the tenants moved out a few days ago I could show you the place if you would like?

Tess:It's really a nice little apartment.

Will:When can I move in?

Buck:How about right now?

Will:Sure let me just pack and we can go.


(Will leaves as Tess smiles as she looks at Buck who is looking directly at her with a certain untone expression on his face)

Buck:After we leave-you're out of here.

(Buck leaves to go into his study as Tess looks abit confused)

[Angela and Jacob's house,Jacob sits on their couch looking at his jazz music as Angela comes in on her cell phone as she hangs it up and sits down with Jacob]

Angela:Well Cassandra's plane landed about twenty mintues ago and she's happy.

Jacob:You would be to if you were going to study in Spain.(smiles and sighs)

Angela:I know (looks at her)Are you feeling okay?

Jacob:Feuka was my age when he died and it made me rethink about my life (looks at her)not saying life isnt good because (puts his arm around her)damn it is but--

Angela:It could be better (sighs as she gets confortable)I think about that everyday at the hospital.

Jacob:I should reopen Ladder--

Angela:If you do it means to hiring people--

Jacob:Damn where are those kids at? (laughs)

Angela:(laughs)Guess I have to hear that saxaphone 3 in the morning huh?

Jacob:No that would be you.(smiles)The loud voices of the night calling out ot her Romeo.

Angela:(gently hits him in his chest)Shh (hears her pager going off)aww the loud noise of the hospital (looks at it)yep it's the hospital.(gets up and leans down to kiss him)If you want to do it..go for it.

Jacob:And I will promise you that I will get onto building that love hut okay?

(Angela looks at him as she goes upstairs as he looks at the music sheets)

[GenX Magazine,Danielle and Brianna enters the building as they walk over to Danielle's desk]

Danielle:Well at least it was not mom's funeral.

Brianna:Why did you say that?

Danielle:Cause it's a free country and I can say anything I want.

Brianna:Why do you hate her so much?

Danielle:(sighs)Long story short I don't want to say--so can you believe that Tyler Alden is back?



Brianna:Tyler called me when he was leaving Paris.

Danielle:Whoa reverse back...he called you? After all the crap he put you through he--

Brianna:Look Tyler and I never said we would not be friends besides it's not your business.

Danielle:It must be a Harrison trait to be stupid.(grins)

Brianna:Excuse me...okay you're too young and unexperience to understand.

(Brianna walks away to go and look at the view as Danielle rolls her eyes)

[Lorraine/Nick's place,Lorraine is reading her book as Nick looks at his playlist]

Nick:You know sitting and being quiet is not good at all for you.

Lorraine:It's better than pill popping,drinking and smoking.


Lorraine:Sometimes I wonder about the deal I made about letting the past go.

Nick:Life happens I told that to Zoey.

Lorraine:God my life is more shaken now.(gets up and sighs)

Nick:How? I mean you're working at the gallery,nice place and two daughters--

Lorraine:I have two daughters that are so different,one is so narrow and strong and the other is hateful towards me and I have no idea why.

Nick:Danielle does not hate you.

Lorraine:Yes she does (sits down)did you not see her at the funeral? She had that "I hate you" look on her face.

Nick:Well at least we know she's your daughter.

Lorraine:What does that mean?

Nick:I dont know but I do know is that you had that look on your face when you saw Angela and Jacob.

Lorraine:Let's not start on them please.

Nick:Explain this to me because a few years ago until today you were past this ..I thought you and Angela made peace.

Lorraine:We did but things happens that you cant get pass.

Nick:Tell me.

Lorraine:I cant because I am still adjusting to it okay.I will tell you when I can allow myself too okay.


(Lorraine sighs as she reads her book as Nick looks at her then at his playlist)

[Will's apartment,Will and Buck arrives as Will looks around the place]

Buck:I know this is not exactly the apartments like Oakdale,those big fancy ones but this is a great area to live.

Will:This is nice and thank you again.

Buck:Nothing to it..you know your dad and I were good college buds and we made a pact that if we had kids to always be there..so here I am.

Will:I need to fix it up

Buck:If you need my help you can ask.


Buck:Well I will let myself out and enjoy it Will.(goes to the door and turns to him)One more thing umm be careful..


Buck:(nods as he leaves)

(Will looks around as his cell phone rings as he looks at it then puts it down as he unpacks as he looks at his phone once more)

[Tess/Buck's house,Tess goes into the study room looking at various photos of them as Tess picks one of them up from their wedding as Buck enters]

Buck:You should be packing.

Tess:I have not done anything.

Buck:Tess-you were cheating on me...so yes you did do something.

Tess:Why in the world would I do that to you?

Buck:You are Tess Wilder Huston,free dreamer thats why.

Tess:Nice answer.

Buck:(looks at her)You cheated on me and you need to go.

Tess:No evidence therefore I am not moving out.

(Tess walks out of the study as her cell rings)


(Tyler sitting in his car smiling)

Tyler:Hey beautiful so is hubby around?

(Tess sighs)

Tess:I thought I told you not to call me anymore.(walks outside on the porch)

Tyler:Yes but come on--you missed me so is Bucko Wacko home?

Tess:Stop saying that.Look I told you before we needed to end this for good.


Tess:(can not believe he is saying this)My marriage is at risk.

Tyler:He does not know does he?

Tess:He knows something.

Tyler:He knows nothing and if he did he would have thrown it in your face along time ago.


Tyler:(sighs)Okay I will stop the calls but remember my lips are always on.(hangs up and smiles)

[GenX Offices,Danielle looks at Brianna as she goes to her.]

Danielle:So are there still feelings (sighs)for him? Or am I too young?

Brianna:(looks at her)Tyler and I ...look do you need to know so you can use it against me?

Danielle:I'm just worried about my older sister is that a crime.

Brianna:No but --if I tell you why I still care for Tyler will you tell me why you hate mom?

Danielle:If you tell me why you care for Aldenrat then maybe but it's simple..she's mom the end.

Brianna::Okay I still care for Tyler because it's simple.Look I got to get going because I am tired and--

Danielle:Afraid to miss his call?

Brianna:Go to hell,Dani (walks out)

Danielle:Be there.

(Danielle sighs as she goes online and pulls up an old article about Jacob Foster as she reads it)

[Jacob/Angela's place,Jacob looks at saxaphone ready to play]

Jacob:Well my friend let's see if magic can happen again.

(Jacob looks at himself in the mirror as somebody knocks on the door)

Jacob:Hold on (puts the saxaphone down and goes to the door and looks abit shock)



Frank:Is mom home?

Jacob:No she's at the hospital..surprised to see you.

Frank:Look I need to talk so I guess I can talk to you.

(Jacob looks abit confused as Frank comes in as he shuts the door)

Coming Soon on The City:

Zoey returns without Richard

A shocking secret from the past will cause a ripple effort for eight characters

Cooper and Allison will face off about Tyler

Tyler maybe showing his true Alden self by playing with fire (Danielle)


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